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Three people have been seriously injured after two cars crash near Forestville. Police say it happened late this morning on River Road. The crash around 11 a.m. was a head on crash on the Laguna bridge. The CHP reports those injured are in critical condition, with a fourth person in moderate condition The crash blocked a major road with traffic snarled badly so traffic was eventually diverted. Folks stuck in it reportedly calling police to say they feared there would be another crash. Firefighters from several departments went to the scene to cut the victims out of the cars and treat them.

A fire in Humboldt turns out to have been started by a faulty extension cord. The fire Saturday night started under a couch then caught carpet on fire too. reporting there were folks home at the time in bed, but were alerted by smoke alarms in the house. They were able to put the fire out and evacuate as firefighters got there. Firefighters completely stomped out the fire, but treated one person for a minor injury that happened as they were evacuating. Firefighters swept smoke, ash and debris from the home. The damage just in the couch and carpet. Firefighters reminding smoke alarms save lives!

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