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State regulators looking to protect the Russian River from bacterial contamination coming up with a plan that could be approved as soon as this summer. The Press Democrat reports it’s been years coming after the river became contaminated in places from old septic systems, livestock waste and other sources. The newspaper reports it could also mean more regulation and forced septic system upgrades for thousands of landowners who are on or near the river or its tributaries. A draft action plan is out for public review and comment from the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board until June 24th.

Sonoma County will implement new mental health care programs after pressure from the public. The Press Democrat reports mental health patients and their advocates pressuring county leaders and at their latest budget negotiation meeting this week, they caved, agreeing to spend more millions on the issue. The programs to get a $6 million dollar infusion with ½ going to maintain current operations at 16 residential care homes and peer counseling and family support also getting some money, but only temporarily. The programs are operated under the behavioral health division of the county Department of Health Services. The newspaper reports they serve thousands of patients annually suffering from various mental health issues.

The Sand Fire closer to total containment has not grown in acreage. The fire in Yolo County started last Saturday and is currently 90% contained. It’s charred just over 2,500 acres and burned seven structures, none were homes. There had been some evacuations along County Road 41 and a closure of Highway 16, but those folks were allowed to return home and the highway reopened. The fire was the largest in the state burning. Another one in San Luis Obispo had burned 2,000 acres, and it’s 50% contained with no further forward spread reported.

A man’s body found in the Gualala River has still not been identified. The Press Democrat reports the CHP is investigating how the man died, his body found on a rock in a remote area near Stewarts Point‑Skaggs Springs Road. The newspaper reports cops think they know who it is, but since the body was so decomposed, they’ve not positively identified it yet. The Coroner will reportedly try using dental records or DNA testing to confirm. The man’s body was found last Wednesday night. Investigators trying to determine if he was in a truck that went off a rural road and down an embankment May 27th, but the driver told police he was alone in the truck.

Further charges against a man in Kelseyville who was arrested in connection to a shooting in May with suspected gang ties. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office arrested 23 year old Sergio Fuentes and 29 year old Juan Renteria after a man was shot May 26th in the leg. After the initial arrests of the men, police confirmed they were gang members and conducted a search at two locations. Deputies found several items they say were related to criminal street gangs and a club they say could have been used during the confrontation. They’ve arrested Renteria again for being in possession of the billy club and held him on $500,000 bail. No further charges have been filed against Fuentes.

A man out fishing with his dad, who died, is still missing. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports they’ll search again this morning for 40 year old Vincent Soto of Laytonville after the fishing boat he was in with his dad was found empty. His father’s body was found by a passerby who saw the empty fishing vessel. Family members say the two went out on Lake Mendocino Tuesday. The Sheriff’s Office reports recovering the father’s body, he’s identified as 62 year old Carlos Soto. So far they’ve not determined the cause of death, an autopsy is set for today.

The water in Willits is safe after several complaints about brown water. The Willits Water Department says there’s nothing wrong with the water, it’s due to the recent relocation of the Davis Creek water main tie. They say a change in color can happen as the velocity or flow of water changes in the pipe, causing iron and manganese sediments to hang in the water turning it brown. The City also reportedly does an annual flushing, due to the sediment issues. The City says it will continue notifying residents if there’s another planned main shutdown.

For more information, call the City of Willits at (707) 459-4601 or email (Emailing may garner a quicker response.)

PG&E will be flying over Willits ahead of this fire season. There will be two Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) drills with helicopters, but no power will be shut down during the drills. The utility says it’s expanding and enhancing its Community Wildfire Safety Program after the massive fires of 2017 & 18. The program to shut down electric lines that pass through high fire-threat areas just like they might in the case of extreme weather to protect communities. Crews will be inspecting the de-energized lines from the sky and ground, looking for damage, and repairing any, before restoring power.

Final voting results approved for Measure M, the fire tax in Lakeport. The Record Bee Newspaper reports the Lakeport Fire Protection District Board of Directors has approved the final voting results at the same time also considering what to do about Pacific Gas & Electric Co.’s planned power shutoffs this fire season. Residents in Lakeport approved Measure M to reinstate some staffers in the fire department who were laid off because of financial difficulties in the district. It means more than $1.2 million for the department from the new taxes. The money won’t immediately start to funnel in, so the district is continuing to dip into reserves.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors says the latest grand jury report regarding Lampson Field, Lake County’s only airport. The grand jury requesting money for over-budget expenditures and the board of supervisors giving that a thumbs down. The latest special report called “How can we safely land?” ahead of the jury’s full report for 2018 and 19. The board has not responded positively to recent grand jury reports and this one either with District 5 Supervisor Rob Brown calling the title “idiotic”. He wasn’t allowed, others chimed in and most disagreed with every recommendation. The Lake County Public Works Director also mostly disagreed with the jury’s findings.

A man from Lake County joining several from Sonoma, Del Norte and Humboldt Counties, being honored by the Red Cross with its annual Real Heroes Award. The 16th annual breakfast held in Santa Rosa at the Hyatt Regency with more than 160 community members, business leaders, and guests in attendance. The breakfast hosted by the American Red Cross of the California Northwest. 10 people were honored for their selfless acts of courage including Frank Parker of Lake County who won the Service to the Armed Forces Hero Award for his support and service to the homeless and homeless veterans in Lake County as part of his organization Stand Down. They offer health screenings, transitional housing vouchers, sleeping bags, hygiene kits and information about how to sign up for VA benefits.

No injuries reported, maybe just some jangled nerves after a car crashes into the front of a nail salon near Raley’s in Ukiah. The crash Tuesday afternoon in the 1300 block of North State St. Firefighters got to the scene finding bystanders moved the car back into a parking spot. The CHP reports it looked like an older man accidentally moved his foot onto the gas pedal instead of the brake. One of the windows in the front of the salon was smashed and part of a door frame was damaged.

A woman from Ukiah has been found guilty of grand theft after stealing a bunch of clothes from a family on vacation. A Mendocino County jury returned a guilty verdict against Violet McAlister for stealing the clothes from a family visiting Ukiah overnight as they headed to the Bay Area. Police say McAlister was seen with the family’s property by them as they went into a local store to replace the stolen items. They called police after seeing their own items in a shopping cart. McAlister is due back in court July 12th to be sentenced.

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