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A town known for its rain measurements, gets a massive dump of rain. The North Bay town of Venado, got nearly 21 inches in 48 hours during the latest “atmospheric river” storm. The area in Sonoma County, just west of Healdsburg. The rainfall total from Monday to Wednesday, a lot more than the nearly 15 inches San Jose gets an entire year. The National Weather Service reports San Francisco, on the other hand, only got an inch. The atmospheric river hung over Sonoma County, flooding the Russian River. Reported to be the worst flooding in 24 years. There were lingering showers after the massive rainfall yesterday, and more rain is expected this weekend and next week.

Flood levels continuing dropping in Mendocino County. The Russian River was no longer at flood level this morning and dropped below flood monitor stage. The Navarro River was recorded early this morning at Minor Flood stage but was expected to drop totally out of flood stage hours later. And the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office lifted evacuation warnings for both the Russian and Navarro Rivers and the evacuation shelters are closed. Highway 1 at the Garcia River was flooded yesterday, but live camera shots of the area looked totally clear.

Reports of several people trapped on a tractor on the Eel River as the river swelled in the rain storm the last couple of days. It was reported last night about 7:45 p.m. that a group of berry workers were caught up in the rushing river. An officer went to help, but apparently couldn’t reach the tractor. But since the river was flooding, the emergency responders had to go around near Rio Dell and go out to Ferndale, this according to dispatcher reports caught by reporter Kym Kemp. The Coast Guard also went to the scene with a chopper in the Port Kenyon area. The chopper left after not locating the group, but as they were returning the dispatcher reports the group of four children and two adults were rescued. One man was still reportedly missing though.

A man charged with setting the Clayton Fire in Lake County continuing in court for his lengthy preliminary hearing. Damin Pashilk of Clearlake is charged with the Clayton Fire arson and 15 others between July of 2015 and August of 2016. This week in court, discovery of what it cost to fight the Clayton Fire along with other damage estimates. A fire official reported they were watching Pashilk in the summer of 2016 and photographed him and his car near another fire. They tested Pashilk’s car to make sure it didn’t have issues that may have started the fire, and ran tests of incendiary devices to ignite dry grass. They found a paper napkin at the scene of one fire and say they then tested a napkin to see if it could start a fire, they confirmed it could. Testimony and closing arguments continuing.

A woman visited a prison inmate in Calif. gets 2 years behind bars for delivering a fatal meth dose. California Department of Corrections and Rehab investigators say Johna Martinez-Meth of Clearlake pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. She got two years for bringing drugs into the prison. The investigation of Martinez-Meth after an inmate suddenly died at a facility in Vacaville. 46 year old Adrian Sepulveda serving a life sentence with the possibility of parole for second-degree murder. His autopsy revealed he swallowed several meth filled balloons after Martinez-Meth visited him. They got a search warrant for Martinez-Meth’s home and found meth, balloons and glue. She was arrested.

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