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A 20-year veteran of the Clearlake Police Dept. has been sworn in as a captain and there’s a new community service officer. The police chief administered the oath to new Capt. Tim Celli and Community Service Officer Daniel Constancio. Celli was the interim chief before the current chief was hired. There was no captain for a while but the city council reinstated the position as part of a reorganization plan.

The historic Kelsey Creek Schoolhouse may be donated soon. The School District Board of Trustees reportedly considering a sale at their meeting tonight. The old schoolhouse used to also be called the Hells Bend Schoolhouse. It goes all the way back to the late 1800’s. It used to be in a different location but was moved to where it sits now about ten or so years later. The board is considering donating it, since they say putting it up for sale comes with its own costs, and it’s not worth enough to warrant that. It’s also not been examined for lead, asbestos, or other possibly harmful substances.

Here’s some good news for water customers in Lucerne. California Water Service reportedly sent an application to the California Public Utilities Commission so there are bill decreases, reflecting what the utility says is the true cost for water service. The bill will go down for a typical residential customer by more than 5 bucks a month, those billed every two months will see a decrease of about $11.25. The application to also lower capital finance costs and a reconciliation between the actual and forecasted water system costs in 2017 and 2018.

An earthquake felt around some areas in Lake County. The 4.1 Monday early morning, just before 5. It was centered about 2 miles east southeast of Black Oaks in Sonoma County and 13.5 miles southwest of Clearlake. Lake Co News reports there were 75 shake reports as of last night. They were reported around Lake, Napa and Sonoma counties and beyond, the farthest, in Arcata.

The Governor says he’s not going to block homes being built near forested areas at high risk for wildfires. In an interview with the AP the governor said, there’s something truly Californian about being in the wilderness and the wild and pioneering spirit. This after the governor released a report last week regarding the wildfire risk we face in California. It said local governments may want to "de-emphasize" building in high-risk areas around forests, but in his interview with the AP, he said that was a loose suggestion to start a debate around building smarter and closer to urban centers and economic hubs. The news report says there are more than 2.7 million Californians living in very high hazard areas for wildfires.

A couple of state bills to be considered by the Lakeport City Council regarding law enforcement officers’ use of deadly force. Assembly Bill 392, the California Act to Save Lives, supported by the American Civil Liberties Union and Black Lives Matter CA, to change the law now allowing cops to use deadly force when “reasonable”, instead to when “necessary.” And Senate Bill 230 to change the way cops are trained, requiring policies are explicit in the way deadly force is used. It’s supported by the California Police Chiefs Association. The Lakeport Police Chief is recommending support of the Senate Bill, but not for the Assembly bill, calling that “dangerous and ineffective”, saying it would “undermine an officer’s ability to respond to emergency situations.”

A dad and his two kids reporting missing in the Stirling City area. The Butte County Sheriff’s Office searching for 25 year old Michael Mercado and his 2 and 7 year olds in a snow covered area near Inskip. The jeep he was driving was found empty Monday after a woman called to report her husband and their two kids left Sunday around noon, headed to Stirling City. Search and Rescue teams with four police dogs went looking for the family to no avail. They’re reaching out to the public to see if anyone has seen or heard from them.

A climate sustainability committee to be formed in Mendocino County. The Board of Supervisors considering the contract with the Mendocino County Resource Conservation District for a program and to possibly help put the committee together and oversee the program. The staff report for the meeting today says there would be 15 members in the committee, with three from the five county districts. The committee and the Climate Action Program would be put together with the mission of fighting climate change with various goals and actions and to help residents prevent, and/or recover from climate-caused natural disasters. The meeting as always, this morning at 9.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Dept. reports space left still in the Citizens’ Academy. The training starts May 28th. But the applications are due no later than May 16th. It’s free to attend, but you’ve got to live or work in Lake County, be at least 18 years old with no felony convictions and no misdemeanor convictions within three years. You can visit for more info on the academy, an application and instructions. Class size is limited to 25 students and is filling up.
A woman calls the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office in Redwood Valley after a fight. Cops say the woman had a visible injury she says was inflicted on her by Rutilio Escobar. She says they got into a fight and her took her phone, and destroyed it, and that he had a peaceful contact order against him and was on probation. He was arrested for felony domestic violence battery; violation of misdemeanor probation; damage/destroy wireless communications device and violation of a court order and held on $30,000.00 bail.

A man in Ukiah arrested after reports of a drunk person. Deputies went to the scene early Saturday morning in the 1500 block of North Bush Street finding 22-year-old Dreven Dawson-Valencia who they say was so intoxicated he couldn’t care for his own safety. He’s arrested for disorderly conduct, then found with drugs on him at the jail. He was further charged with smuggling a controlled substance in to jail and held on $15,000.00 bail.

A threepeat for Ukiah High as the school, representing all of Northern Calif. will compete in the SeaPerch Challenge. The national event held this year at the University of Maryland June 1st and 2nd. Ten students from Ukiah High will compete in the engineering journal, the obstacle course, and the challenge course. This is creating remotely operated vehicles that traverse the obstacle course above and under water through 18-inch rings as quickly as possible. Students are trying to raise money so they can travel there and best their 15th place win last year.

If you would like to donate to help these hardworking students compete at Nationals, please contact teacher and STEM advisor Chatnaree Upton at cupton.

The Chico Enterprise-Record, a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize. The staff with the Bay Area News Group were finalists for breaking news related to the Camp Fire, the deadliest and most damaging in Calif. history. The Pulitzer announcement saying it was, quote “for committed coverage of an epic California wildfire”. There were only two finalists there. The other was the South Florida Sun Sentinel after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre. The winner was the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for the shooting massacre at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue. The Enterprise-Record previously sent in an entry for the Pulitzer last year for its Oroville Dam spillway crisis coverage in February 2017.

A $30 million dollar settlement agreed to by Sutter Health after the health care system allegedly manipulated seniors health status so they could get larger payments from Medicare. The settlement reported by the U.S. Department of Justice against the healthcare provider covering several dozen Bay Area medical foundations and hospitals. They’re accused of sending in unsupported diagnostic codes inflating the seriousness of patient’s diagnoses’ so they could get bigger Medicare payments for those patients enrolled in the Medicare Advantage plan.

A man in Florida arrested for eating a little too much pasta. Cops report to an Olive Garden restaurant in Naples after Ben Padgett caused a disturbance by drunkenly shoveling spaghetti into his mouth with his hands then when cops arrived, fighting them. Police say the went to the restaurant finding the guy without a shirt on, devouring spaghetti. They say he reeked like booze and was "muttering obscenities", when cops tried arresting him. He fought them but was ultimately shoved into the back of their patrol car. He went to jail but was released later on $2,000 bond.

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