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The Housing Element for the City of Ukiah is being updated with the help of residents and community members. The Daily Journal reports the Community Development Director told the City Council they have heard from the community that they want more involvement. The update will cover this year thru 2027. The first draft will be done by the beginning of May. There will be a couple of public workshops before that. The first is next Thursday, March 21st. It includes housing being built and compared to the past, the Community Development Director says it’s remarkable how things are coming along.

Hundreds of millions spent to fix the Oroville Dam which had to have major repairs after a failure a couple of years ago, will be covered by the state after the Trump Administration said no to a reimbursement. FEMA approved $205 million, but denied $306 million more to rebuild the dam’s main spillway because it didn’t meet federal eligibility rules since it failed mostly due to poor construction in the 1960s and inadequate maintenance, not heavy storms. A FEMA spokesperson says they can only pay for the work if it’s connected to a declared disaster. Nearly 200,000 people had to be evacuated in February of 2017 after the main spillway failed at the nation’s tallest dam. A team that investigated the failure blamed the state, saying there was “inadequate priority for dam safety” at Oroville for decades.

Congressman Jared Huffman co-sponsoring a Save the Internet bill. The legislation introduced in Congress to repeal the rollback of net neutrality regulations from 2017 by the FCC. Huffman says Net Neutrality is an essential component of maintaining a free, open and equitable internet system. He says the FCC rolling back the regulations was a terrible mistake driven by corporate interest. The Save the Internet Act looks to stop service providers from blocking or throttling the internet or prioritizing some content over others. It’s also to help push getting broadband to rural communities and veterans, seniors and disabled residents.

At their regular Tuesday meeting, the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors is hearing about the new county cannabis program and the proposed cannabis business tax. The board will also get a rundown of how much the county made last year on cannabis cultivation. The Department of Agriculture Commissioner’s Report reports the county is looking over a possible 868 permits, has issued 215, and approved 21 more. There will also be an update from the Mental Health Treatment Act Citizen’s Oversight Committee on progress over the past month.

A Congressman from Colorado and a colleague from Washington State pushing legislation to amend the federal banking laws so the cannabis industry can be serviced. Congressmen Ed Perlmutter and Denny Heck bringing the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act of 2019, or the Safe Act to the House with 108 members of Congress supporting it, including eight Republicans. Congressman Jared Huffman is one of the sponsors. The sponsors of the bill say it’s unsafe right now. They want to be able to take cash out of the system and to be able to legally handle the cash from cultivation and excise taxes.

Since the City Manager in Clearlake resigned, an option for a new one has come up. The City Council’s considering appointing the assistant city manager and finance director, Alan Flora, to be the new city manager. The idea came up at the last meeting of February, with City Manager Greg Folsom. He’s leaving for the same job in Suisun City. His last day is March 30th. The council reportedly considering the idea this Thursday at their regular meeting. The consideration for a three year contract with Flora and the option to sign on for 2 more years if Flora and the Council agree. His proposed monthly salary is just under $12,000 with a car and cell phone allowance of $400 a month as well.

Tours available of Clear Lake with the Blue Ribbon Committee for the Rehabilitation of the lake. This Wednesday, there’s a field tour at 11 a.m. then a meeting for the committee a couple hours after. The meetup at the Konocti Vista Marina in Lakeport where they’ll go over the best management practices using the Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians as a model for less nutrient input in the lake and to work on less runoff and helping to restore native plants. The committee has a couple subcommittees who each forward recommendations to the main Blue Ribbon Committee. The public is welcome at all meetings.

Those interested in more information or in signing up for updates and announcements are invited to visit

Some ripoffs of jewelry in India being blamed on rats. Diamond earrings go missing in the city of Bihar after it was reported not too long ago they were drinking booze too. The booze kept at police stations in that dry state. A jewelry store reports they opened up shop last week and noticed the jewels were missing from one of their counters. They first suspected employees, but everyone denied it. But surveillance cameras apparently caught the culprit, the rat seen with an envelope, the earrings were kept in, scurrying off into a false ceiling in the shop. The jewelry has not been found.

County offices may still be shortened if the Lake County Board of Supervisors decides to extend it another six months. Last summer the offices were closed to the public every Friday to save money. Now that six month period is coming to an end and the County Administrative Officer Carol Huchingson is reportedly recommending it be extended. Huchingson says it’s still the same situation, heavy workloads and employee vacancies. She says the pilot program has been working well and adds staff is recommending the Board go another six months and revisit the matter in September.

Nearly 2 million dollars paid out by the California Legislature for legal costs from sexual harassment investigations. The one point eight million in 2018 and for the first month of this year connected to as many as nine current or former lawmakers who were accused of misconduct. The Associated Press reports the Senate spent $1.26 million and the Assembly $571,000. There’s not a lot more info on the matters or who the money was spent on due to attorney-client privilege and some other stipulations when it comes to the public records act. Behaviors noted though were for things like using vulgar language and giving uncomfortable hugs and a "noogie," to forcibly kissing a staffer and worse.

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