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Two men in Willits arrested after a woman ends up in the hospital following an assault. Mendocino Deputies got a call about a woman who says she was assaulted by Silas Young and Aaron McIvor last Tuesday night in the Brooktrails area. The woman dating Young and was friends with the other guy. She says they were drinking together at the home, then Young got upset with her, pushing and choking her. She started to scream for help, but Young covered her mouth. She was taken to another house where police got a call about a woman screaming for help. But deputies were at an armed robbery and couldn’t respond so Willits police came out, but left when she said she was fine. Then deputies got a call to the hospital after the woman says the two men both attacked her after Willits police left. Young and McIvor were found and arrested on multiple charges including domestic battery and assault. McIvor held on $70,000 bail and Young on $25,000.00.

The Gov. is pardoning two former Cambodian refugees who were facing deportation for crimes when they were young adults. Kang Hen, of San Jose, had pleaded guilty to being a getaway driver in an attempted armed robbery in 1994. He’s been in the country since he was 9, but surrendered April 1st after finding out he was wanted for deportation. And a pardon for Hay Hov, of Oakland. He was found guilty of solicitation to commit murder and participating in a street gang in 2001. He’s a naturalized citizen who was arrested by immigration officials in March. The two both brought to the US legally as kids and now petitioned Gov. Newsom for pardons saying they’ve moved on and are holding jobs and have families. The criminal convictions no longer something a judge can use against them to deport them. They can still be deported though. These are the first pardons for the new Gov.


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