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Directors of the largest utility in the country have been ordered to visit a burn scar, of the deadliest and most destructive fire in Calif. history. A judge ordered Pacific Gas and Electric’s board of directors to visit Paradise before July, then he wants them to create a new safety committee. The utility’s equipment is believed to have started the Camp Fire. 85 people died and nearly 14,000 homes were destroyed. The order came after the company was put on probation after the San Bruno, CA explosion that killed eight people. They are believed to have violated that probation. PG&E says the decision is a welcome opportunity to engage with officials in Paradise and San Bruno.

ICE agents have arrested a man out on bail for driving drunk into a trailer home near Knights Landing, killing three sleeping family members. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested Ismael Huazo-Jardinez for living in the US illegally. He had been arrested by U.S. Border Patrol agents in Arizona and voluntarily agreed to go back to his native Mexico. They’re not sure when he re-entered the US. But word is he was arrested Tuesday again after first being arrested Saturday night in Sutter County, just over the Yolo County line near Knights Landing. CHP officers say he was drunk driving and speeding and missed an S curve, slamming into a family’s live-in trailer, killing the mom and dad and their 10-year-old son north of Knights Landing. He was released from Sutter County Jail on $300,000 bail Sunday.

A workshop for Mendocino County’s Non-Profit and Community Based Organizations,
Licensed Care Providers, and Non-Medical Care Facilities. They’re focusing on inclusive disaster planning with a key note speaker from the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. They’re talking community response, medical response and public health, getting ready for possible power outages and will do a disaster planning exercise. All tomorrow morning starting at 9 am at the Ukiah Valley Conference Center. Free lunch and refreshments but you have to register.

The latest housing report out from the California Association of Realtors. Northern Calif. still recovering from last year’s fires including the Camp, Carr, and Mendocino Complex fires, but now there’s a lack of affordable housing in the region. Sales of single-family homes across California were off over 6 percent. Besides Chico, other areas directly affected by fires had the highest sales increases were Mendocino County with a 24 percent increase, Mariposa with 11 percent and Santa Barbara had a 3.5 percent increase. In Lake County, sales were off by 24 percent as opposed to most of the rest of the state. Sales way up by 40 percent in Butte County, and 20 percent in Shasta County. The median sold price for a single-family home in California increased by 0.2 percent to $565,880 in March.

3 men in Laytonville the victims of a carjacking and more. The three men reported 3 other men came to their home and tied them up. Cops getting several calls from concerned citizens after they saw a post about it on social media. One victim says he was talking to neighbors about a puppy being killed as a couple came along, Rigoberto Landa and Katherina Speer as three black men with guns approached and tied the victims up. One man says as much as 100 pounds of marijuana bud were stolen from him and then he was kidnapped, shoved into a car which crashed. As someone came to help the victim says the suspects tried carjacking that car. The victim got away with the people who were in the second car, and a third truck approached which was then carjacked. Sheriff’s deputies arrested the original couple who were in the neighborhood, but the three black men are still on the run.

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