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Officials in San Francisco say some people who have serious mental illness and drug addiction will be forced to go into treatment. There was some opposition to the plan, but the pilot program got a 10-1 in favor vote from the Board of Supervisors. The Mayor London Breed and others behind the move say the conservatorship is needed, because they can be a danger not only to others, but to themselves too. The measure passed after language was added so the person would get several opportunities to accept voluntary help.

Add Mendocino County to the list of areas that have a Michelin rated restaurant. Harbor House Inn along with 89 other restaurants from the Bay Area, LA, San Diego and Orange counties are included in the guide being released this month. The chef at Harbor House says they’re elated to be awarded one star from the Michelin Guide. The restaurant in Elk only has 25-seats and has been receiving buzz since it opened in May of 2018.

Another case of measles in Butte County, bringing the number to more than a dozen confirmed cases. Public Health officials confirmed a 13th case last Friday in Chico. This latest was an adult and separate from the last case announced May 24th in Glenn County. The two cases said to be linked though to the original outbreak in Butte County that started March 24th. A reminder there could be up to a 21 day incubation period for symptoms to develop.

Walmart doling out money in Butte County for the chronically homeless. A one million dollar gift going to two local nonprofits, the Jesus Center and the Torres Shelter. The Jesus Center getting most of the money for a project to help the homeless find stability. They’re getting $850,000 from Walmart. The rest, $150,000 to the Torres Shelter for existing emergency shelter services for the homeless. Walmart also gave $1 million to Camp Fire relief, then committed another $1 million to help with increased homelessness.

Magic Mushrooms are now decriminalized in Oakland. The city’s the second in the nation to decriminalize the drug which has been linked to helping with depression, drug addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder. The Oakland City Council voted unanimously for decriminalization of adult use and possession of magic mushrooms and other psychoactive, plants and fungi. It happened in Denver first. Voters approved a similar measure just last month for those 21 and older.


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