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Legislators put tougher rules on vaccinating kids in the state, so parents have to comply. The Senate Bill sent to the Assembly after months of measles cases rising. It would mean Calif. public health officials have the authority to decide, not local doctors about which students can skip their shots before attending school. The proposal by Democratic Sen. Richard Pan of Sacramento. He says it’s warranted due to there being “unscrupulous physicians” selling medical immunization exemptions. If the bill moves to the governor and he signs it, it would mean doctors have to certify they examined a child, then they send that to the state health department. Then it could later be revoked if found to be fraudulent.

The latest state budget gives benefits to illegal immigrants. State lawmakers working on the 214 billion dollar proposal that includes expanding health care coverage and tax credits for immigrants. Right now state Senators are considering the bill to allow low-income immigrants in the country illegally to get government-funded health care if they’re older than 65 or between 19 and 25 years old. The Senate also adding some people who don’t have Social Security numbers to be able to qualify for the state’s earned income tax credit, but only if they have an individual tax identification number, including immigrants in the country legally and illegally.

After the North Bay Firestorm some sidewalks cracked and now word is some homeowners in the fire-zone may have to pay for repairs out of their own pockets. The cost about one million dollars to repair the sidewalks in Santa Rosa due to a city ordinance saying the homeowners also, own the sidewalks. ABC 7 reporting, that’s even if FEMA’s debris removal crews damaged the sidewalks during the clean-up effort. FEMA is not going to pay for the damage, but the Santa Rosa Public Works department says they’re appealing that finding. New sidewalks in one neighborhood estimated to cost about $6,000 per house.

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