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Full service still not restored at the Mendocino Post Office after a car ran into the building a couple weeks ago. The Postmaster says they’re offering longer hours on Wednesdays and Saturdays for those who can’t get there during business hours. A week ago Monday a car ran into the building causing damage so one part of the lobby had to be closed down, where a bunch of post office boxes are located. They’re open Wednesdays until 5:45 p.m. and Saturdays until 3. They’re also not sure how long it will take to get all of the repairs done, the postmaster saying all of the rumors about it being a month or two to be repaired, are just that, rumors. They’ll post any updates at the post office or tweet them and let local media know too.

A man from Florida’s been arrested for threats against three members of congress, including East Bay rep. Eric Swalwell. John Kless reportedly left threatening voicemails for Swalwell, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker Tuesday morning. The call threatening Swallwells life if he came after guns, Swallwell is running for president and one of his main platforms is gun control. Kless in court today on the matter. Swallwell had posted a recording of a voicemail from someone on twitter, not sure who it was from though.

Some of the kids tortured by their parents at a home in Perris, in court, speaking out against their parents. The kids talking about the impact it had on their lives, being abused and living in filthy conditions. David and Louise Turpin were expected to get 25 years each in prison after agreeing to a plea deal. One of their children asked for a lighter sentence for them, because they thought it was to protect them. Others said they still loved them. The couple pleaded guilty a couple months ago for torture and abuse after their 17-year-old daughter jumped out of a window and called 911.

A man from Chico accused in this friends death while they were on a boat in Lake Oroville, has pleaded not guilty. Brandon Smith has been charged with vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated for the May 2018 death of 27-year-old Walter Gerken of Paradise. Smith has other charges against him too, like operating a vessel while under the influence causing injury. Smith accused of piloting a ski boat in the Lime Saddle area, then crashed into the shore. Several people aboard were tossed off the boat and hurt and Gerken died. Cops found Smith was too drunk to be driving the boat. He was arrested at the time for suspicion of boating under the influence.

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