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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Police in Redwood Valley are on the lookout for vandals they say got away in a white car. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept. reports getting calls about vandalism to mailboxes and trash cans. Cops went to the area and stopped several cars that matched the description from neighbors in the area, but no suspects have been found. Police ask you to call the main number for the Sheriff’s Dept. if you’ve also been a victim of vandalism in Redwood Valley. Police also report there have been social media posts also looking for information. They also say they think a Redwood Valley community member may have caught video of the suspect’s vehicle. Sheriff’s deputies looking to get ahold of the footage to see if they can identify any suspect.

One man arrested another on the run after a burglary a couple weeks ago in Philo. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept. reports getting a call about two men walking into a locked barn. Deputies say the two men were confronted outside the barn and they took off. One was identified soon after as Larry Pee Wee Commander who’s on Parole. He was arrested soon after for violating parole. Plus he was found with some items stolen in the burglary and charged with several other crimes. His co-conspirator, Robert Douglas was soon identified as taking part and he too was arrested.

A man in Gualala has been arrested after another man was hit over the head with a skateboard. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept reports getting a call to a hospital where a 25 year old man says he was with some friends at the Gualala River and a man approached them with a skateboard. They say they asked him to leave, he did, but then when it was dark, he made a stealthy move toward the group and hit the victim in the back of his head with the skateboard. He’s identified as Jona Chapman. Cops went to his home in Point Arena and arrested him for assault with a deadly weapon resulting in great bodily injury. They say the guy was also recently connected to two separate felony probation cases. He’s held without bail.

The daytime homeless services center in Ukiah is opening soon. The Daily Journal reports Redwood Community Services looking to open the shelter on South State Street in August if all goes as planned. The homelessness and housing manager for Redwood says they’re finishing the flooring and painting walls, then they’ll start furnishing the place. The location currently hosts overnight shelter in the winter, but so far there’s no plans for that in the summer. It comes at the same time police have been asking some people in homeless encampments to pack up their tents, SUVs, trailers and RVs to leave Airport Road between the airport and the railroad tracks. Police are planning to clear the area to reduce fire hazards and vegetation along the tracks.

Choppers in the sky due to a joint training exercise with federal and local law enforcement hosted by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s office reports it was a training for officers to be aerial observers so they’re up to speed on how to find and identify marijuana and associated environmental crimes. The training was a partnership with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency. State agencies included the California Department of Fish & Wildlife, The National Guard was supposed to join, but did not. The choppers flew over public and private land the last week. The Sheriff’s Dept. reports gathering info on illegal grows on private lands during its training.

A new old member of the Clearlake City Council has been sworn in… again. Russell Perdock took the oath of office Thursday saying it was good to be back. The Record Bee reports the Mayor Russ Cremer saying Perdock was appointed because he could hit the ground running. The newspaper reports the council then reviewed and approved its $6.6 million budget for the next fiscal year which focuses on public infrastructure, code enforcement, updates to city technology, and public safety. You can see the budget online at the city’s website.

There could be a hike in phone bills as part of the latest state budget. The nearly 215 billion dollar budget includes upgrading the state’s old 911 system and aid for middle class families so they can pay their monthly health insurance premiums. But it may also mean a new monthly fee on phone bills and a tax for those who don’t buy health insurance. Some Republican lawmakers say it’s unconscionable to tax residents to pay for 911 upgrades while there’s a huge budget surplus. But Democrats, who hold super majorities in both houses of the Legislature, say they don’t want to dip into the surplus for ongoing expenses.

Lakeport City Council getting ahead of fire season working on action to get rid of weeds. Lake Co News reports the new fiscal year budget attacks weed abatement, and they’re considering buying a new generator in the new budget. The council to meet tomorrow night in closed session before the regular meeting. They’ll look over the proposed $16 million dollar budget. They’re also going to get a first look at the Lakeport Dam Emergency Action Plan before it goes to the state and the purchase of a new generator for the Lakeport Boulevard lift station at a cost of $40,000.

A new phone scam reported by Clearlake police. They say they’ve heard about two scams as of late. One where someone calls saying they’re a police officer but don’t say with what department. They then give the old line that there’s a family member who needs urgent medical care, so they need personal information and money. Caller ID showed an international number. Then the second scam is a fake kidnapping, where someone claims to be holding a family member hostage and demands a wire transfer of money. They say that one was also an international number.

3 people arrested during a protest of logging in Humboldt County. Reporter Kym Kemp says it happened at Monument Gate at the entrance to the Rainbow Ridge area where about a dozen protesters were trying to stop the Humboldt Redwood Company from logging. They were reportedly trying to erect a “mono-pod” to block the entrance and were arrested. One protester tells the news site Kym Kemp dot com, that two Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies “violently arrested three people” and “basically attacked the crowd.” A spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office says three people were indeed arrested for trespassing, resisting arrest and impeding traffic.

One of the two men who were arrested for the Ghost Ship Warehouse fire is testifying in court. The Press Democrat reports Max Harris was to testify in court today. He faces 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter with Derick Almena who’s been accused of running the Ghost Ship as an artist live-work space. A fire at the space in December of 2016 during a party killed 36 people. The two pleaded no contest, but a judge said no and they went to jury trial anyway. Court papers say prosecutors are blaming Almena because the warehouse was packed with highly flammable items with no smoke detectors, fire alarms, sprinklers or other required safety equipment. And they allege Harris assisted Almena to turn the old warehouse into the space and collect rent and schedule concerts.


The state’s new 214-billion-dollar budget passes the state Senate and is now a step closer to universal health coverage. The Governor is expected to sign the plan into law, putting almost one-and-a-half-billion dollars toward subsidies that help lower premiums for those buying coverage through the “CoveredCA” exchange. Anthony Wright with the nonprofit Health Access says the help’s tailored to low-and middle-income people who make between 17- and 72-thousand dollars a year.

:11  “About a million Californians might get some help to better defray the costs of healthcare. Of those, about 300,000 get enough help that they may be newly covered from previously being uninsured.”

Tag:  State lawmakers propose paying for the expansion with a state-level mandate that everyone carry health insurance or pay a fine. The budget also sets aside 100-million dollars for low-income, undocumented immigrants, ages 19 to 25, to sign up for Medi-Cal. Critics of the budget say the extra spending is unwise and complain that it was made possible by a new gas tax of five-cents a gallon – a policy they opposed.

Second Cut: Wright notes the budget also restores several important benefits to Medi-Cal – things that were cut during the recession 10 years ago.

:14  “It’s a shame that it’s taken 10 years of an economic recovery to finally get these key benefits restored, whether they be podiatry, audiology, speech therapy, optical and other key medical services. “

Tag:  The budget also ends the so-called “senior penalty” in Medi-Cal, by changing the income limits to make about 27-thousand additional lower-income seniors and people with disabilities eligible for the program.

A 70 year old man from the south coast accused of shooting his neighbor has pleaded guilty. The Mendocino County DA’s office reports there will be no jury trial after all for Harry Miller formerly of Anchor Bay. The trial was supposed to start this coming Monday, but Miller admitted attempted voluntary manslaughter for the March 2018 shooting of his neighbor and for felony assault against the neighbor’s wife. He also pleaded guilty to a sentencing enhancement for personally using a firearm in the commission of the attempted killing. There was video evidence he shot the neighbor in the belly at point blank range due to a small gravel pile on their shared roadway. Miller faces nearly 18 years in prison when he’s sentenced August 2nd.

The latest report from the Mendocino County Grand Jury has been released titled ‘Advancing Education Through Sharing’ and it’s not positive. The report released May 31st from the community jury panel says policies for charter and other schools to interact are not happening as mandated when the charter system was adopted more than 2 decades ago. The report also says there’s no interaction at all between the schools limiting their value. The jury investigation came from community concerns and misunderstandings about why there were even charter schools to begin with. No word yet from the school’s superintendent.

The paving project planned at the Ukiah Municipal Airport is on hold because of the fire season. The Daily Journal reports the project will happen in October as Cal Fire uses the airport as its base from June to October. But the airport will get the project out to bid now, and airport management says they’re hoping to get the project approved at the City Council’s July 17th meeting as long as there’s FAA funding available. Cal Fire Management says if the project interferes with Air Attack Base operations, they may have to relocate to Santa Rosa or Chico. But helicopters could still take off from there.

Power out for hundreds in Ukiah after a tree falls into some power lines. It happened yesterday afternoon on West Gobbi Street. Ukiah Electric Utility reports all power has been restored. Ukiah Valley Fire Authority called to the area around lunch time after someone reported a tree on fire near Yokayo Elementary School. It was quickly put out but the power line was damaged affecting several blocks west of State Street between Perkins Street and Freitas Avenue. The Daily Journal reports about 750 customers lost power.

A man from Forestville who pleaded not guilty for the murder of a couple on a beach in Jenner has changed his plea to guilty. Shaun Gallon in jail already for the murder of his brother, pleaded guilty yesterday to killing Lindsay Cutshall and her fiancé Jason Allen as they camped on the beach while vacationing from their summer jobs as Christian camp counselors. The cold case finally gets closure after Gallon sent a note to detectives about the case. He also confessed to killing his brother Shamus in 2017 at their family’s home in Forestville. For his plea, prosecutors agreed not to seek the death penalty and he agreed to seven consecutive life terms and 18 years and eight months more for weapons charges and another felony conviction for a bow-and-arrow attack.

It’s unanimous for the new budget in Fort Bragg. The City Council gave the green light for the city’s spending and earnings for the next fiscal year. They note $50.6 million in revenue and $48.9 million in spending and have the budget in weeks before its June 30th deadline. The report shows the biggest expenditure was for capital projects, then “materials and services” and salaries, wages and benefits come third. Rising pension costs will be covered by reserves. And infrastructure repairs come in as a priority with millions earmarked to cover it.

No moratorium on hemp in Lake County, instead some new regulations. Lake Co News reports the board of supervisors has requested for hemp growers instead to secure $5,000 surety bonds to cover the cost of any crop destruction if there’s more than the legal maximum of 0.3 percent THC allowable for industrial hemp. This comes after the County Agricultural Commissioner informed the board that the bonds were required by the state in order to register for hemp production, so the state doesn’t have to put up the money to destroy crops that don’t meet the threshold.

All burn permits are suspended in certain areas of Northern Calif. due to the dry grass after a wet winter, and high winds. Cal Fire has suspended all burn permits for outdoor residential burning in the State Responsibility Area of Sonoma, Lake, Napa, Solano, Yolo and Colusa Counties. It starts Monday with a ban on residential outdoor burns of any yard debris after spring cleanups. The fire agency is also reminding residents not to mow on hot, dry days and to maintain 100 feet of defensible space around their homes. Some temporary burn permits may be allowed, and you can get a campfire permit though from some fire stations or online at

Governor Gavin Newsom has the new budget after lawmakers approved about 214 billion in spending and earnings. Lake Co News reports the budget features expenditures of hundreds of millions for firefighting, emergency preparation and to protect communities from wildfires. Senator Mike McGuire says the budget includes seven new C-130 Air Tankers to fight fires and millions on vegetation management, including the removal of dead and dying trees. The budget also includes several million for the state Dept. of Food and Agriculture to staff the California Animal Response Emergency System and catastrophic livestock disease prevention program.

Mendocino College has announced their Superintendent is leaving for another job. President Dr. Arturo Reyes served more than six years at the school and is now headed to the Rio Hondo Community College District in Los Angeles County. The Board President for the Mendocino-Lake Community College District says Reyes leaving will mean a giant void. Many other faculty members had good things to say about Reyes and how attendance grew under his guidance. Now the Mendocino-Lake Community College Board of Trustees will take a meeting to discuss a plan of action to replace Reyes who’s set to leave sometime this summer.

Another positive step forward for the long planned Middle Creek Restoration Project. Lake Co News reports it’s to reduce sedimentation and the nutrient load to improve Clear Lake’s health. The Board of Supervisors got a look at the contract this week for funding of the project which will remove old failing levees and bring back as much as 1,600 acres of farmland between the Nice-Lucerne Cutoff and Upper Lake to Clear Lake. The latest on funding is that the Department of Water Resources is directly paying for the project along with grants from the Safe Drinking Water, Clean Water, Watershed Protection, and Flood Protection Act, and the Disaster Preparedness and Flood Prevention Bond Act of 2006.


State regulators looking to protect the Russian River from bacterial contamination coming up with a plan that could be approved as soon as this summer. The Press Democrat reports it’s been years coming after the river became contaminated in places from old septic systems, livestock waste and other sources. The newspaper reports it could also mean more regulation and forced septic system upgrades for thousands of landowners who are on or near the river or its tributaries. A draft action plan is out for public review and comment from the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board until June 24th.

Sonoma County will implement new mental health care programs after pressure from the public. The Press Democrat reports mental health patients and their advocates pressuring county leaders and at their latest budget negotiation meeting this week, they caved, agreeing to spend more millions on the issue. The programs to get a $6 million dollar infusion with ½ going to maintain current operations at 16 residential care homes and peer counseling and family support also getting some money, but only temporarily. The programs are operated under the behavioral health division of the county Department of Health Services. The newspaper reports they serve thousands of patients annually suffering from various mental health issues.

The Sand Fire closer to total containment has not grown in acreage. The fire in Yolo County started last Saturday and is currently 90% contained. It’s charred just over 2,500 acres and burned seven structures, none were homes. There had been some evacuations along County Road 41 and a closure of Highway 16, but those folks were allowed to return home and the highway reopened. The fire was the largest in the state burning. Another one in San Luis Obispo had burned 2,000 acres, and it’s 50% contained with no further forward spread reported.

A man’s body found in the Gualala River has still not been identified. The Press Democrat reports the CHP is investigating how the man died, his body found on a rock in a remote area near Stewarts Point‑Skaggs Springs Road. The newspaper reports cops think they know who it is, but since the body was so decomposed, they’ve not positively identified it yet. The Coroner will reportedly try using dental records or DNA testing to confirm. The man’s body was found last Wednesday night. Investigators trying to determine if he was in a truck that went off a rural road and down an embankment May 27th, but the driver told police he was alone in the truck.

Further charges against a man in Kelseyville who was arrested in connection to a shooting in May with suspected gang ties. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office arrested 23 year old Sergio Fuentes and 29 year old Juan Renteria after a man was shot May 26th in the leg. After the initial arrests of the men, police confirmed they were gang members and conducted a search at two locations. Deputies found several items they say were related to criminal street gangs and a club they say could have been used during the confrontation. They’ve arrested Renteria again for being in possession of the billy club and held him on $500,000 bail. No further charges have been filed against Fuentes.

A man out fishing with his dad, who died, is still missing. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports they’ll search again this morning for 40 year old Vincent Soto of Laytonville after the fishing boat he was in with his dad was found empty. His father’s body was found by a passerby who saw the empty fishing vessel. Family members say the two went out on Lake Mendocino Tuesday. The Sheriff’s Office reports recovering the father’s body, he’s identified as 62 year old Carlos Soto. So far they’ve not determined the cause of death, an autopsy is set for today.

The water in Willits is safe after several complaints about brown water. The Willits Water Department says there’s nothing wrong with the water, it’s due to the recent relocation of the Davis Creek water main tie. They say a change in color can happen as the velocity or flow of water changes in the pipe, causing iron and manganese sediments to hang in the water turning it brown. The City also reportedly does an annual flushing, due to the sediment issues. The City says it will continue notifying residents if there’s another planned main shutdown.

For more information, call the City of Willits at (707) 459-4601 or email (Emailing may garner a quicker response.)

PG&E will be flying over Willits ahead of this fire season. There will be two Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) drills with helicopters, but no power will be shut down during the drills. The utility says it’s expanding and enhancing its Community Wildfire Safety Program after the massive fires of 2017 & 18. The program to shut down electric lines that pass through high fire-threat areas just like they might in the case of extreme weather to protect communities. Crews will be inspecting the de-energized lines from the sky and ground, looking for damage, and repairing any, before restoring power.

Final voting results approved for Measure M, the fire tax in Lakeport. The Record Bee Newspaper reports the Lakeport Fire Protection District Board of Directors has approved the final voting results at the same time also considering what to do about Pacific Gas & Electric Co.’s planned power shutoffs this fire season. Residents in Lakeport approved Measure M to reinstate some staffers in the fire department who were laid off because of financial difficulties in the district. It means more than $1.2 million for the department from the new taxes. The money won’t immediately start to funnel in, so the district is continuing to dip into reserves.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors says the latest grand jury report regarding Lampson Field, Lake County’s only airport. The grand jury requesting money for over-budget expenditures and the board of supervisors giving that a thumbs down. The latest special report called “How can we safely land?” ahead of the jury’s full report for 2018 and 19. The board has not responded positively to recent grand jury reports and this one either with District 5 Supervisor Rob Brown calling the title “idiotic”. He wasn’t allowed, others chimed in and most disagreed with every recommendation. The Lake County Public Works Director also mostly disagreed with the jury’s findings.

A man from Lake County joining several from Sonoma, Del Norte and Humboldt Counties, being honored by the Red Cross with its annual Real Heroes Award. The 16th annual breakfast held in Santa Rosa at the Hyatt Regency with more than 160 community members, business leaders, and guests in attendance. The breakfast hosted by the American Red Cross of the California Northwest. 10 people were honored for their selfless acts of courage including Frank Parker of Lake County who won the Service to the Armed Forces Hero Award for his support and service to the homeless and homeless veterans in Lake County as part of his organization Stand Down. They offer health screenings, transitional housing vouchers, sleeping bags, hygiene kits and information about how to sign up for VA benefits.

No injuries reported, maybe just some jangled nerves after a car crashes into the front of a nail salon near Raley’s in Ukiah. The crash Tuesday afternoon in the 1300 block of North State St. Firefighters got to the scene finding bystanders moved the car back into a parking spot. The CHP reports it looked like an older man accidentally moved his foot onto the gas pedal instead of the brake. One of the windows in the front of the salon was smashed and part of a door frame was damaged.

A woman from Ukiah has been found guilty of grand theft after stealing a bunch of clothes from a family on vacation. A Mendocino County jury returned a guilty verdict against Violet McAlister for stealing the clothes from a family visiting Ukiah overnight as they headed to the Bay Area. Police say McAlister was seen with the family’s property by them as they went into a local store to replace the stolen items. They called police after seeing their own items in a shopping cart. McAlister is due back in court July 12th to be sentenced.

The old Mendocino Brewing Company site in Ukiah may soon be the home to a marijuana processing company. The owner of the location at the end of Airport Road has reportedly applied for a permit to operate a “non-volatile cannabis manufacturing and distribution facility”. Part of the 63,355-square-foot building is currently being used for wine storage but plans for the rest include a carbon-based odor and air quality purification filtration system in the building. They will not be selling weed there. The police department has also reportedly seen the plans for the site. And the city’s Zoning Administrator has approved the plans.

An auction by the Hopland Research Center so they have less sheep. The Daily Journal reports it’s to save money as the Center now has less money from the University of California system. They will have 125 sheep now, instead of hundreds. The newspaper reports a handful of locals bought the animals and apparently will keep them in Lake and Mendocino counties. Some will be used for weed control and fuel reduction safety.

Work to control odor from commercial cannabis operations in Lake County being tabled  for now. The Board of Supervisors voted to stop the Lake County Air Quality Management District’s regulation and permitting of commercial cannabis operations for now due to skyrocketing costs. The Record Bee reports the District was charging as much as $16,000 a year in fees for grow sites. But the newspaper reports some say it’s crucial to have the air quality monitored and want clean air.

We have some new firefighters in Lake County ahead of the busy fire season. Lake Co News reports Northshore Fire has four new firefighters. The news site reports the chief pinned badges on firefighter/paramedics Brett Hughes and Tylor Rial, and firefighter/EMTs Owen Lawler and Alex Miller. This brings the department to full staffing with 19 full-time firefighters, three chief officers, two office staff, several volunteers, a large support team and the five-member Northshore Dive Team.

Water systems in Calif. about to have an overhaul. Legislative leaders have agreed to pour about $130 million a year for improvements in communities where residents currently cannot drink tap water at home. The state’s going to use money set aside for climate change, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That idea isn’t going over well with some environmentalists, some of whom say folks shouldn’t have to choose between clean water and clean air. The compromise after the Governor proposed a 95-cent tax on most residential water bills instead.

A man missing in Northern Calif. has rescuers using boats and drones to find the veteran automotive journalist. The Press Democrat reports David Gordon Johnson disappeared while he was test-driving a motorcycle for a story near the town of Mokelumne Hill. Johnson reported missing last week by his girlfriend. She says Johnson had been test driving the Honda CB1000R for two days in California and Nevada to write a story for Motorcyclist magazine. He apparently texted a picture to a friend from the Mokelumne River, and was reported missing soon after. Sacramento officials found his clothing, cellphone and a laptop close to the fast-moving river which they say was cold and moving about 35 mph and flowing high.

The Sand Fire in Yolo County is nearly contained after burning more than 2,500 acres. Cal Fire reports the fire near Guinda has burned seven structures, but none are homes. All evacuations have been lifted and the local evacuation center has closed. The fire started Saturday and is already 70% contained. Some of the firefighters assigned to the fire have left the area, as others are surrounding the last areas that are burning, and putting out hot spots.

A woman from Santa Rosa has been rescued after her car went down a 100-foot cliff. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office reports getting a call to the Bodega Bay area where the car went off the cliff near Highway 1 and onto Coleman Valley Beach. The VW beetle burst into flames and the driver apparently jumped into the ocean after the crash and swam several hundred yards out to sea. A firefighter swam to her and brought her to shore, and she was taken to a hospital. They say they think she intentionally drove off the cliff and has been put on a mental health hold at the hospital.

The Fifth annual Hike for Hospice is coming. The fundraising event for Hospice Services of Lake County is Saturday, June 22nd at Highland Springs Park in Lakeport. Those interested can hike for free, but those who raise at least $25 get a free t-shirt. Hikers, or teams of hikers, are encouraged to get family and friends to sponsor their hikes which start at 9 AM. Those hiking can choose from four different paths of up to 4.5 miles. After the hike there will be food, drinks and live music, plus awards for the most money raised.

For more information, to register to hike or sponsor a hiker, go to, or call (707) 263-6270, ext. 111.

Two women in Talmage have been arrested after a report of shots fired leads to weapons charges. Mendocino deputies called to the area several times previously for drug crimes and trespassing finding two women in the area. Jessica Norton found to be on probation so she was searched and found with meth and arrested. Then Nina Goodson was found to have a knife on her, so she was also arrested. Norton was held on $5,000.00 bail and Goodson gave a fake name so she was additionally charged for that and held on $15,000.00 bail.

Sonoma County Deputies looking for an area to do some water training get a heads up a Great White Shark was spotted in the area. The shark spotted by a Sheriff’s helicopter in Sonoma County’s Estero Americano Tuesday afternoon. They say it was about 14 feet long. They subsequently posted on their Facebook page, “Nope! The crew looked down and saw this beauty at the mouth of the Estero Americano in shallow water.” They were just in the same area Monday, south of Bodega Bay, on the southern Sonoma Coast border with Marin County. Sharks are seen a lot in Bodega Bay and at the mouth of Tomales Bay too.

A man from Laytonville has died on Lake Mendocino. The body of Carlos Soto found Tuesday night and searchers were looking for his son today. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports the 62 year old man who died was found at the south end of the lake and his son, Vincent is missing. The father was thought to be fishing alone, but deputies say he was with his 40‑year‑old son. Their boat found empty by someone else who went to investigate and found the father’s body. Deputies also say the son’s car was found by the lake.  They’ve got the Search and Rescue Team out in a boat and on ground looking for the missing son who’s described as 5’9” tall, 190- lbs with salt and pepper hair cut short.

The state is working to clear the criminal records of those arrested for certain marijuana crimes. The Press Democrat reports Democratic lawmakers and advocates want the records expunged for those who served time for other crimes. There are two bills in the Assembly to move the idea along for an automatic arrest and conviction record clearing. There are apparently as many as 1 million residents who did their time who qualify, and others with court ordered supervision. Those who support the move say there are thousands of restrictions for those with convictions. Those who qualify can petition to have their records expunged.





The US Geological Survey reports that tremors were felt in Lake, Mendocino, Napa and Sonoma Counties following a 4.1 magnitude earthquake that struck early this morning about 5.4 miles west of Cobb. The initial quake struck at 12:46 am, and over 30 shake reports had been called in by 2 am.

The State of California has joined nine other states suing T-Mobile and Sprint to stop a planned merger between the two companies. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra leads the lawsuit with New York Attorney General Letitia James, who released a statement saying the merger would cause irreparable harm to mobile subscribers across the country by cutting access to affordable reliable service, particularly lower-income and minority communities across the country. If the merger is allowed, there would only be three major wireless providers in the country.

Illegal cannabis distributors are pushing legal shops out of business, according to the Marijuana industry in California, which is asking officials to intervene. Citing widespread illegal distribution, The Southern California Coalition has written a letter to Los Angeles City Hall asking authorities to crack down on the illegal operations saying that the unregulated shops could be selling tainted products. The letter urges officials to seize cash and cannabis from the illegal distributors.

The Governing board of Adventist health Ukiah Valley has increased an annual scholarship to help fill a growing need for bilingual nurses in the community from $1000 to $3000. This year’s recipient was Ukiah High School student Olivia Lucchetti. According to the Daily Journal, the bright senior has a GPA of 3.91 and ranks in the top 10% of her class. She plans on attending University of Nevada at Reno to peruse her nursing education but plans on returning home after graduation.

California Highway Patrol investigators would like the public’s help finding a person of interest in connection to the February murder of a Santa Clarita man. 41-year-old Patrick Michael Weber died of a gunshot wound and had been found in his van after it went off the south side of highway 20 west of Walker ridge road. A picture of the person of interest shows a male in his 20’s or 30’s, about 160 pounds and 5 feet 8 inches tall, wearing a dark green baseball cap and camouflage hoodie with short facial hair and sideburns. Lake County News reports that the picture of the man released by authorities came from surveillance video, but police haven’t said where it was captured. Authorities are stressing that the man is only a person of interest and not a suspect.

Lawmakers all agree that low-income adults should have access to Medi-Cal. Democrats tabled a proposal to proved the coverage to undocumented adults over 65, but undocumented adults aged 19 to 25 would be covered under a proposal that still must be approved by the full legislature before getting Governor Newsom’s signature.

A car went tumbling about 100 feet down a cliff off of highway 1 near Bodega Bay early this morning, catching fire and landing on its roof on top of rocks near Coleman Beach. The driver had to crawl out of a broken window and tread water about 50 to 70 yards offshore as crews rushed to her rescue. She was flown to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.

A special meeting is scheduled for tomorrow as City Council considers a project at Ukiah Municipal Airport that would force CalFire to move the Ukiah Air Attack Base out of Mendocino County this summer. According to the Daily Journal, the project is described as "critical to the operations of the airport" by staff. Everyone agrees that the repaving work is needed but unfortunately, the construction requirements will force the closure of the runway. The special meeting tomorrow is scheduled for 3 pm in the council chambers on Seminary Avenue.

Hot and windy conditions prompted PG&E to cut power to over 20,000 customers Saturday night in Butte and Yuba Counties. By about 5 pm yesterday, most of the affected customers had their power back. The outages are part of the Public Safety Power Shutoff Program, which is meant to cut down on the risk of wildfires. NBC reports that about 800 miles of powerlines in Butte and Yuba counties were inspected and repaired yesterday during the windy weather.

Spare The Air Alerts by the Air Quality Management District are possible this week. As of this morning, the Sand Fire in Yolo County was about 30% contained and had charred about 2200 acres, according to CalFire, up from 20% yesterday evening. A fast-moving brush fire in the Southern part of the state got so close it forced the evacuation of Six Flags Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor over the weekend. The park was open for business this morning.

Ukiah Police say that numbers and crime have gotten so out of hand, that they are ordering campers on Airport Road in Ukiah to leave this month. The Daily Journal reports that police have been hearing about assaults, robberies and other crimes in the area. Authorities also worry about dead grass on the property creating a fire hazard. Debris removal is tentatively planned for the 17th, and officials hope to have crews clearing brush out on the 19th and 20th.

Two illegal marijuana grows on private property were shut down by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife after 6000 marijuana plants were found on May 21st and another 400 on May 29th. Authorities say there were no licenses with the state, no county cultivation permits, and no Fish and Wildlife lake or streambed alteration agreement permits filed, according to Lake County News. Code violations included illegal water diversions, pesticide and petroleum products near streams and garbage near waterways. Charges are expected to be filed with the Lake County DA’s office.

The California Highway Patrol, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department, CalTrans, CalFire, Leggett Fire Department, and Percy Fire Department all responded to an accident on Friday just before 2 pm. A Ford F-250 had been heading southbound on US 101 near Arnette Drive and was getting ready to make a left hand turn into a parking lot, when a Harley Davidson motorcycle driven by a 69-year-old Stockton man approached from behind and was unable to stop, rear-ending the truck and injuring the motorcycle drivers so severely he was pronounced dead on the scene. Authorities say that alcohol does not appear to have been a factor.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office is looking for any information the public may have about an incident on May 25th when a Hispanic male estimated to be in his 30’s arrived at the Howard Memorial Hospital emergency department in Willits around 10:30 am suffering from apparent gunshot wounds to the face and neck. The victim wasn’t fully cooperative with authorities, but they believe the shooting happened somewhere in the Laytonville, and that the victim had been picked up by someone driving by who dropped him off at the hospital. He was later transported to an out of county medical facility for treatment. Anyone with information about this case is urged to call the Sheriff’s Office Tip Line (707-234-2100) or the WeTip anonymous crime reporting hotline (800-782-7463).

A Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputy noticed a dark-colored Honda Accord traveling southbound above-posted level speeds and making an incomplete stop at the intersection of East Side Calpella Road and Lake Mendocino Drive before heading west on Lake Mendocino Drive at even higher speeds. The driver refused to stop when the deputy tried pulling them over. The vehicle, which turned out to be stolen out of Ukiah, kept going south on North State Street before turning onto West Lake Mendocino Drive and onto highway 101 Southbound, headed towards Ukiah at speeds of over 90 mph. Another deputy joined the pursuit, following the suspect at speeds of over 100 mph. In Hopland, the chase moved to highway 175 before ending in a field near the old Hopland roundabout after the driver, Edward Two FEathers Steele Jr lost control and rolled the vehicle. Steele was taken into custody and transported to Ukiah Valley Medical Center before being booked into the Mendocino County Jail.

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Deputies were dispatched to a reported shooting in the area of North State Street and Empire Drive in Ukiah on June 3rd. Ukiah Police Department Officers were also sent to help in the investigation, where deputies learned a vehicle traveling Northbound on North State Street and stopped in the westbound turn lane for Empire Drive.
That’s when Christopher Bayard walked up and shot into the vehicle stopped at the traffic light, hitting the driver, who was transported to the hospital. Bayard ran away from the scene. He is described as a white male adult, approximately 6’01” tall, 190 pounds, brown hair, hazel eyes, with dark facial hair and a thin build, last seen wearing a black hat, black shirt, and blue jeans. Bayard is known to frequent the Ukiah, Willits, and Covelo areas. Anyone with information related to this incident is requested to contact the Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center at 707-463-4086. Anonymous tips are being taken through the Sheriff’s Office Tip Line – 707-234-2100, or the WeTip anonymous crime reporting hotline at 800-782-7463.

A Mendocino County Deputy Sheriff was on routine patrol when he noticed someone riding a bicycle southbound on North State Street approaching the intersection of Low Gap Road in Ukiah on June 2nd without required lighting equipment, and stopped the rider, Robert Campbell who was found to be on active parole through the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. A search turned up a dirk or dagger hidden in his pants pocket. Campbell’s parole officer was contacted and ultimately issued a parole hold. He was booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held on a no-bail status due to his parole hold.

Todd Grove Park in Ukiah, known for walking paths, trees giving plenty of shade and plenty of grassy areas to throw down a blanket, was once endangered by loggers. If you didn’t know that, you aren’t alone. A family-friendly festival is scheduled for Sunday from noon to five, where the park’s history will be on display in the gazebo. The Journal reports that recreation supervisor at the City of Ukiah is looking forward to educating the public on the history of the park and the opportunity to share teh park’s evolution over the years. The event will feature water balloon tosses, a hula hoop contest, burlap sack race and more fun fit for the whole family.

A few new positions are on the list of county board vacancies released by the Mendocino County Executive office this week. Some vacancies listed include Air Quality Management District Board, Child Care Planning Council, Health and Human Services Agency Advisory Board, Library Advisory Board, Mendocino County Business Improvement District, and many others. You can see the list at Most posts are a volunteer and open to Mendocino County residents and registered voters.

Mendocino County has received a grant that will support the removal of dead or dying hazardous trees on private property as long as it is within the Redwood Complex Fire Footprint, and that residents contribute $200 a tree up to $600. Trees must be dead or dying, at least 10 inches in diameter and 20 feet tall, within 300 feet of a residence or proposed building pad, and treating the home or building pad. The program is funded by throught the California Dept of Forestry and Fire Protection as part o the climate change investment program.

The summer reading program at Mendocino County libraries kicks off tomorrow, featuring performances, and other special events like a party at the plaza in Ukiah complete with face painting Flynn Creek Circus and prizes in Fort Bragg. The program is open to children, teens, and adults, and is meant to encourage literacy and prevent learning loss over teh summer, according to a press release from Mendocino County Libraries. There are kickoff celebrations planned for tomorrow in Ukiah, Fort Bragg, and Willits. More info at

One way traffic will be in effect and delays of up to 20 minutes are possible beginning Monday, June 17th through Friday Jully 21st so Caltrans can contact a permitted geotechnical investigation on state route 1 at Salmon Creek Bridge to get more information to determine the appropriate alignments and parameters for teh design of the project. Access to businesses side roads, residences, and bicyclists we are available at all times and traffic control will be provided at intersections blocked when work queues extend through an intersection.

Over 200 graduates returned to Om Wraith Feild seven months after the Deadly Camp Fire tore through the area devastating the community. The ceremony was live-streamed on Facebook by The Paradise Unified School District. One of the only places not devastated by the blaze, students took to the greens to congratulate each other and take the next step in their lives.

Just as fire season gets underway, new guidelines to help schools protect the health of students. North Coast State senator Mike McGuire has announced new guidelines to help schools respond appropriately when wildfire smoke chokes the air, and ensure the health and safety of students. The new guidelines have five levels ranging from no restrictions on recess, PE, Athletic practice & training, and scheduled sporting events to recommendations of no outdoor activity, and the cancelation of events, depending on how poor the air quality gets.

The Mendocino County HHSA, Public Health has updated the dates and times of possible exposure following a confirmed Measles case in Mendocino County. A visitor with the disease went to several Fort Bragg locations before their diagnosis, including Beachcomber Motel in Fort Bragg on May 26th at 11am, Django’s Rough Bar on May 24th from midnight to 2pm, Sea Pal cove Restaurant on May 25th from midnight to 2pm, Skunk Train on May 25th from 1-3pm, North Coast Brewing Co. on the 25th 6-9pm and David’s Deli on the 26th from 11am to 1pm. Symptoms include fever, cough runny nose, red eyes and a rash that usually appears about one to three weeks after exposure. Anyone possibly exposed and experiencing symptoms is asked to call ahead before going to a medical facility. The person with measles was an adult exposed in Butte County. Since most people were given two doses of the MMR vaccine as children they are protected, but parents of unvaccinated children, unvaccinated adults, and those with weakened immune systems are advised to review the list of sites and times where exposure could have occurred.

The largest California wildfire in modern history, the Ranch Fire, was part of a greater complex of fires that scorched about 640 square miles last summer, much of it in the Mendocino National Forest. The cause of the fire was released today by Cal Fire, which posted an incident report online that says a hammer driving a 24-inch metal concrete stake into the ground threw sparks, igniting the blaze. You can read the report at

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Ofice received multiple reports of gunshots in the 76000 block of Highway 162 in Covelo. When police arrived, they found about 50 spent shell casings on the ground, which appeared to have come from two handguns and a rifle. Three suspects outside the home, Juan Montalvo-Lopez, Tadeo Munoz-Aparicio, and Eduardo Gonzalez were detained. When police entered, they found Miguel Moreno inside along with a military-style pistol grip assault rifle and two handguns. Munoz-Aparicio was arrested for violating probation and taken to the Mendocino County Jail. Eduardo Gonzalez was arrested on an active Mendocino County felony warrant, Miguel Moreno and Juan Montalvo-Lopez were arrested for possession of an assault rifle.

The 2018-2019 Mendocino County Grand Jury is out with a report that says the Board of Supervisors has failed to “establish and publish county-wide policies with long-term goals addressing county-wide issues of public safety, health, economic, environmental and other needs of communities". Instead,
the grand jury says the Board Of supervisors reacts from crisis to crisis, isn’t keeping track of directives given to the CEO, and needs to do a better job communicating with the public. A list of recommendations has been given, and The Board of Supervisors now has 60 days to respond to the Mendocino County CEO must respond within 90 days. You can see the full list of findings and recommendations at

New rules that went into effect this month will allow Mendocino County residents receiving Supplemental Security Income and Supplemental Security Payments benefits to apply for Cal Fresh Benefits. Applications are available in Ukiah at 737 S State Street, in Fort Bragg at 764 S Franklin Street and online at The changes come after a decades-long fight by advocates who were thrilled to hear that those qualifying for food assistance won’t see a lower SSI check in order to receive CalFresh benefits.

The Mendocino County HHSA, Public health has updated the dates and times of possible exposure following a confirmed case of the Measles in Mendocino County. A visitor who was later diagnosed visited several Fort Bragg locations, including Beachcomber Motel in Fort Bragg on May 26th at 11am, Django’s Rough Bar on May 24th from midnight to 2pm, Sea Pal cove Restaurant on May 25th from midnight to 2pm, Skunk Train on May 25th from 1-3pm, North Coast Brewing Co. on the 25th 6-9pm and David’s Deli on the 26th from 11am to 1pm. Symptoms include fever, cough runny nose, red eyes and a rash that usually appears about one to three weeks after exposure. Anyone possibly exposed and experiencing symptoms is asked to call ahead before going to a medical facility. The person with measles was an adult exposed in Bute County. Since most people were given two doses of the MMR vaccine as children they are protected, but parents of unvaccinated children, unvaccinated adults, and those with weakened immune systems are advised to review the list of sites and times where exposure could have occurred.

The Mendocino County Board of supervisors held hearings this week for the 2019-2020 budget. The summary for the cannabis program included an estimate of $508,684 in expenses, revenue estimates of $391, 396 and proposed net county costs of $315,335. The daily journal reports that while the cannabis program is running a deficit, the cannabis business tax, and other taxes should help make up the difference. The Mendocino County SEIU local 1021 asked the board for pay and benefit increases for workers who are underpaid, and yesterday the health and human services agency presented on their budget priorities.

A free CyberCamp is being offered from July 29h through August 2nd by the Mendocino Colege Computer Science program for middle and high school students. The curriculum includes an intro to the Cyber Patriot National Youth Cyber Defense competition, employment activities, ethics, lessons on how computers work, Windows Security policies, file protections, user interface protectins, and many more topics. More information is available at