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Scott Wenger, the latest hire by the Ukiah Valley Sanitation District, has declined the $180,000 a year job as Ukiah Valley Sanitation District Manager, becoming the second to do so, after Alan Gardner declined the position last month blaming personal issues. The Daily Journal reports that City officials have been suggesting to the district that they consider cheaper paths- especially since disagreements on a budget are headed to arbitration. Members of the board don’t agree, and say they still feel like the sanitation district needs a district manager.

Camp Fire debris removal operations got back underway last week following a delay related to unsafe weather conditions and saturated soil. For phase I of clean up, over 1300 tons of metals and 91,000 tons of debris, ash and soil had been removed, 15,000 tons of concrete recycled, add over 8,00 tons of contaminated soil removed. The total amount of debris removed in phase 1 was over 116,000 tons. Over $71 million has been approved by FEMA for survivors and the Small Business Administration has approved over 3,500 loans totaling over $390 million dollars.

A meeting on Tuesday at 9am will see the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors discuss a report for the 2018-2019 fiscal year- including stats on Cannabis revenue in the county, revenue forecasts and budget goals. The board will also discuss another meeting on April 16th to address climate change.

The Mendocino County Cannabis Program is expected to begin accepting applications from prospective growers on April 1st. Applicants will be notified within 15 days if the packet was finished properly. The notifications will include further instructions in the permitting process along with how to pay application fees. Applications must be turned in at a drop box at the Department of Planning and Building services and must include proof of prior cultivation, with pictures, an operations plan, property owner consent and more. More info at

A recall for California grown avocados over Listeria concerns. Henry Avocado products sold in California, Arizona and other states are included in the recall. Look for a sticker that says "Bravocado" with California, or Organic on the label. More info can be found on the company’s website-

If you have an opinion on how the Ukiah Unified School district spends money, or what the goals of the district should be, your chance to voice them is on Wednesday at 5:30pm during a meeting open to teachers, students, parents and the community.

Governor Newsom has declared a statewide state of emergency going into fire season following the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection’s report listing 35 projects than can be implemented right way to help in fuel reduction efforts and reduce risk. The Governor has asked that forest management projects be hurried along, and his emergency declaration waives certain regulations that will help reduce the time it takes to implement his changes. Governor Newsom also says the way the state contracts for goods and technology systems will change as well.

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