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A couple from Windsor says someone broke into their storage unit and stole as much as $100,000 worth of artwork. It happened in Petaluma, the couple, Kristina and Christian Fogliani say they got a message on Facebook from a woman in the Bay Area asking how much one of their paintings was worth, then said she was in possession of it. The couple ran to their storage unit, finding it “ransacked” without a sign of a break in. They say dozens of works of art worth as much as $50,000 vanished, but police have not verified the value. But the couple says after more investigation into what was stolen, it’s probably worth between $75,000 to $100,000.

A 21-year-old Sonoma State Univ. student has turned themselves in for a rape last year. University police arrested Patrick O’Regan who they say turned himself in at the Sonoma County criminal courts complex. A university spokesperson says police got a call about a rape last December in a dorm. There wasn’t a state mandated timely warning for other students, something the school says are for clear and present danger on campus, which this wasn’t. O’Regan charged in November for disorderly conduct and public urination and pleaded no contest to the disorderly conduct charge with the public urination charge tossed. He got 36 months-probation. So far he’s not formally charged with rape.

A new proposal from the attorneys general of 33 states for a banking system for the legal marijuana industry. Right now the industry deals in cash, but the Calif. Atty. General Javier Becerra says it hurts public safety and the economy. Becerra says the proposed system would “reward taxpayers and small and local licensed businesses who play by the rules. It would mean marijuana businesses could get credit cards, loans, lines of credit at the same time protecting financial institutions from prosecution for handling pot-linked money. The attorneys general penning a letter to congressional leaders saying right now it’s a challenge to track possible financial crimes and it makes it more difficult for businesses to pay – and for states to collect – tax deposits.

The new superintendent of schools has been named by the Lakeport Unified School Board. Jill Falconer, the principal for Clear Lake High is the choice. She’s worked in the district for a quarter century. The board chose her unanimously for a three-year contract. The announcement this week garnered a standing ovation from fellow administrators, teachers, staff and parents. Her contract is thru the end of the school year in 2022, with a starting salary of just under $160,000/year plus benefits.

A deal made for the short term between the Lake County Board of Supervisors and the Deputy Sheriff’s Association. Lake Co News reports the unions leaders say the new deal will help them recruit more deputies and help with retention of who they have, plus it includes better health insurance. The union president asked supervisors previously if the county would consider picking up 80% of health benefits. The new deal runs from May 7th to Dec. 31st. Apparently it’s the same for most other unions working with the county, deals, just until the end of this year.  The union is however looking for a longer term deal down the road.

It’s that time of year again… the farmers markets on Saturdays are starting. The one at Steele Wines in Finley opened last week, and the Tuesday farmers market at Library Park in Lakeport opened this week. The farmers market manager for the two says you can use Calfresh benefits there. Some of the items the 20 or so vendors had included flowers, goat cheese, olive oil, local honey, plant starts, fruit and veggies, plus baskets and clothing and even beard oil. There was also music playing at the Saturday market.

$50,000 has been approved to go to the Potter Valley Project purchase proposal from Ukiah. The city council voted to contribute to the potential purchase as one of five members, for a total of $250,000. PG&E decided to bail on the project before they claimed bankruptcy, but then pulled back after court proceedings. The money to relicense the project. The city had previously put up $20,000 for a feasibility study into the plan.

California’s planning to ban a pesticide, toxic to children. Chlorpyrifos is considered highly toxic to developing infants. Scientists saying it’s actually more dangerous than known in the past. The State Environmental Secretary says this will be the first time Calif. has banned a pesticide. He goes on to say it’s a neurotoxin which should have been banned years ago. It’s been sold in the state since 1965. Regulators in many other states also restricting its use on several crops we have in Calif. like grapes, almonds and oranges.

A study into the use of state vehicles by California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation managers costing the state and taxpayers several thousand dollars. The State Auditor Whistleblower report shows more than $80,000 blown by employees using the cars on off hours. So now a further audit by the agency so they comb thru mileage logs of all managers and supervisors. The state also working to get the cost recouped from employees who broke the rules.

Controversial changes proposed to sex education courses in Calif. The state’s Department of Education gave the green light to the state’s health and sex education curriculum but took out some of the items called “sexually explicit”. There have been protests on the material which starts as young as elementary school regarding sex trafficking, sexual orientation and how to support transgender and nonconforming students in the classroom. Informed Parents of Calif, a new group in the state says it’s all too confusing for kids, but a Sacramento Planned Parenthood spokesperson says they’ve heard positive feedback from parents.

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