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The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office reports to a home in Redwood Valley for reports of a possible overdose of two people. The officers got to the home finding the two had taken drugs and were now unresponsive. Redwood Valley firefighters came to the scene as deputies starting to administer NARCAN to the 50 year old and 61 year old man. The 61 year old started to come out of his drug induced state and was taken to a hospital and the 50 year-old didn’t respond as well so CPR was started on the scene, but the man died. NARCAN dosages have recently been given to staffers at the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office as part of their gear. It’s thought to reverse opioid overdoses.

City leaders in Ukiah considering how close any new development is to local creeks. The Paths, Open Space and Creeks Commission is meeting to decide creek setbacks, including those that are already developed. That’s for granny units or if developers or property owners want to add Accessory Dwelling Units. It will affect Creekside areas where water lands if there’s a flood, and the Riparian Area, or where wetlands or vegetation is along the creek. The commission says it wants to see setbacks in residential areas at “15 feet from the riparian edge, or the top of the bank if no riparian habitat is present.” And 30 feet for businesses.

A lot of rain and snow this winter, but that means a ton of overgrowth for grass, brush and most vegetation. The State Dept. of Fish and Wildlife says it’s also brought out lots of rodents. The agency says those using poisons to kill them may also kill wildlife or harm household pets and even children. They remind a natural way to allow it to run its course is with raptors and snakes around the area or in the short term, by mowing grass to two inches or less, which rodents don’t like. They say they will come back even if you poison the area, but don’t cut down grass or brush.

Two men from Texas who admit they drove to Ukiah to buy marijuana say they were attacked and robbed. Ukiah police say the men reported they had money on them to buy weed last weekend and were confronted by three men, one had on a mask and had an assault rifle. One victim hit on the head with an unknown object, the other victim ran away. Then the men say their cash was stolen and the three suspects took off. The man hit in the head went to the hospital and was released. The other victim wasn’t hurt. They’re asking anyone else with info on the incident to call police.

A new report by the United States Department of Agriculture says there needs to be more fast broadband internet to rural farms in the U.S. The USDA report says there should be as much as $47 to $65 billion in the U.S. agricultural economy every year for “precision agriculture” or farms that use digitally-based data collection and e-connectivity. The Lake County Farm Bureau says the idea has been a priority for economic development for years and says it’s a major barrier to economic success. The U.S. Agriculture Secretary says broadband and precision agriculture are “critical components for creating vital access to world-class resources, tools and opportunity for America’s farmers, ranchers, foresters and producers.”

Some of the highest rent in the U-S in the Golden State, now the state Assembly is looking to get landlords to require month to month leases with 90 days notice on a rent increase. The Assembly Bill also says if the rent is going up more than 15%, landlords have to give 120-day notice. Right now it’s just 30 days notice for less than 10% and 60 days for more than 10%. San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside and Sacramento in the top ten most expensive metros in the latest USC Price School of Public Policy report of the lack of affordable rent.

Ahead of the next US Census, Calif. is just under 40 million residents. Almost 187-thousand residents added last year. The info from the latest housing data from the California Department of Finance. It shows the population growing at a rate of just about a half percent, the slowest in California history. The report shows a big dip in the amount of births, off by 18,000 from the year before; and lower student enrollment and more deaths, as baby boomers age. Lake County had flat growth, Mendocino at – 0.1 percent, Glenn the only neighboring county with growth, only 1.3 percent. And dramatic losses in fire areas, like Butte County. 83% of the population of Paradise lost their homes. Chico and Oroville added 20 percent to their populations because of the fire.

The latest revision for a high-speed train has the cost at over $18 billion dollars for 171 miles of the track in the Central Valley. It also says it won’t be completed until 2028, almost ten years after the first estimate on the project, which was to be a much longer Los Angeles-to-San Francisco line. The update by state rail officials with suggested changes by the new Governor, Gavin Newsom. There’s apparently enough money for the section from the Central Valley to San Francisco, but not to tunnel through a mountain pass.

A man in Iowa busted for child pornography after he spilled gravy on his laptop, summoning help from the Geek Squad. The Best Buy employees working to save the laptop reportedly found kiddie porn on the Des Moines man’s computer. Robert Watson went for help to get the files off loaded onto a new computer and Geek Squad employees found the pornography. Watson now charged with an aggravated misdemeanor charge of child porn possession charges. He admits he saved pictures with files name like “13 year old” and “14 year old’s”.

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