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The Gov. says he’s thought long and hard and wants to stop putting people to death in California prisons. The Gov. expected to announce a moratorium on the Death Penalty as long as he’s in office. The Governor sent out a written statement to some in the media saying he doesn’t think a civilized society can claim to be a leader in the world as long as its government continues to sanction the premeditated and discriminatory execution of its people. The Governor reportedly formally announcing his decision this morning after his office sent an email out saying he would announce a death penalty moratorium via executive action.

If you want more time at the Mendocino County Museum, the hours are being extended one day a week. At this week’s Mendocino County Board of Supervisors meeting, they agreed to add a couple hours on Thursday, but keep the rest of the days the same. And they’ve approved appointments/reappointments of Supervisor John Haschak as the Mendocino representative to the North Coast Railroad Authority, Peter Braudrick as long-term director of the Mendocino Coast Resource Conservation District, and Julie Golden to be a member of the Hopland Municipal Advisory Council.

Looking for a job? The Mendocino County Office of Education is having its annual Jobs Fair this Saturday at the Ukiah campus on Old River Road. There are apparently 50 job vacancies in Mendocino and Lake County schools. The County’s Human Resources Manager says they’re looking for everything from folks with clerical or accounting skills, to bus drivers and cooks. They’re also potentially looking for school nurses or physical therapists. There are more than 3,500 people employed by the school system. The fair is from 10 am to 2 pm.

Job seekers should register for the event by completing an application online at For more information, call (707) 467-5012.

A burglar caught after being seen on surveillance video. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports getting a call to a home in Westport last week. The homeowner had been away in November of 2018 and items worth about $300 were stolen, but the doer was caught on camera. The homeowner gave police pictures of the unknown person. Deputies have identified him as 57 year old Barry Kulmann of Westport. Kulmann found Sunday and arrested on suspicion of felony residential burglary. His car was searched and deputies say they found stolen property from the burglary on him. He was held on $50,000 bail in the Mendocino County Jail.

Work still being done on a Lake County ordinance requiring property owners to take a more proactive approach ahead of wildfire seasons. At the Tuesday meeting of the Board of Supervisors, the board considered the latest draft of the “Hazardous Vegetation/Combustible Material Abatement Ordinance.” They’re fine-tuning what areas would require vegetation removal and defensible space around properties. Supervisors making some tweaks, but being mindful that it needs to be done quickly, ahead of the next wildfire season. The ordinance needs two more readings before it’s finalized. But the County Counsel said any amendments made would be best after speaking with the Chief Building Official and soon-to-be Fire Official.

Lakeport’s trying to find more money for more firefighters at the same time the Fire District is looking at a possible ballot measure to raise the district’s fire tax. Six firefighters were laid off last year and Measure M will be on a special election mail in only ballot in May. The Lake County Board of Supervisors approved the measure last week so it was sent to the registrar of voters’ for processing. If it passes, the fire district will be able to hire the six firefighters back and more money could be added to the reserves within two years.

The State of the District speech planned for the Lakeport Unified School District Governing Board after quite a few shakeups this past year. The Interim Superintendent Patrick Iaccino will update after the former superintendent was dismissed and demoted. Iaccino saying one of the things on the top of his to do list is to find a permanent superintendent. He’s also supposed to give an update on what’s being done with the rest of the Measure T bond funds. The district also has an interim business manager, and only one of the five board members is an incumbent, the rest have been on only a few months.

The Registrar of Voters position still open in Lake County, so the county’s reopening recruitment after the assistant Registrar who took over the main job, announced she too was leaving. The job posting on the county’s website thru the end of the month with a monthly salary between about $5,600 to $7,300. They’re looking for someone with as much as five years of experience. The interim Registrar Maria Valadez was appointed to run the office in December after Diane Fridley left. So she took a job in Mendocino County. Lake Co News reports the county made no attempt to keep her permanently.

There are no criminal charges being filed against PG&E regarding the October 2017 wildfires that swept thru Wine Country. That’s from the Sonoma County District Attorney, Lake County District Attorney and the district attorneys in Humboldt and Napa counties. They report after a lengthy review, they found there was insufficient evidence proving beyond a reasonable doubt that PG&E acted with a reckless disregard for human life, which is apparently a necessary standard for criminal charges. They also consulted with the State Attorney General’s Office before coming to the decision. Cal Fire did however determine the utility company’s equipment caused several wildfires in the four counties, then referred the reports to the district attorneys for review of possible filing of criminal charges.

If you can’t get to the marijuana shop, you might be able to get it delivered in Lakeport. The Planning Commission is going over an application at their meeting tonight for eCannabis out of Danville to be allowed to deliver. The commission’s also going over the 2018 Year-end Report tonight.

After devastating fires in Calif. legislators will go over fire safe initiatives ahead of the next fire season. A joint hearing of the Senate Governance and Finance Committee and the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee are reviewing development in some of the most fire prone regions and keeping residents safe in areas in the Wildland Urban Interface. Senator Mike McGuire the Chair of the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee and the Senate Governance and Finance Committee co-leading the meeting this morning which is being livestreamed at More information on the hearing can be found at

2 people from the North Bay are part of a group of 50 people indicted in a massive college admissions scandal where bribes were taken for college admission. The scandal widely reported on after a couple of Hollywood actresses were implicated, Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman. Federal prosecutors out of Boston say wealthy parents committed fraud and conspiracy on behalf of their kids, some of whom reportedly didn’t even know. As much as $25 million spent bribing college staffers to call them athletic recruits even when they didn’t play that sport, or to help proctor their college entrance exams, or correct errors on them. Agustin Huneeus Jr., president of Napa Valley’s Huneeus Vintners, and Marci Palatella, CEO of a Burlingame-based liquor distribution company were implicated. Their kids got into USC.

The Sonoma State University President speaking to congress, retracing the events of October 2017, when she lost her house in the Tubbs Fire. Judy Sakaki spoke to a congressional panel in Washington Tuesday saying how she ran barefoot away from the fire which was burning in the middle of the street in her neighborhood of Fountain Grove, holding her husband’s hand. She spoke before the House Subcommittee on Select Revenue Measures on temporary tax measures which are set to expire. She was there to support tax relief for victims of natural disasters, saying any supportive policy change would make a difference. Congressman Mike Thompson is the chairman of the House subcommittee. He says the President’s “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” cut or severely curtailed the personal casualty tax deduction for losses from wildfires and other natural disasters.

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