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A fire starts in the Palace Hotel, which fire officials say was human started. The Ukiah Valley Fire Authority out at the fire this morning with flames visible thru the windows of the old hotel around 6-15 AM. Firefighters broke thru a steel door to enter the building and quickly stomped it out. They say it was a debris fire. They’re not sure for warming or malicious mischief, saying whoever started it probably got in thru a door on Smith St. They also say the owner needs to secure the building better. Fire officials say it was very wet inside the building due to the rain, and that the rain was coming down inside and the building is collapsing.

A proposed tax on state water bills has been rejected by the state senate that would have improved drinking water. More than 450 public water systems found in noncompliance in 2017 with safety standards. The Governor proposed a .95¢ tax on most residential water bills, but the Senate said no and has decided to use current tax dollars to improve drinking water in the state’s poorest areas. The Senate deciding to set aside $150 million of existing taxpayer money for those improvements. But the state Assembly still has not voted on the Governor’s tax proposal. A spokesperson for the Gov. says he supports a permanent and sustained funding source.

An elections committee created in Fort Bragg is no longer and the City Council decides to send an official letter to the US Navy about the sonar testing off the coast. The City Council unanimously approved sending a letter against the sonar and explosives training and testing in the ocean after a recent meeting with US Navy representatives. It comes after a group showed up for a meeting May 3rd that turned into one on one questioning. One council member requested more of a town hall setting, but apparently the Navy opted not to send a representative. The letter will be on the agenda at the next council meeting. And the Electoral System Review Committee Chair asked the council if they could disband saying members were “negative, unconstructive and sometimes belligerent.

Fort Bragg schools applying to the federal government for free meal service for school districts in low income areas. The School District Board of Trustees voted unanimously to apply for the Community Eligibility Provision, a non-pricing meal service option after a discussion last month at a board meeting. The Nutrition Director had a presentation at that meeting recommending the board apply. If accepted, all students in the Fort Bragg Unified would get free meals, including breakfast.

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