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There could be blackouts during fire season as part of PG&E’s proposed wildfire prevention plan. The Press Democrat reports sweeping areas of Sonoma County could be in the dark during dry, windy conditions this year. If the utility company thinks high winds and low humidity could lead to a fire in the Mayacamas Mountains, they may deactivate transmission lines which The Geysers power plants to central Sonoma County. It could affect up to 100,000 people without power indefinitely. The utility company had said before it would only de-energize distribution lines, which are smaller cables, but the new plan includes larger transmission lines, like the kind Cal Fire says caused the Camp fire.

The annual budget hearing is being held by the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors. The meeting tomorrow to finalize the budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. The Daily Journal reports the final budget could be finalized at the meeting in two weeks if all is in order. Budget deliberations continuing into Wednesday after budget planning workshops this spring that included presentations by county departments. Those showed the General Fund budget was over in several departments including the County Counsel, Human Resources and the Public Defenders office.

The East Gobbi Street underground utilities project may be tabled. This after the City Council said last week it may consider rejecting the bids submitted for the project. The Daily Journal reports three contractors submitted bids for the Undergrounding Project to move phone, electric and cable lines underground, like on East Perkins Street. But the bids were apparently way higher than what the estimates were, with the lowest coming in at more than 2 million dollars. The estimate was around $1.4 million. The City Council’s allowing for some revisions to the planned work, then there could be a rebid. Then it will go back to the council for action.

A draft resolution being considered in Lake County to amend the county’s zoning ordinance on where communication towers and antennae can be placed. The work in alignment with safety steps already taken against hazardous vegetation. The proposed ordinance looking at how close communications towers are to residential areas and how it impacts not only the safety of neighborhoods, but the aesthetic values of communities and neighborhoods. The proposed ordinance will set height requirements, setbacks from structures and high-power lines. In other business, the board is also discussing cannabis tax revenue and they’ll revisit a Planning Commission approved 85 foot tall tower in Kelseyville.

A budget workshop’s planned in Lakeport ahead of the next City Council meeting. The council will also consider appointing a new planning commissioner after there was a resignation last month. Plus they’ll look at deferring fees for a new housing project. The City Manager will also present a proposal to the council to defer wastewater connection fees and water capacity fees for a new affordable housing project, the Martin Street Family Apartments. The total is more than one million dollars. She says that’s so the project can move along consistent with the City’s General Plan and Housing Element and the State’s Housing Policy to provide affordable housing.

The first draft of the city of Clearlake’s Housing Element has been released. The City’s eight year update that outlines the city’s current housing conditions. It shows where development in the city can go up and looks at goals, policies and programs too. There’s also another public workshop on the Housing Element tomorrow night in City Hall then the document will be prepared for submittal to the state’s Department of Housing and Community Development where it will be reviewed for compliance with state housing codes. If all is well, the document will be adopted by the planning commission and city council in late summer.

The old Kelsey Creek Schoolhouse is being moved and the school district is looking for proposals. The Kelseyville Unified School District looking for ideas from nonprofits who want to restore or maintain the old schoolhouse. The board of trustees decided to donate the 148-year-old building to a nonprofit. The building needs repairs including broken siding, painting and new windows. The structure may also stay where it is or be moved. All proposals are due by Wednesday, July 31st.
For more information, contact Kelseyville Unified Superintendent Dave McQueen at 707-279-1511.

A former employee of famed French Laundry chef Thomas Keller is suing for discrimination. Vanessa Scott-Allen trying for $5 million in damages related to alleged sex discrimination and violation of pregnancy disability leave and she apparently wants to take it to trial. Her lawyer says there’s a “culture of misogyny in fine dining” and says management found out she was pregnant then backpedaled on a wanted job transfer to Calif. from the restaurant in New York. She was a captain or head waiter making well into six figures. Menus at the restaurants start at $355 per person.

The amount of snow the state of Calif. got this year more than when it ended the drought a couple years ago. The snowpack in the Sierra Nevada measured 202% of average for this time of year. The state was hit by massive storms all winter and into spring. There were even flash flood warnings this weekend in the central and southern sections of Calif. Normally this time of year the snowpack averages about 6%. In 2017, when the snowpack helped pull the state out of a historic 5-year drought, it measured 190% of average. The snowpack gives the state about 30 percent of water needs.

The Gov. expressing concern about putting tougher rules in place for medical exemptions for children’s vaccinations. Lawmakers have been considering a measure to where public health officials, not local doctors would have the authority to decide what children can skip shots before attending school. It comes after a rise in measles cases. The Gov at the California Democratic Party Convention this weekend saying even though he supports immunization, he’s not sure if government officials should be the ones to decide vaccine exemptions.

Its been three years since marijuana became legal for recreational use. And there’s still no state statistics on marijuana related arrests or car crashes.  Apparently federal law makes studies a little more challenging, but the Center for Medical Cannabis Research at UC San Diego is about to release a three-year, state-funded study into effective roadside tests for marijuana impairment. There are apparently some law enforcement agencies in the state that will be tracking cannabis and driving related data. It’s illegal though like driving while drunk in Calif. You cannot drive impaired.

A man in Northern Calif. has been shot and killed by police. Cops in Walnut Creek say a man with mental health issues came at them with a crowbar. They say they first tried firing bean bags to stop the man, but it didn’t work, and he came at them, so they fired their guns. It happened after a woman called 911 saying her 23 year old grandson had threatened her. Police also say there was another call from a neighbor who reported a man w/a metal crowbar wearing a red bandanna over his head and face was banging on their door.

A woman thought to be taking a selfie at Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe and died was apparently not doing that at all and just slipped. Mom of three, 35 year old Stephanie Espinosa reportedly lost her footing when trying to reach for a tree branch and went over Eagle Falls last week. Her brother says she was not taking a selfie and didn’t even have her phone with her when she fell. Fire officials are now warning people going to the area not to underestimate the power of waterfalls and rivers.

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