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A snowplow bumps into a car covered in snow with a woman inside who police say they think was living in her car in South Lake Tahoe. A city spokesperson says it happened Feb. 17th and reminds that certain areas should not be parked in because of winter weather and adds it slows snow removal. The plow driver hit the car, which popped the car’s trunk and when the driver went to shovel around the car to tow it, the woman put a hand on the window. They say she wasn’t trying to get out and wasn’t making any noise. She was not cited for parking there and her name’s not released. She also said no to getting medical attention, left the car, which was reportedly towed. Her car battery was dead at the time.

A man in Garberville’s found guilty of voluntary manslaughter in the death of another man for a 2015 altercation. William Lamar Hinson III was accused of attacking Khanh Lam after an argument while Lam was looking for his lost dog. Court papers say Hinson and others chased Lam down an alley and Hinson hit him over the head with a board, fracturing his skull. Hinson faces up to 11 years in prison for the voluntary manslaughter conviction and another year for personal use of a deadly weapon. He will be sentenced in April.

Clear Lake hits flood stage and parts of two state highways, several roads and Library Park in Lakeport flooded. Lake Co News reports as of 1pm this afternoon Clear Lake was  at 9.28 feet Rumsey, flood state is 9 feet Rumsey. The news site reports the lake flooding along with other local water bodies ended up flooding Highway 20 near Witter Springs, so it was closed at the junction with Highway 29 in Upper Lake out to Highway 20 at Potter Valley Road in Mendocino County. As we reported earlier today residents living on the shore or near Clear Lake were advised to be prepared for flooding. Several more inches of rain expected thru Saturday. The news site also reports the new rain forecast is on top of rain the last three days that was about 5 inches near Lakeport, 10 inches near Bartlett Springs and estimates of nearly 15 inches in parts of Cobb.

The Governor has issued an emergency proclamation for rains recently causing flooding, mudslides, erosion, power outages, and damage to critical infrastructure. The proclamation for several counties including Los Angeles, Marin, Mendocino, Santa Barbara, Shasta, Tehama, Ventura, and Yolo. It tells Caltrans to formally request help immediately thru the Federal Highway Administration’s Emergency Relief Program and directs the Office of Emergency Services to provide assistance to local governments.

Guerneville and Monte Rio became something of an island after heavy rains ran off the Russian River. Access cut off as the river had swollen early today. The Press Democrat reports there were more than 50 spots along county roads and highway 37 flooded. Reports of trees down, cars stuck in flooding and roads blocked by water. School systems closed down across Sonoma County and no access for mail carriers to deliver mail to several neighborhoods. First responders were out in the river area in boats and there were also reports of high‑water military trucks for deep water rescues.

Residents who live on or close to Clear Lake are being warned to get ready for rising water. The California Nevada River Forecast Center says there’s 3.5 inches of rain for the Clear Lake watershed due through Saturday. And the lake is predicted to reach flood stage of 9.0 Rumsey with levels reaching 9.8 Rumsey late tomorrow night. The north shore of the lake is predicted to be getting some wave action due to strong southerly wind gusts. The high lake levels are expected for a prolonged period. And there’s a warning too that a lot of debris has washed into the lake. Trees, docks and appliances have been seen floating on the surface. A warning for boaters to use caution and be aware that a mandatory idle speed limit is in effect when boating within one quarter mile of the shoreline.

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