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Another atmospheric river’s expected in Northern Calif. The National Weather Service warning of possible flash floods in Lake County. A flash flood watch has been put into effect from 4 p.m. today to 8 a.m. Thursday. The atmospheric river could raise river, creek and lake levels so there’s a greater chance of flash flooding because of continued heavy rain, especially in burn scar areas. Moderate to heavy rain expected today with about a half foot expected in some areas, with much of that landing today with gusty winds of up to 25 mph. There should be a reprieve at the end of the week, but then more rain’s expected next weekend.

The Gov. Gavin Newsom says he’s signing a bill to add $31 million from next year’s state budget to pay the state back for property tax revenues the state didn’t get because of wildfires in Lake and Butte counties. Nearly $4 million is going to Lake County since it also lost tax money after several fires between 2015 and 2018, including the Valley, Clayton, Sulphur and Mendocino Complex fires. The Lake County Administrative Officer has said the county is in a fiscal crisis. The Record Bee newspaper reports the officer saying the money coming from the state will be helpful but is not enough to completely fix the crisis. And moving forward Lake County will have to send the state invoices for payments that they will consider on a yearly basis. The state finance dept. says the property taxes help finance schools, the state is helping. As they have in the past. The announcement made by the Governor when he recently visited the Camp Fire burn area.

Speaking of wildfires, PG&E says it can’t follow all of the new state rules to reduce wildfire risks. In a court filing last Friday, the utility said there were as many as 100 million trees in northern and central California that may touch their overhead lines. And because of the massive amount, it might be difficult to comply. The statement after the judge overseeing it’s criminal case from the San Bruno explosion told them they had to clear trees near their utility lines. The filing at the same time the utility has also filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, where they listed more than $51 and a half billion in debt.

The Lake County Chamber of Commerce is supporting two main projects this year, broadband across the county and the facelift for the Lampson Field Airport. They’re supporting county wide broadband that’s both reliable and affordable saying it would be a major shift to service residents and visitors, businesses and local governments. For Lampson Field Airport, some of the fixes include a new pilots’ lounge for visiting pilots. Right now they have to use a portable toilet and wait outside for ground transport. The Chamber president says they want to support these projects to help transform the region, create business opportunities, improve quality of life and build a foundation for the future.

Hundreds of 911 calls the day of the Camp Fire are being made public. The dispatch calls from the Paradise Police and Fire departments, the Butte County Sheriff’s Office and Cal Fire from residents running from their homes. Cal Fire has released two hours of calls they got, they have hundreds more to be released later. You can hear calls from residents wondering if they should leave, calls from dispatchers to the Sheriff to see if evacuations should be ordered. And the Chico Fire Department reporting they’re getting a ton of 911 calls reporting smoke visible. The calls can be heard online:

In the wake of its Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, PG&E announces $130 million in bonus money to thousands of their employees is not happening after all. The cancellations after criticism against the utility as fire victims had lost homes and even family members. PG&E is looking at a possible $30 billion in liabilities owed to fire victims and as much as $60 billion dollars alone from lawsuits due to the Camp Fire in Butte County last year. There’s been no cause of the Camp Fire officially yet, but it’s believed a PG&E transmission line near the ignition point may have sparked the fire last year. The fire killed 86 people and completely burned the town of Paradise.

A proposal for kids in High School to learn about finances before they can graduate. Students have to take economics, but now a bill in the Assembly would require they learn the fundamentals of banking for personal use, the principles of budgeting and personal finance, employment and factors that affect net income and the uses and effects of credit.

California is considering a program for organic ingredients to be in all school lunches. A bill in the State Assembly, the California Organic-to-School Pilot Program would be managed through the Secretary of Food and Agriculture’s Office of Farm to Fork. Schools could get grants to purchase certified organic food from the state. In order for school districts to qualify, they’d have to participate in the federal National School Lunch Program or federal School Breakfast Program.

The Polar Plunge held in Ukiah by the Special Olympics of Northern California. The yearly event to raise money for the Special Olympics. It was held Saturday at Testa Vineyards. Those who choose to take the freezing dive into the water raise at least $125, then enjoy a barbecue and participate in an awards ceremony for best costume and most money raised, among other prizes. There are other Polar Plunges in the late winter months in California in Sonoma County, Fresno, Lake County, San Francisco and Santa Cruz. The local chapter raising between $5,000 to $7,000 a year for year-round sports programs for the Special Olympics.

The Mendocino County Coast Animal Shelter which had closed during the recession almost a decade ago, has reopened. There was a ribbon-cutting ceremony Feb. 16th hosted by the county’s animal shelter manager with many volunteers on hand. The shelter will operate at the same time the Humane Society has a shelter too. The Humane Society though has many services including animal adoptions and medical treatments for pets. The county shelter will not have spaying or neutering but may occasionally have the county’s mobile Care-A-Van out for those services and vaccinations.

A young woman from Nevada has been arrested in Mendocino County for a domestic disturbance. Deputies get a call to Little River last Friday and say 21 year old Sonya Savoy was in a romantic relationship with a man and visiting the area, when they had an argument that led to her biting his nose. Deputies say the man did have a visible injury consistent with the reported assault, so Savoy was arrested for felony domestic violence battery and held on $25,000.00 bail.

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