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Busy agenda for the Fort Bragg City Council this week as they considered work on the Coastal Trail, a new website to attract tourists and a possible new residential care facility for elderly folks with disabilities. An already approved bike park on the Coastal Trail was discussed. It would have a bunch of jumps and ramps after the Police Activities League requested it. The league will oversee its construction, maintenance and operation and the city won’t have to put up a dime. The council considering a loan agreement for Parents and Friends, Inc., so a grant can be released for the planned residential elderly care facility project. It will be three three-bedroom, two-bath homes for aging, disabled clients of the nonprofit. And if the nonprofit provides services for twenty years, the loan will be forgiven. Finally the council discussed the new Visit Fort Bragg website to promote the city as a vacation destination.

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors hearing from county staff on the move to the Planning and Building Services Department by the Cannabis Program. The team has moved the Mendocino Cannabis Program from the Department of Agriculture to its new place in Planning and Building Services. The board approved that last month. There was an update on applications too, as of March 21st, there were more than 1,300 applicants with 23 approved so far. The county also recently announced they’re accepting renewals of the yearly cannabis cultivation permits and the Phase I Cannabis Cultivation Application submission process opened April 1st.

State Sen. Mike Mc-Guire announcing his plans for old railroad tracks to be turned into the Great Redwood Trail is moving forward. The Senate and Assembly Budget Subcommittees on Resources and Transportation each approving the governor’s request for $3 million to move forward with McGuire’s legislation. Another major obstacle overcome, is the North Coast Railroad Authority’s (NCRA) Board of Directors approved a legal settlement. The money the governor requested to work on the master plan for the trail, one million for an initial assessment of the right-of-way for the trail, $1.5 million more for easement research and $500,000 for the audit of NCRA’s finances and the possible transfer of part of the line to the Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit District (SMART).

A report released by the Lake County Civil Grand Jury says Lampson Field Airport badly needs improvements and updates to the general plan as well as other documents so it can get grants and comply with state law. The Record Bee reports the report submitted last month, a few months early because of its urgency. The report says the grant funding from the FAA has to be applied for by December 31st, urging agencies to make the changes needed so the county can apply for the grants. It needs a new master plan, and a noise and safety-related compatibility study in order to comply with state laws.

Ahead of an announcement today by the governor, a new report says if there are more wildfires in northern or central Calif., PG&E bills could skyrocket 50 percent higher. The report by Steven Weissman who lectures at UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy. The giant utility’s already convicted of crimes from the San Bruno explosion and is now in bankruptcy because of wildfire related liabilities. It could reach $30 billion in liabilities for the 2017 and 2018 fires linked to PG&E. Right now average monthly bills are about $170 for electric and gas, but could potentially go up to $250. The Governor’s supposed to release a plan to deal with wildfires today.

The state is partnering with local cities for affordable housing with a plan to release at least three Requests for Proposals. Apparently Governor Newsom’s administration has reviewed all state owned property to see if homes can be built there. The administration looking for proposals for new housing construction within a year, with the idea the first parcel would be known by the end of Sept. The governor says there’s not enough housing and the cost keeps climbing so his administration is working with local leaders to push for affordable housing. It comes after he signed an executive order to develop affordable housing on excess state lands in January.

The city of Clearlake selling the airport property. The City Council voted unanimously for the city manager to move forward with a letter of intent with Village Investment Partners or VIP, for Pierce Field, which is just over 27 acres. VIP wants to buy the airport property, the old Outrageous Waters water park and another parcel for a major development. The city owns the old airport property, transferred for long-range public use by the old redevelopment agency. The idea is a six month deal where VIP reaches out to potential retailers to see if there’s interest.

A new report says small, poverty-stricken towns in Calif. could be the next Paradise if disaster strikes. The investigation by McClatchy newspapers says more than 350,000 people living in the small towns that are in very high fire hazard severity zones. The town of Paradise had been one of them before the Camp Fire last year, the most destructive in the state. Malibu was one of those zones too, last year the Woolsey Fire burned more than 400 homes there. And Cobb is one of them, it was mostly destroyed by the Valley Fire in 2015. The analysis by the newspaper group from a 2010 census.

Cal Fire has a new report for the governor after his Executive Order to identify high priority fuels reduction projects. Two are in Mendocino County, the Ukiah Fuels Reduction and the Willits Fuel Reduction part of a plan to protect more than 200 of California’s most wildfire-vulnerable communities. In Ukiah, the focus is on roadside vegetation clearance, fire control lines on ridges, and shaded fuel breaks. It’s on more than 26,500 acres. The Willits project on about 12,00 acres will also focus on roadside vegetation clearance, fire control lines, and shaded fuel breaks.

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