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A home burns in a fire in Fort Bragg. It happened April 23rd in the 23000 block of Highway 1 around 9 p.m. The fire reportedly started in an out-building then spread to the two-story house which was destroyed. Firefighters protecting the area around the home, allowing the house to burn as the people who owned the home watched. The Advocate newspaper reports the outbuilding, where it started, also burned to the ground. The paper reports firefighters couldn’t contain and cool the house fire after it went through the roof, finding the home would be a total loss. Fire officials say the fire started due to a portable generator being used for electricity which sparked.

The Board of Directors of the Mendocino Coast District Hospital votes on revising their request for health care organizations to partner with the hospital or for a total buy out. There are five health care organizations reportedly interested in a purchase or partnership. A board member reports an attorney reported they thought the board had violated the Brown Act regarding their decision to stem the financial problems at the hospital. The Interim Chief Executive Officer says it was the will of the board to send out requests for proposals, after having individual discussions with board members.

The Fort Bragg City Council gives the go-ahead for the Mendocino County Digital Infrastructure Plan to be approved. The plan covers the years 2019-2025, looking to get high-speed internet infrastructure at 95 percent by 2025 in the county. The Economic Development and Financing Corporation is working on getting fiber technology to remote areas in the county which can be done as fast as two to five years. So the City Council is putting language in their resolution on the matter to prioritize burying fiber underground instead of fixed wireless due to potential unknown health effects caused by wireless have a discussion.

It’s official, tomorrow is Star Wars Day. It’s May 4th, so you can officially use the phrase May the 4th Be With You! It’s all in honor of the new Disneyland theme park set that’s opening after Memorial Day. Democratic Assemblyman Tom Daly authoring the bill in support of what he says is the biggest single-site expansion in Disney’s history. It’ll bring in several hundred permanent jobs and is expected to pull as much as $14 million in tax revenue for the city of Anaheim every year.

A major loss for PG&E due to wildfires. The latest earnings report for the giant utility company for the first quarter of the year. The first-quarter profits down 69 percent while the company faces massive claims against it due to wildfires in 2017 & 18 and its recent bankruptcy case. The company reports $136 million, as opposed to $442 million the first quarter of last year. The company blames their losses because they have to now inspect their entire electrical system. And due to the rising costs of cleaning up and making repairs after the Camp Fire in Butte County. PG& E reported just over $4 billion in the first quarter. It’s believed the fire was caused by the utility company’s equipment.

A $10,000 grant has been awarded to the Middletown area from the National Endowment for the Arts. The Challenge America grant to pay for workshops for outdoor sculptures in Middletown. The money going to EcoArts of Lake County or the Middletown Art Center. The Director of the Center says they’re thrilled for the recognition which goes to support projects in underserved populations, places where people don’t always get to experience art because of geography, ethnicity, economics or disability. The project known as “Locus” features sculptures at Middletown Trailside Park and Rabbit Hill, which were both blackened by the Valley Fire. For more info: visit

People are complaining about an expanding homeless camp in Ukiah. The Daily Journal reports the encampment at the corner of South State Street and Observatory Avenue leading to multiple complaints to police. One resident of the city telling the newspaper, it was just a tiny four by six area, but now it looks like a mini-apartment, saying she’s called police to see it’s now about 20 feet long now, calling it a health risk. Police tell the newspaper there were no criminal violations and that it’s on private property where the property owners are allowing them to stay, and it’s not in a public right of way. The Chairman of the Ukiah Planning Commission also complaining about the encampment and the city’s response at the February meeting of the commission.

Storm drains being worked on in the City of Ukiah after massive rains this winter. Crews out at South Orchard Avenue. The project should be done today. After a storm drain stopped working on Peach Street, crews had to dig it up and found another one in disrepair that needed replacing. It’s all ahead of repaving planned from East Gobbi to Ford Street. It was an urgency item on the City Council’s agenda last month for an expenditure of nearly $270,000.

After putting an ordinance in place against rental housing price gouging in Lake County, the measure’s rescinded. The Lake County Board of Supervisors put the measure in place after the October 2017 Sulphur Fire. They say it worked and the District Attorney’s Office didn’t prosecute anyone for price gouging. This week the board canceled the ordinance so property owners can institute some modest price increases due to increasing costs. Lake Co News reports District 5 Supervisor Rob Brown wanted the ordinance rescinded so property owners could have increases for deferred maintenance and other costs.

As part of Governor Newsom’s direction to overhaul the state’s water delivery infrastructure, a state agency withdrawing permits for a project so it can be smaller. The California Department of Water Resources wants to take back the proposed permits for the so-called Water Fix project and start an environmental review instead for a single tunnel project through the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. It’s reportedly needed to protect water supplies after sea-level rise and saltwater intrusion into the Delta.

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