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Earth Week kicks of on Monday at Mendocino College- the Ukiah Campus inside the student center, and climate change will be a big focus this year. A range of topics will be presented, including solar cooking, earth friendly menus, green cars and more. All events next week are free and open to the public. More info at

A crisis stabilization facility was approved last month by the Mendocino Count Board of Supervisors, that will be paid for by a sales tax increase approved by voters in 2017. The facility will include residential housing and a lock down facility. The Daily journal reports that Kemper Consulting Group was hired to give an oversight committee an evaluation of the current mental health system, along with the most immediate needs that need to be addressed. Now comes work to find a place for the facilities, with the option of constructing new buildings or renovating older.

A closure that begins Monday will will last through July 2020. Mendocino National Forest Officials have announced that access road gates into the forest ranch fire area closed and locked over public safety concerns related to post fire dangers like flooding, debris flows, and the loss of rights to enter and exit properties. Only those on official business, like first responders, permit holders and property owners will be allowed past the gates once they are locked.

The community is invited to three open houses on Thursday – part of the process to apply for grants that would fund state parks. The parks most likely to benefit if the grants are approved would be Hammond Park in Nice, Kelseyville Community Park, and Middletown Trailside Nature Preserve. This weeks’ meeting will include public input on design and new amenities for the parks. The Lake County Public Services Department also has meetings planned in May and June to discuss designs. This week’s meetings get underway 10 am at Hammond Park, 1pm at Kelseyville community park and 3pm at Trailside Park

If your’e feeling stressed these days, you are in good company. But it could be worse. Wallethub has released a new survey of the most stressed states in the country, based on average hours worked each week, sleep rates and personal bankruptcy rates. The golden state is right there in the middle, landing at #28. Among the least stressed states are Utah and Minnesota, and the state of Louisiana ranks as the most stressed state in the U.S. before Mississippi, Arkansas and Kentucky.

A moratorium on industrial hemp is under consideration and will be discussed by the Lake County board of supervisors during today’s meeting after agricultural commission Steven Hajik asked for the moratorium to allow for regulations. Right now, Hemp is regulated more like farm products, with lower taxes, and more time is needed to consider what regulations are appropriate at the county level.

California’s fourth climate change assessment is here, and with 2018 being the worst fire year on record, each new year could be worse than the last in terms of size, cost and loss of life and property. If current trends continue, the report says that the average burn area in the state will soon reach 77%. A massive die off of trees in the state caused by years by drought, has left behind fuel for potential wildfires in forests all across the state. According to the report, the daily temperature will increase by over 5 degrees by 2100, and water shortages will be seen in certain regions. 31 to 67 percent of Southern California beaches may completely erode by the end of the century. View the report at

Trading software has been used by Grupo Flor, a California based cannabis company trying to connect sellers of cannabis materials with buyers. Inconsistent cannabis products on the market prompted the decision to build the platform, which has already assisted in millions of dollars in trades since it’s launch. The daily journal reports that the platform vets all buyers and sellers based on their grow sites, process of manufacturing, management and other markers- choosing only the most qualified.

Thousands of Camp Fire victims have been forced to re-locate, and according to FEMA, most have stayed close, going to Sacramento and Shasta. The agency data shows that 1064 have left California altogether, heading to Washington State, Utah, Colorado, Ohio, Some even moving as far away as New York.

We have only just begun the fourth month of 2019, and some 387 cases of measles have been confirmed across the country. Less than halfway through 2019, that number already exceeds all cases seen in 2018. A total of 372 cases were confirmed last year. The CDC reports that the number of cases is the highest reported since 2014 when there were over 600 cases. The agency says immunization is the best prevention.

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