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A man arrested in Willits for stealing and vandalizing. Police report arresting Michael Ratley yesterday after the Sherwood Valley Tribal Environmental Program reported to cops there had been thefts and vandalism last weekend. Police investigated but haven’t said how or why they identified Ratley as the suspect. He’s charged with Grand Theft and Felony Vandalism and booked at Mendocino County Jail, then released on his own recognizance pending charges for felon in possession of a firearm.

A man in Willits busted after a search warrant is served at a house by several law enforcement agencies. Larry St. Laurent arrested for violation of probation, possession of a controlled substance, possession for sales of a controlled substance, sales of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia for Methamphetamine and Psilocybin or “Magic” Mushrooms.

The US Navy will be conducting tests and training along the Northwest Coast next year so they’re visiting an elementary school in Fort Bragg to explain. Officers will be at Dana Gray Elementary School Friday, May 3rd to talk about the testing and training exercises in November of 2020. It’s part of the environmental impact assessment the Navy has to do to see what the effects are of underwater acoustic and electromagnetic devices, chemicals released during operations, risks of entanglement for large fish and marine mammals, and explosives from Puget Sound south to the Mendocino-Humboldt County line. It’s all an update of an environmental document from 2015 on Navy operations and effects on undersea life and how it could harm animals’ ability to navigate and communicate.

The Mental Health Treatment Act Citizen’s Oversight Committee has updated the Board of Supervisors related to Measure B, The Mental Health Initiative. The committee comes up with recommendations so the county can get to work on projects to build the crisis stabilization facility, residential facility, and a psychiatric facility. The Committee’s working on finding a project manager but has not hired anyone yet. The idea is this person would keep the committee on task. They’re also looking for an architect and other positions for various projects. They’ve still got $6 million on hand.

The Mendocino County Executive Office requesting a document be put together so the public can follow all of the progress. The Board Of Supervisors also formally recognized this week as Crime Victim’s Rights Week and Volunteer Appreciation Week in Mendocino County and the month of April as Child Abuse Prevention Month in Mendocino County.

The state legislature putting forth a bill so that community colleges will allow homeless students to sleep in their cars. An Assembly committee passed the bill last week and has referred it to an appropriations committee. It comes after a report finding almost 1 in 5 community college students had been homeless over the last year. If it passes and gets to the Governor’s desk it would mean community colleges have to have a plan in place so enrolled students in good standing with the college are allowed to park overnight in a campus lot. There would also have to be accessible bathrooms.

A dad who jumped into a Northern California river to rescue his infant son is confirmed dead. 41-year-old Moua Lo’s body’s been found. The Sacramento County coroner’s office confirmed the body was Lo Monday. The body found by a fisherman Sunday. Lo had drifted off and vanished March 29th after jumping into the San Joaquin River near Isleton to save his 1-year old boy after he fell off a boat. He was in a life jacket though, he’s still in the hospital. Dad was not wearing a life jacket.

A draft letter the Lake County Board of Supervisors agreed to send to the Interior Dept will be revised. It’s to comment on the Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians’ who’ve applied for 21 parcels of land trust. The letter agreed to after the Tribal Administrator explained what they were planning to do with the parcels thru the federal agency’s fee-to-trust program. The county to ask the Interior Dept for an extension so they can prepare comments on the tribe’s application. The County Administrative Officer Carol Huchingson says it’s to make sure any comments added to the applications are accurate. The Tribal Administrator saying they were upset with the County since its already had the entire package of applications more than a year, and now they’re waiting until the end of the comment period. Huchingson says she’s not heard a thing about it in two years.

Santa Cruz is suing the state saying it’s being undercut by people from out of town delivering weed. The Chairman of the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors says local businesses are on the losing end of the deal because of deliveries from Oakland or San Francisco. The suit filed last week against the California Bureau of Cannabis Control saying there’s no longer a level playing field. Several other cities and municipalities are also suing the state because of deliveries, a new rule that started this year. California’s apparently the only state allowing the practice. Santa Cruz and 2 dozen other governments suing using an old Reagan Administration slogan as their motto: Just Say No.

Preparing for voting day for the Lakeport Fire Protection District Board on a new parcel tax. The board talking about the tax at the meeting last night and how they’ll spend the money should Measure M pass. The fire tax vote is next month, by mail-in ballot only. Lake Co News reports the meeting last night focused on the coming vote, budget issues and personnel matters, one of which is the retirement of the longtime district Administrative Assistant, Linda Buckner, who was there 16 years. Her replacement sworn in last night, Mandi Huff, who comes from the South Lake County Fire Protection District. The former Lake County Registrar of Voters is pitching in to help ensure things go smoothly for that vote next month.

California is preparing already for the 2020 Federal Census. The state is forming the 2020 Citizens Redistricting Commission thru the State Auditor’s Office. The 14-member commission is tasked with redrawing boundaries for Congressional, State Senate, State Assembly and State Board of Equalization districts, so they correctly reflect the state’s population. So now the Auditor’s office is asking for help spreading the word. There’s a new website set up for the public, community organizations, and stakeholders so they can read up on the information about the application and selection process for the commission with deadlines, resources and a form that can be filled in online for those interested.

If you have any questions or would like to request a speaker from the State Auditor’s Office for an upcoming event, please call 833-421-7550 or email shapecaliforniasfuture .

A man from Lucerne killed in a solo car crash at the Nice-Lucerne Cutoff. The Lake County Sheriff’s office reports 20-year-old Ruben Foreman died Monday while the passenger in a car driven by an 18-year-old from Lucerne. There was also a 16 year old passenger in the car too. The CHP reports the driver headed north at the cutoff just south of the Rodman Slough bridge during rainy, cloudy conditions and while trying to take a curve, he lost control, went off the road and crashed into a fence. Foreman was the front seat passenger and had major injuries to his face. CHP reports he was unresponsive when firefighters got there. He was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead. The 16-year-old passenger had minor injuries and the driver was not hurt. The CHP reports they were all wearing seatbelts, and they do not suspect drugs or alcohol as factors in the crash.

Ahead of the next wildfire season, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has crews out inspecting towers, poles and substations in Mendocino, Humboldt, Lake and Trinity Counties. They’re flying drones and helicopters for the inspections as a second layer of protection after other visual inspections. Besides substations, the choppers will also use special technology for more data and will take pictures. It’s part of the utility company’s wildfire safety efforts, after the 2017 and 2018 wildfires to reduce the risk of more wildfires. The drones are flying every day except Sunday between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. and there’s a possibility they might have to access private property. The choppers will be above ground at around 250 feet and you may seen them hovering at times for up to ten minutes.

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