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The Lake County Board of Supervisors will be discussing allowing industrial hemp. The Lake County Agricultural Commissioner is asking for the board’s direction on whether to place a 45-day moratorium on industrial hemp or to allow the crop to be grown with some extra regulations. Industrial hemp has been federally legalized since Jan. 1st when Congress’s 2018 “Farm Bill” took effect, which deleted the crop from the fed’s list of Schedule 1 controlled substances.

The totals are in, the Fill the boot drive earlier in March to benefit the victims of the Paradise fire collected over $10,000. Event organizers say they were hoping to get six or seven thousand dollars and were very grateful for the volunteers and all who donated to the cause.

What started off as a weekly after work bike ride has blossomed into a three day journey to San Francisco to raise money for bike equipment in Mendocino County and raise awareness for biking. The group calls themselves the Mendo Maidens and will venture towards San Francisco April 24th. Their fundraising goal is $4,800 and they are already at almost half of that goal. If you are interested in donating to the cause you can find link up with the Medo Maidens on Facebook.

The Ukiah City Council recently approved a $1.4 million plan to move utilities underground along East Gobbi Street, allowing poles to be removed as they were on East Perkins Street. The project will bury electric, phone and cable wires, all of those utilities will be sharing the cost with the city. The whole project is estimated at $2.4 million.

It’s prison time for a Ukiah man who planted a pipe bomb under a kitchen sink. He had a prior felony conviction from 1982 in Lake County, his sentence initally was 7 years but with the three strikes law, it was doubled to 14 years.

The Ukiah City Council recently approved the purchase of another small parcel at the end of Norgard Lane near the Wastewater Treatment Plant. At this time there are no plans for that piece of land.

A landslide along Hill Road across from Sutter Lakeside Hospital in the north Lakeport area has once again caused a seasonal road closure, with a fix unlikely to happen this year. The hillside has caused repeated wintertime road closures since 2013, the year the slide began to destroy homes in the subdivision above. The public works department says at this time they are unsure when the road will be reopening. A plan for permanent is currently in the works

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