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Lawmakers in the California Assembly barely pass a tenants rights bill. It puts a cap on rent as the state is at a near crisis for affordable housing. The bill heads to the Senate and if it passes there it would mean California would be the second state in the US to limit yearly rent increases. That means millions of properties currently not covered by local rent control rules would be now. The bill’s author says it would protect the state’s most vulnerable. The bill applies to the majority of properties without local rent control ordinances, but was amended so properties less than ten years old are excluded.

A murderer in Fortuna from back in the early 1990s faces new manslaughter charges in connection to the death of a Humboldt County investigator. Stephen Chiara of Fairfield was convicted before for murder for hire plot, now faces four charges, including vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, driving without a license and DUI causing bodily injury. He’s accused of driving a Harley Davidson motorcycle that crashed on a highway in Fairfield and lost control. He had a passenger who was ejected and died at a hospital. She worked in the Humboldt County Public Defender’s Office. Chiara accused of being drunk and on drugs at the time of the crash. He’s also on parole and was not allowed to drink or drive without a license.

An interim CFO has been hired at Mendocino Coast District Hospital. The hospital’s board of directors voted on the hire last week at the same time the board’s finance committee hears from some doctors they’re concerned the new electronic health records system isn’t ready yet. Doran Hammett is the new interim CFO. The interim CEO, Wayne Allen had been filling that position too. He filled the board in on the finances. With the budget yet to even be discussed, Allen said all dollars were already being spent. Allen says the hospital needs more cash and is getting calls from creditors. So far no agreements on possible partnerships or a buyout. And a new electronic health records system by Meditech may not be ready, as promised by July 1st.

An open house held for Redwood Elementary for the school’s 65th anniversary. Last Thursday there was a book fair and silent auction as well as visits by several former staffers and teachers who created a 65th Anniversary Photo Museum. The Advocate newspaper reports there were displays all around one classroom showcasing some of the schools major milestones, including the playground which was built out of a trust fund that was started by the school’s first principal. Some of the other photos included the construction of the school’s Rainbow Farm, volunteer Saturday work parties and more. 

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