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A man in Willits has been arrested after a child calls police to report a domestic disturbance. Mendocino deputies get to a home finding a woman with cuts, abrasions, bruising on the neck and dried blood on her face after a fight with her boyfriend, Loren Powers and the two share a child together. She says he came home drunk, which she was upset about, then they got into a fight. Police say Powers pushed the victim to the ground, threw items in the house around and when the woman tried getting away he choked her. She got away and told one of the kids to call 911, the kid called a relative and they called the Sheriff’s Office. Powers arrested on multiple charges and held on $30,000.00 bail

Deputies respond to a call in Ukiah finding a boy running around a parking area asking people for help saying his father was going to kill him. Deputies say they found an abandoned pick-up truck in the road where this was happening, finding there’d been an altercation in or near the pickup. A man was found down the road, sweating heavily, Conley Butler also had what was later found to be a self-inflicted head injury, and was agitated so he was searched. During the pat search cops say he used his head and hit two deputies, causing one a head injury, then punched them both and ran. He was eventually caught by a police dog, tasered and arrested. He’s charged with willful cruelty to a child, possible injury or death, resisting or threatening an officer, battery with serious injury and battery against a peace officer and held on $30,000.00 bail.

Police in Redwood Valley on routine patrol and found some trash cans turned over around Eagle Peak Middle School. They say while investigating, they found a vending machine operator who showed cops two surveillance cameras on the ground. They say the cameras were forcibly taken down. They say they also found a bunch of mailboxes that had been destroyed or damaged and mail along the road. The mail was taken to its rightful owners. Cops say the destroyed mailboxes were vandalism only and no other thefts. They have two suspects in mind, but continue to investigate. Cops asking anyone else who may have been a victim of this vandalism to be in touch.

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