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Labels on wine bottles that say Mendocino on it unanimously approved by the Board of Supervisors. The board said yes to a letter of support for Mendocino Winegrowers, Inc. for the conjunctive labeling on wine bottles to hopefully bring the grape value up. The Daily Journal reports this sort of labeling shows the wine’s county of origin and its sub-regions. There are other counties in the state with this type of labeling, including: Napa, Sonoma and Monterey. The newspaper reports studies show the conjunctive labeling there raised awareness of the county besides the wine growing sub-regions of the Russian River Valley, Dry Creek Valley, and Green Valley. If the local wine industry also approves the labeling, Sen. Mike McGuire could introduce legislation on the matter.

Applause all around as lawmakers approve a bill regarding police force standards. The Assembly approved the bill to make it harder for cops to legally justify killing someone. The bill passed 67 to 0, 13 members abstained. If the bill makes it to the floor and the senate and finally to the governor, it would mean police could only use lethal force if “necessary” to defend human life. Right now it’s allowed if reasonable. The ACLU argues the current law allows cops to justify their reasoning except the most flagrant misconduct. Some police groups were against it, but after wording was changed, most came around to support it.

After a 4 year closure, the public’s invited to the Middletown Art Center for the Sculpture Walk. It’s the 14th season of the EcoArts Sculpture Walk at the Middletown Trailside Park. The park had been closed after the Valley Fire burned the area. The Program Director at the park says they’re seeing a lot of regrowth there of trees, shrubs, grass and wildflowers. The Sculpture Walk was very popular before the fire devastated the area. It’s being held at a new location at the park, on the South East side. They’re calling the exhibit this year, LOCUS in honor of the park’s recovery after the fire. For more info visit http://www.middletownartcenter. org.

The Calif. Insurance Commissioner asking insurance companies to extend temporary living expenses given to wildfire survivors after the massive October 2017 firestorm. Commissioner Ricardo Lara apparently pressuring insurance companies to allow for a third year of temporary living expenses due to rebuilding construction delays. He apparently had a closed-door session with more than 3 dozen Sonoma County fire survivors who lived thru the Tubbs fire. Only 10% have rebuilt. State law says insurance companies only have to pay up to two years of living expenses, that’ll end in October.

Former Mendocino Deputy Derek Paoli is retiring. The Sheriff’s Dept. put out a statement to congratulate him. He started as a reservist for the Ukiah Police Department after graduating the Police Academy in 1985. Then he worked in Corrections for the Sheriff’s Office as a Corrections Deputy, Corrections Corporal, and Jail Training Officer. Then he was promoted to work in the field and was a Patrol Deputy, Field Training Officer, Court Security, Team Leader of the Crisis Negotiations Team, and Search and Rescue Liaison on missing/lost persons cases.

A woman from Covelo already in prison related to a missing person’s case, is found guilty of welfare fraud. The Mendocino County DA’s office reports 21 year old Antonia Dulce Bautista Dalson already in prison for being an accessory to a felony gun charge by defendant Negie Fallis. Fallis in prison related on gun charges connected to the disappearance of Khadijah Britton. Dalson was set to go to preliminary hearing on the fraud charges, then admitted guilt as part of a plea deal with the DA for eight more months in jail on top of the 18 mos. she’s serving for the Fallis case. She will just have to serve 13 months in all, then she will have 18 additional months of mandatory supervision. For the plea agreement, she had charges of perjury and a special allegation tossed. It all happened after she was getting welfare for two children she gave up custody of.

A big helicopter that does water drops on fires in Lake County is primed and ready to go. Lake Co News reports Boggs Mountain Copter 104 is staffed for the 2019 fire season. The chopper will start training in Lake County the next few weeks. Cal Fire with the info so community members don’t think there’s a real fire, and that’s it’s just a normal training exercise to prepare for this fire season. They say it’s vital for their mission success that crews are trained properly so they can be efficient and safe during fires, rescues, and helping with prescribed burns.

Lakeport getting ahead of July 4th celebrations with the police chief telling the City Council about his plans on illegal fireworks. Chief Brad Rasmussen updating the City Council this week on his plan for fireworks, patrol and enforcement during a 30-day period around the holiday. That starts in about 2 and a half weeks, going from June 17 to July 16. Rasmussen says the city’s parklands and Will-O-Point are where they find the most illegal fireworks. So they’ll be conducting patrols in those areas every day as staffing levels permit and as deemed necessary. They will also set up a command post at City Hall during the enforcement period. The chief says they’ll also work closely with firefighters and says he’s expecting similar issues to last year where there were a lot of illegal fireworks.

A small paint spill had to be cleaned up after a semi has a leak. Lake Co News reports the CHP said it wasn’t a major hazard though. It happened last Wednesday on Highway 20 east of Old Long Valley Rd. the semi was leaking red paint, then stopped on the shoulder. Northshore Fire Protection District, the CHP and Caltrans were on the scene. Caltrans did the cleanup.

State lawmakers have been going back and forth about whether utility companies can be held liable for wildfires and decide to table the issue. The Gov. Gavin Newsom and the two leaders in the legislature say instead they will move to get other changes made if regulators find the companies acted responsibly. It comes after PG&E is accused of causing several fires across Northern Calif. in October of 2017 and the Camp Fire in Butte County last year. The commission on Catastrophic Wildfire Cost and Recovery created last year after the 2017 wildfire season.


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