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The homeless shelter open for the winter in Ukiah has closed. The South State Street location is closing tomorrow with no word on daytime services returning to the new Redwood Community Services facility in the same location. The Daily Journal reporting an announcement recently at a City Council meeting was just that the daytime services would start sometime after the winter shelter closed, but they’ve not said when, or what services they will offer. Apparently there’s still some construction going on for the new facility, which started April 1st. It’s previously been described as a year-round hub for the homeless to have restrooms, showers, laundry facilities, a resource room, and non-commercial food preparation area and more.

Measles is spreading into an epidemic with schools crossing across the country. And now a new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there are more than 700 reported cases of the virus in the country, and 78 in the last week. There are some reported in California too, after it was believed the disease was completely wiped out in the year 2000. California has had four outbreaks from folks who reportedly traveled outside the United States. There are nine jurisdictions with outbreaks in the United States, three are in California, in 11 counties.

A little rockin’ and rollin’ in Mendocino County. An earthquake reported yesterday, very early in the morning. The 4.3 on the Richter scale hit just after midnight Monday morning. The United States Geological Survey reports the earthquake was centered around six miles north-northwest of Redwood Valley. There were no reports of injuries or major damage anywhere. But there were shake reports out of Mendocino County, and in northern Sonoma County.

A new Superintendent of Schools has been named in Kelseyville. The School District Board agreed to hire Rebecca Salato who will start the job in Donna Becnel’s place July 1st. Becnel is retiring at the end of this school year. The school board president announced at their last meeting that they had a search firm help them find Becnel’s replacement, then some community members, staff and students helped decide out of 14 candidates, who was the best fit. Salato’s hire was unanimous.

A mountain lion wandering around a shopping mall in Santa Rosa has been caught. The animal near the Santa Rosa Plaza shopping mall Monday morning around dawn. It took several hours to corner the animal and use tranquilizer darts on it to remove it from the area. Wildlife officials say it probably found its way to the area from the nearby Santa Rosa Creek, hanging out in some bushes near Macy’s.

Those affected by the early closure of the Dungeness Crab season a couple years ago finally getting help from the federal government. About 25.6 million in federal disaster aid for the 2015-16 commercial season for North Coast fishing communities is coming by June 1st. That according to Reps. Jared Huffman and Jackie Speier. About 23 million directly to crabbers and seafood processors. It comes as there’s an early closure this year too after a lawsuit by the Center for Biological Diversity.

A woman from Ukiah’s been arrested after a head on crash on Highway 20. CHP officers say Gabriela Garcia was driving a Nissan Altima westbound on Hwy 20 near Scotts Valley Road and because she was drunk, she let her car go over the center yellow lines and into the path of a 2006 Dodge Dakota on the other side of the highway and they crashed head on. The other driver was able to get out of his car but complained of body pain. Garcia was said to be “unresponsive”. The two drivers taken to a hospital and Garcia charged with felony driving under the influence. The other driver had moderate injuries, and Garcia’s injuries were described as major.

The yearly burn ban in Lake County is starting ahead of the next wildfire season. The burn ban starts tomorrow for all open waste burning, there are some exemptions though for agricultural operations, essential control burns for fire hazard reduction, public safety burns, and more. For those who need an extension, they have to call the Lake County Air Quality Management District and local Fire Agency for an inspection of where the burn will occur. Those without an exemption who burn could get a ticket, be fined, and pay costs if a fire gets out of control.

Getting strict on those with overgrown brush or vegetation in the city of Clearlake. It’s fire season again and with that, the city is looking to property owners to pitch in and make sure their properties are free of overgrown vegetation and fire hazards. Starting tomorrow the Police Department Code Enforcement Bureau is starting their strict enforcement. And those who fail to abide, will be cited for a violation. The vegetation or brush has to be cut to 4 inches or less. Any overhanging trees have to have a minimum clearance of 4 feet or greater from the ground. Then all of the cut vegetation has to be taken off the property. They’ll also be watching for any firewood or ignition sources and combustible materials to be stored properly as well.

For additional information or to file a request for investigation, please contact Code Enforcement Technician Jan Brejska at 707-995-8251, Extension 309, or by email at jbrejska .

The governor of Calif signing an executive order so staffers start to come up with a new program for a state-wide climate-resilient water system. The order to cover unsafe drinking water, flood risks threatening public safety, groundwater aquifers, sketchy water supplies in agricultural communities and native fish populations threatened with extinction. The governor says for the work, they’ll need to reach out to those the best in their field, in science, engineering and innovators to help ensure long-term water resilience and ecosystem health.

A man from Mexico busted after he gets trapped in a hole he dug to spy on his ex-girlfriend. That was against a court order he stay away from the woman. The Sonora state attorney general’s office reported the 50-year-old man was digging the hole in the Gulf of California, outside Mexico City, then got stuck and needed help getting out. The tunnel to the woman’s home. She told cops she heard scratching noises but thought it was from cats, then investigated and found her ex trapped. The man found intoxicated and severely dehydrated.

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