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It could be years before a second road is added to the Brooktrails community. But a grant’s being applied for to help Sherwood Corridor residents look for ways to be safer in wildfires and earthquakes. The Sherwood Firewise Communities Interim Emergency Preparation Coordinator says it’s a long term goal for a second road, but far off. But now they’re focusing instead for an emergency evacuation exit along a route from north of the airport down to Highway 101 north of Willits. They’re also looking at a modern phone communication network, utilizing Google maps to quickly be in touch with residents. They’re also working with residents so they have personal evacuation plans for home, school, business and family members. They also want residents to get involved in hazard reduction and other important fire wise work. They’re also making standing address signs available in the community. For more information about SFC, find them on Facebook or visit

Evacuation warning because of flooding along the Russian River in the greater Ukiah Valley and Hopland. The Sheriff issued the warning last night. The Sheriff’s office, Office of Emergency Services, City of Ukiah, Hopland Fire, Ukiah Valley Fire, Cal Fire, Coastal Valley EMS, and the National Weather Service are all monitoring the storm passing thru the area. Another round of heavy rain is expected this morning. Besides totally saturating the ground, the river is expected to flood low lying areas and crest overnight. But it should recede late this morning. The areas expecting to be flooded are near Perkins Street, Oak Manor Drive, and Babcock Lane in Ukiah and Talmage Road in Talmage, and Old River Road and Highway 175 in Hopland. There’s also a warning the 101 in Hopland may have to be closed. The Sheriff also issued an evacuation warning for Navarro River Road, in Elk, because of flooding along the Navarro River. But that flooding should recede by early this afternoon.

There are two shelters open for flooding evacuees, one at the Veterans Memorial Building in Ukiah, and the other at the County Office of Education on Old River Road. Ukiah Unified has closed schools today too.

A special election’s being held by the Lakeport Fire Protection District to try to get a new parcel tax passed to bring in more money for district operations. The mail only election for Measure M May 7th. The ballot will ask voters to approve the parcel tax continuing for fire and emergency medical services which is calculated to bring in almost 1 and a quarter million a year. The ballot statement says, if the measure passes, it will pay for faster response times and increase fire protection/emergency medical services with more staffers, and get new equipment. It requires a two-thirds majority vote to pass.

A young man from Kelseyville killed in a car accident on Highway 101 on Monday afternoon is being identified. 22 year old Luis Enrique Gonzalez Recinos was killed in the crash. He was in a 2013 Mercedes headed north on the 101 near mile post marker 7.46 when he reportedly spun out of control. The California Highway Patrol’s Ukiah Area office reports the Mercedes spun into the path of a 2001 Toyota driven by 21-year-old James Wakefield Jr. of Redwood Valley, he had minor injuries. Gonzalez Recinos died at the scene.

The State Assembly considering Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry’s legislation to demand the U-S Congress pass a Background Checks Act. The Act is being considered by the US House with Congressman Mike Thompson’s backing. H.R. 8 requires uniform and universal background checks on all gun purchases and transfers. So unlicensed gun retailers have to do background checks on gun buyers and transferees and they’ll have to use licensed dealers to sell and transfer firearms. There’s currently a loophole allowing unlicensed firearm dealers to sell at gun shows, online, and face to face with no background checks at all.

An audit of the immigration detention facilities in Calif. has been released by the State Attorney General Xavier Becerra. This comes as part of a law passed in 2017 requiring the department to report on the conditions of confinement; standard of care and due process for detainees; and tell how and why they were detained and transferred to facilities. The report says there were lengthy detentions in cells without breaks, language barriers that compromised medical and legal confidentiality; challenges getting medical and mental health care, problems with detainees talking to their families, and barriers to legal representation. Detainees in Calif, held more than 50 days on average, and the longest was more than four years.

Water continues rising after the Atmospheric River hit Northern Calif. It hung over Sonoma County, dumping continuous rain. Residents in Guerneville told to be ready for the worst flooding in twenty years. Nearly 4,000 people have been ordered to evacuate by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office from Guerneville, Monte Rio and Duncans Mills where the river spills into the Ocean. The Russian River was forecast to hit its highest level since 1997 when it hit 45 feet. It was supposed to get to just over 46 feet late last night. The record back on Valentine’s Day in 1986, when the river covered Guerneville at 49.5 feet. The Sheriff’s office says it will be a few days until the water recedes so they warn all residents to leave. The wind and rain are expected to die down today, but scattered showers are expected to continue thru tomorrow, then another storm is expected this weekend and yet another storm next Tuesday. Officials also warning there could be land or mudslides in burn areas from the October 2017 wildfires.

A young man from Northern Calif. is going to prison for several years after he pleaded guilty for supporting ISIS. 23-year-old Amer Alhaggagi admitted he created Twitter, Facebook and Gmail accounts so people believed to be ISIS supporters online in chat rooms thought he was the same. He was also secretly recorded plotting with undercover agents to blow up courthouses, landmarks and tourist attractions in the San Francisco Bay Area. His lawyer calling him an unemployed, pot-smoking internet “troll” just looking to provoke and annoy with violent, anti-American claims.

More than 200 flights had to be cancelled at San Francisco International because of high winds yesterday, and reports of two people having to be rescued from a big mudslide near Monte Rio in Sonoma County. There were reports of crashes all over the place because of slick roads, a tow truck driver killed when a Chevy Silverado lost control and hit a Prius the tow truck driver was trying to maneuver. A ton of snow has also fallen in the Sierras, with a winter storm warning which includes Lake Tahoe, until 6 a.m. tomorrow. Warnings of periods of white-out conditions especially in higher elevations for yesterday and today. The National Weather Service warning people not to drive if they can because they could be stuck in their car for hours. Interstate 80, which is the main highway over the Sierra was closed yesterday. The Sierra Nevada statewide snow pack was already at 144 percent of its historical average before this latest hit.

An arrest warrant issued for a man seen on surveillance video in New York stealing loads of shampoo. The man at stores in Niagara Falls swiping shampoo left and right, nearly $300 worth one day, and another $170 the next. Police say he stole another $240 or so earlier. Cops also say he’s taking his hair cleaning supplies to a pizzeria, then reselling it out of the restaurant. They’ve dubbed him the “shampoo bandit”.

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