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A reported theft in Willits has deputies from the Sheriff’s Office out. Those living at the property say people were trespassing. The property owner finding a man and woman on his property and several tires and rims along with other items missing. Deputies looked at surveillance video from the property and identified two people, Brandon Hite and KC Stillwell so several law enforcement units from various agencies searched for them. They found Hite was on active Parole so an order went out to all agencies to arrest the pair for grand theft. Round Valley Tribal Police in Covelo had Hite in custody. Deputies detained him for Grand Theft, then they saw Stillwell walking in the same area and arrested her too. Hite held on no bail for parole violations and Stillwell was held on $15,000.00 bail.

Police in Delaware have arrested a Ukiah man after finding him with more than 200 pounds of marijuana. Police from Dagsboro along with Delaware State Police arrested Charles Mulvihill Sunday on several drug related offenses after a traffic stop. They say he had a suspended license, no proof of insurance and his car had no ignition interlock device. When police searched they found oxycodone pills, not prescribed to him, an electronic money counter, several ledgers and $1,000 cash hidden under the dashboard. Then they found six big duffel bags under a tarp with nearly 100 vacuum-sealed bags of various quantities of weed, with a total weight of about 212 pounds. He’s charged with several crimes including possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. He’s held in the Sussex Correctional Institution on about $82,000 secured bail.

Several deaths being blamed on portable generators at rural cannabis farms in Mendocino County. Five deaths, four men, and possibly a fifth, blamed on carbon monoxide poisoning over the last five years. The Press Democrat reports the deaths involved small, gas-fueled generators which are mostly used to power music or charge cellphones. They were found in temporary greenhouses where the men were employed and slept on occasion. The newspaper reports there’s been no regulations on work for cannabis workers for years, but now state officials are drafting regulations since marijuana was legalized. The latest death was in Covelo just a couple weeks ago. The same happening with others going back to 2014.

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