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A special election held for Measure M, the fire parcel tax for the Lakeport Fire Protection District, looks like a success. Lake Co News reporting on the preliminary tally of ballots last night at the Lake County Registrar of Voters Office showing the ballot measure receiving 1,415 yes votes, about 75 percent which is more than the supermajority of 66.7 percent needed for passage. The news site reports the Interim Deputy Registrar of Voters reported nearly 1,900 ballots had been counted, the number of ballots the elections office had as of 5 p.m. Monday. There were about 100 more yesterday. They’re allowing ballots that were postmarked with yesterday’s date on them to still be counted until Friday. 5,982 ballots were mailed last month.

The Brooktrails area is preparing for fire season with improvements to evacuation routes and looking for other routes out too. The Willits News reports some residents are concerned about the way out if indeed there’s a major fire. The Brooktrails Fire Chief says residents should focus on preparing their homes to be fire safe, then worry about evacuation plans. His words at the first ever Sherwood Firewise Expo. Speakers from Firewise USA, Mendocino Water Works, Trout Unlimited, Cal Fire, the Office of Emergency Services, MendoAlerts and others on hand, armed with info. Some tips shared like highly visible address signs and clear driveways, signing up for MendoAlerts and Nixle and knowing your neighbors.

For more information about Sherwood Firewise, visit

Anyone working for the Coyote Valley Tribe in Redwood Valley is now going to earn a minimum of $15 per hour. The Tribal Chair with the announcement this week that they feel it’s their moral responsibility to make sure employees earn a living wage. He goes on to say they’re not waiting until the year 2022 when it’s mandated in Calif. for the minimum wage to be $15/hr. The raise in the hourly rate comes at a time when the Tribe is building their new Coyote Valley Casino to replace the one built in 1994. It should be done this spring featuring 3 restaurants, 8 gaming tables, 4 poker tables, 349 slots, and a state-of-the-art multi-purpose showroom.

Improvements to downtown Ukiah by way of the Streetscape Project being discussed with community members. Tomorrow night at 6, a community forum at the Ukiah Conference Center where the public can ask questions and give feedback on the proposed changes for Phase One of the Project. The safety and beautification work set to start early next year with new trees being put in, street furniture, and improvements to parking and sidewalks. The project getting as much as $2.3 million in state transportation and highway safety funds.

The Ukiah Sanitation District’s considering a new District Manager. At the board of directors meeting tonight they’ll consider using the Willow Creek County Water District to oversee the plant, performing the duties of a District Manager. That’s according to the agenda for the board meeting. Then Willow Creek will have the permission to maintain services and operations per the terms of the agreement between the UVSD and the City of Ukiah. It also means a payout of about $3,250 a month as District Manager with the agreement to revisit every six months.

A man from Chico who police say faked his own suicide then left town after he was accused of child pornography and molestation has been found in Florida. Police say Michael Manning was living in a storage container in Monroe County where he was arrested and now awaits extradition. Chico police say he pleaded no contest to oral copulation of a person under 14, possession of more than 600 images of child/youth pornography and solicitation of a minor to engage in preparation of sexual images from back in 2008-09. He was arrested in 2015 and then out on $215,000 bail, but that’s the last they saw of him after his alleged suicide.

A list of more than 3 dozen priests and 2 deacons accused of abusing minors across the state has been made public. The Diocese of Sacramento says the list comes after a review of personnel records of almost 1,500 bishops, priests and permanent deacons done by their staff with an independent consulting firm. The list shows over seven decades, from 1950 to now, 130 minors or young adults, 25 and under were somehow assaulted. A Bishop from the Diocese says it’s heartbreaking, calling it a sickening and sobering account of the history of sex abuse by clergy there. Nine of the 44 priests served in Paradise, Oroville, Chico or Orland. Eighteen are dead, three are fugitives from the law and one is in prison. The list is here:

Chico has quickly added on to its population because of the Camp Fire. Now the state Department of Finance has officially tallied the numbers, with Chico growing 20.7 percent as of Jan. 1st with a population of 112,111. That’s about 19,250 more than a year before. The city had just been guessing the number it grew until the state released the figures, thinking it was between 10,000 to 15,000 Camp Fire survivors. There are others of course, who moved to Chico, who were not fire survivors. The state’s also reported Oroville’s population swelled after the fire by 20 percent with nearly 22,000 as of January, more than Chico. The Chico City Manager says the Camp Fire has cost the city more than $1 million in staff and operational expenses. They’re trying to recoup some from the federal government and FEMA.

The Gov. Gavin Newsom looking to put an end to sales tax on tampons and diapers. Gov. Newsom also looking to use some marijuana sale money to put toward enhancing child care programs. It’s all part of the Governor’s new “parents’ agenda” in his latest budget he’s supposed to present this week. In prepared remarks, he’s expected to say having children adds up from diapers to child care, and then the Calif. cost of living on top of it, makes it tough. No diaper or tampon taxes would cut around $55 million in state revenue and the child care proposals would add as much as $130 million, but about $80 million would cover it from taxes on legalized marijuana.


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