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Lawmakers in California introducing the first ever bill to ban toxic chemicals in makeup and other cosmetics. Right now, it’s legal for companies to sell cosmetics containing dangerous chemicals in Calif. – as long as they list them on the label and report them to the state. Assembly Bill 495 would make it illegal to sell them if they contain mercury, lead, formaldehyde, asbestos, phthalates (THAHL-ates), even Teflon – any of about 20 items from California’s list of Prop 65 toxics. Susan Little with the Environmental Working Group says these substances can be quite harmful.

:05 "We know that they interfere with the reproductive system, we know that they alter hormone levels, and we know that they are neurotoxins."

Last year, Claire’s stores declared bankruptcy after a report from the California Public Interest Research Group found asbestos in some of the makeup it sold. The cosmetics industry has lobbied heavily against bills at the federal level to regulate its products, although 40 other nations have adopted lists of chemicals that are banned in cosmetics.

Little says the F-D-A claims it doesn’t have the power to require recalls or take direct action – so in essence, the feds trust the cosmetics industry to police itself.

:16 "In fact, there was a press release the FDA just issued that directly states that, when it comes to cosmetics, the FDA holds little authority. And this is their quote: ‘Currently, there are no legal requirements for any cosmetic manufacturer marketing products to American consumers to test their products for safety.’"

The Environmental Working Group has tested a large number of products and rated them for safety. You can see the group’s “Skin Deep” database on its website, at ‘’

A resolution for the Ukiah City Council to consider at their next meeting to reaffirm a small patch of wetlands near the new Costco has sensitive habitat, closed to the public. City staff apparently getting reports from concerned citizens about the area just south of the Costco gas station on Airport Park Boulevard, damaged due to traffic, overnight campers and litter in Wetlands Park. The wetlands being protected as Open Space, per the Planning Commission. It used to be a stormwater management area, then grew into wetlands. But the term open space is intended for a natural resource, which this is not. Talk now about putting up signs to identify the area as wetlands. The matter tonight at the regular council meeting after a budget workshop s at 5:15 p.m.

Fees going up for Mendocino County’s deal with Cold Creek Compost. The Daily Journal reports an agreement for the tipping fee for Cold Creek will go up nearly $10 a ton starting this week. The tipping fee is to accept a unit of waste for disposal. The agreement between the County and Cold Creek doesn’t end until the end of 2022, but the agreement stipulates there could be a rate adjustment each January 1st. The increase to bring Mendocino in line with all local jurisdictions including the Sonoma County Waste Management Agency rate. The company says their price per ton is still the lowest rate in the industry, compared to several others.

There may no longer be utility poles along East Gobbi Street as the Ukiah City Council considers moving utilities underground like on East Perkins Street. The Daily Journal reports the council to consider the matter at their meeting tonight to install electric, phone and cable substructures from State Street to Orchard Avenue, Marshall Street and the 600 Block of Leslie Street. It would hook up to underground facilities already there. The city would share the cost of the project since there’s already underground trenches in place. It should cost about $1.4 million, with about $600,000 paid by the Electric Utility, $200,000 from the streetlight fund and another $675,000 to be reimbursed by AT&T and Comcast.

A new director’s been named for the Ukiah Symphony. Dr. Phillip Semyon Lenberg is taking over after the last director announced he would retire after 29 years. Lenberg has been working as a guest conductor for years across the country and was an apprentice conductor for the Las Vegas Philharmonic, the assistant conductor with Henderson Symphony Orchestra, a part-time instructor and guest conductor at San Francisco State University, and music director and assistant conductor at The University of Nevada Las Vegas.

A neighborhood watch meeting in Lucerne more lively after a string of burglaries and other crime in the area. About 40 people attended Tuesday. Kevin Waycik the founder of the “Neighborhood Watch Project” hosted. Some ideas included putting up address reflectors and cards that have the phone numbers of the CHP and sheriffs deputies to deter crime. An officer from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and another out of the CHP in Clearlake were at the meeting. They told the crowd they had to help them, staying alert and watching even as they patrol the area.

A three car crash between Nice and Lucerne ends with major injuries for one driver who had to be airlifted out of the area. It happened yesterday morning on Highway 20. Duane Roork of Willits headed west on the highway and veered over onto the other side of the highway for unknown reasons. Another driver in a semi, headed east swerved out of the way, but crashed into Roork. That pushed Roork’s car over the double yellow lines back to the westbound lane and it crashed into a pickup. The semi driver and pickup driver had minor injuries and were treated at the scene, but Roork had a broken ankle and punctured lung. The CHP reports fatigue was a contributing factor as a cause for the crash.

It’s raining some more and Library Park in Lakeport, which closed last month because of flooding, will stay closed. Continuing rising water and needed repairs have the park closed indefinitely. The Lakeport Public Works Director told the Lakeport City Council people are still walking thru the park, and that’s damaging it more because the grass is so saturated. He says other areas of the city are being reopened as water recedes, including the last section of Lakeshore Boulevard, which was covered by floodwater and a ton of debris. The Esplanade Street area is still closed, it’s been nearly a month.

North Coast Congressmen Mike Thompson and Jared Huffman say FEMA’s granted an extension of the Direct Temporary Housing Program after the October 2017 wildfires. The affordable housing program supporting homeowners and renters who lost their homes in the fires. The two Congressmen had asked FEMA for the extension this month, saying affordable housing was already a challenge before the tragic October 2017 fires, then the loss of homes and property exacerbated the shortage. The Direct Temporary Housing Program will go thru the middle of July for owners and mid May for renters.

More people in America say they think marijuana should be legal. According to a new report from the General Social Survey. It shows support for legal marijuana was at 61 percent in 2018, up from 57 percent a year before. The report said to be a widely respected trend survey that has looked at support for legal marijuana since the 1970s. The report showing more people backing the legalization in all age groups and political parties. It’s also apparently the first time a majority of Republicans supported the legalization of cannabis, 54 percent, up from 45 percent in 2016. 76% of Democrats now favor legalization.

Butte County warning of an already major uptick in ticks. The Butte County Mosquito and Vector Control District says tick season has begun in earnest so they’re out with a warning for hikers, campers and all outdoor enthusiasts to watch out for the tiny pest. The control district manager says there are easy steps to take to prevent a “potentially lifelong, debilitating disease”, he’s talking Lyme Disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. The district has found more western black-legged ticks as of late, they’re more commonly referred to as deer ticks, the known carrier for Lyme disease.

A man from Florida busted for throwing a bowl of pancake batter at a woman making dinner. Cops say Dwayne Zimmerman had a bit too much to drink and went out onto his porch where the woman was cooking the pancakes, insulted her and tossed a cooking pan then picked up a bowl of batter and tossed that at her. He missed, but broke the bowl and she got splattered. He was then arrested on a felony battery charges.

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