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We could be in for another massive rain storm. Forecasters predicting a potential “atmospheric river” to slam Northern California early next week. Three to six inches of rain expected Monday to Wednesday. The National Weather Service in Sacramento says the storm similar to one in Lake County last week, but weaker. Forecasters say weather models could change though. Lake County Water Resources Dept. says they’re preparing for the worst just in case. No predictions of floods so far, but it’s still a half a week away. The atmospheric river looking to hit sometime Monday night. When the last one hit there was up to 3 inches of rain in some areas and about 8 feet of snow in some places too.

After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, PG&E says it’s possible they could break up their electricity and gas systems, and that could mean higher monthly bills. The largest utility in the country formally filing for protection after being blamed for several wildfires in 2017 and potentially a couple last year, including the deadliest and most destructive in state history, the Camp Fire. It also comes after the San Bruno explosion in 2010 that killed eight people. The breakup of electricity and gas noted in the utility’s latest filing regarding the PUC investigation.

Affordable housing apartments for seniors in Ukiah could be in the works soon as the city’s received more than $5 million in state funding. The Daily Journal reports the Community Development Director telling the Planning Commission about the grant, saying maybe it’ll give developers a push to start some new projects. There’s already been a 31 unit apartment complex approved at the corner of West Gobbi and South Oak streets on a vacant lot behind Rite-Aid. The project was planned as a three story building with 30 affordable senior apartments and one manager’s unit.

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