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A hearing date set for a committee tasked with checking out the Governor’s Wildfires and Climate Change report. State Sen. Bill Dodd announcing the Senate Select Committee on the Governor’s 2019 Report: “Wildfires and Climate Change – California’s Energy Future” features a 13 member panel. Dodd, Senator Mike McGuire and 11 other senators from across the state to tackle the report this Wednesday at 1:30 in the John L. Burton Hearing Room at the Capitol.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office Citizens’ Academy still has room. The Academy starts Tuesday, May 28th, the day after Memorial Day. But the Sheriff’s Office has to have applications no later than next Thursday, May 16th. It’s free for residents of Lake County. You’ve got to be at least 18 years old with zero felony convictions and no misdemeanors the last three years. For more info, visit the Lake County Sheriff’s Office website, Only 25 students will be allowed and it’s filling up.

Lake County health officers and community partners at the 2019 FEMA Healthcare Coalition Response Leadership (HRCL) course. The course follows guidelines from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control, and Prevention Public Health Preparedness Capabilities. They work on healthcare coalition building, preparedness, response, and recovery, learning what things to look for as a proactive health coalition. The course took place in Anniston, Alabama.

The North Shore restoration project on the Upper Lake Ranger District in the Mendocino National Forest the topic of an open house. Information will be shared there on the project. There will be a Q&A with National Forest staff. Also in attendance: CAL FIRE and NRCS for private landowners to talk about post-fire restoration on private lands and ways to mix treatments across boundaries to find more ways to get outside funding. The area is within the Ranch Fire burn area. The Open House at the Lucerne Alpine Senior Center Thursday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

A reminder about a couple of community forums on Mendocino County’s Stepping Up Initiative to help reduce the number of people with mental illness who are in jail. The forums are Wednesday and Thursday during the Month of Action, Wednesday at the Ukiah Veterans Hall, and Thursday at the Fort Bragg Veterans Hall starting with an educational session at 1pm, and public forums after at 6, at both locations.

For more information please contact the Mendocino County Executive Office at (707) 463-4441. Mendocino County is committed to StepUp4MentalHealth for people with mental illnesses in our community. Learn more about Stepping Up and the Month of Action

It’s been almost two months since a man’s accused of killing a Woodland Resident. Stefon Ceaser finally had his preliminary hearing regarding the murder of Anthony “Shrimp” Bosser. Ceaser had been in court three times before so he could round up legal help. A public defender entered his not guilty plea last week. He’s due back in court next week and is in jail until then with no bail. He’s accused of using a gun for the murder, possession of a firearm by a previous offender and theft/unauthorized use of a vehicle with enhancements. Police say Bosser died March 15th during an altercation

A man in Talmage has been arrested after a domestic violence incident. The Sheriff’s Dept. reports getting a call from a woman from Ukiah last Monday and when they got there finding a couple living together with a young child. Deputies say the man told them his girlfriend assaulted him with a coat hanger and may have choked him, but after further investigation they found the two had an argument after Feras Asfour got home late. The woman says Asfour hit and kneed her several times in the head, so she used the hanger as protection. She says he kept attacking her. Both of them had visible injuries but it was found Asfour was on probation, so he was arrested for domestic violence battery and violation of probation and held on $30,000.00 bail.

A man from Fort Bragg has been arrested for driving the wrong way. Cops say a deputy on patrol on Comptche-Ukiah Road, just east of Highway 1 saw the man on a motorcycle violate traffic laws so the cop went after him and the motorcycle rider kept driving and went faster. The cop stopped the chase for safety reasons and because there was a passenger on the motorcycle. But several hours later, the man, Richard Olstad was picked up at a home in Albion for a felony arrest warrant for violation of felony probation and deputies found he was the guy who evaded police on his motorcycle, so he was arrested and held without bail.

A man from Covelo’s busted for assaulting a police dog, having a fake gun and resisting arrest. Cops got a call last Wednesday to help CHP officers after they chased a driver going over 90 MPH through downtown Covelo. CHP officers say Ambrose Sky Fallis also fired a gun into the air from the vehicle, drove through several gates and fences then got stuck in a big field. After an hour of telling him to get out of the car, a police dog came after him. Fallis fought with K9 Leo, pulling his ears and punching him in the head and face. He was finally arrested, and the dog released. He had fake guns on him, a glass meth pipe and resisting, held on $15,000.00 bail.

Cal Fire has fire operations in Mendocino County, burning fuel ahead of this wildfire season. Today and tomorrow, a vegetation management prescribed burn on privately owned land. You may see smoke around Ukiah, the burn’s happening about 6 miles west of the city, between Robinson Creek Road and Low Gap Road from 10am this morning to about 5pm this afternoon. They remind the burn will happen under tight restrictions for the personal safety of firefighters and area residents, if they don’t think it can be done safely, due to high winds or other factors, it will be canceled.

A man in Lucerne says he was attacked by someone outside his home. The man reports last Monday night he was sitting in his car and when he got out, someone from a group of drunk and loud people accosted him before he could get thru his front yard. He says he was taken down to the ground, kicked and punched and was bleeding in both eyes and had scrapes, calling whoever did it, demonic. The Lake County Sheriff’s office called to the scene and the man taken to a hospital. They’ve not released much more about the incident. The man says he’ll press charges as the case winds up.

The new fiscal budget and the latest Mendo County cannabis update at the next Board of Supervisors meeting. Tomorrow’s meeting has the 2019-2020 fiscal year budget for the third quarter on the agenda which covers July to next March. It covers departments within the county including County Counsel, Sheriff-Coroner, County Jail, Court Collections, Human Resources, Public Defenders and Alternate Defender. There’s also a timed item on the agenda to hear from representatives from the Mendocino County Cannabis Cultivation Program on compliance and cannabis application efforts.

A scam warning for Pacific Gas and Electric Co. customers in Lake County. The utility says there’s been criminal calls to residents that their power will be shut down unless a payment is made. But PG&E’s Corporate Security says they’re not making such calls. They say there were several reports about the scammers trying to get money from customers on past due bills using a Green Dot card or Money Pack. The latest incident was in Lakeport. PG&E reminding customers with concerns about past due service should call. And if someone calls or shows up at your house to always ask them for their official PG&E identification.

A community workshop on an urgency ordinance in Lakeport on wireless communication. The Lakeport Planning Commission’s community workshop this Wednesday to discuss the application for a wireless communication facility, explaining to the public the requirements for that permit under the urgency ordinance. They will go over the whole process, thru appeal and potential removing of the permit if need be, and any provisions for violations of the ordinance. An electronic version of the urgency ordinance (Ordinance 921 (2019)) and other meeting materials can be viewed on the city of Lakeport’s Web site at

If you have any questions feel free to contact the Community Development Department at 707-263-5615, Extension 201, or email Kevin Ingram at

It’s Wildfire Preparedness Week in Calif. After the wet winter and all of that new growth, the Newsom Administration now urging homeowners to be proactive. Their new slogan: California Wildfires Have Changed, Together We Must Adapt. The state’s already had 470 wildfires this year that burned almost 1,200 acres. Fire officials are urging residents to make their homes fire-safe. That means creating a defensible space by clearing vegetation 100 feet or more away from your home, and using fire resistant landscaping to help stop the spread of wildfire. The Gov. directing Cal Fire to bring recommendations for immediate, medium and long-term actions to help prevent destructive wildfires. They’ve identified nearly 3 dozen priority fuel reduction projects on 90,000 acres, to protect more than 200 of the state’s most wildfire-vulnerable communities. Cal Fire has a new app too, “Ready for Wildfire” with customizable alerts to folks if Cal Fire responds to a wildfire of 10 acres or more.

To download the free ready-for-wildfire app and to learn how to create defensible space around your home and more, visit

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