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PG&E looking at bonds as payment to the victims of the 2017 and 2018 wildfires. A report about the bankrupt utility’s plan would be on top of an insurance plan the Gov. is proposing to raise money for victims of future wildfires if they’re caused by PG&E or other major utility’s owned equipment. The Governor’s plan does not include billions PG&E owes to victims of the October 2017 firestorm and last year’s Camp fire. The proposed plan would have the state issuing tax exempt notes known as “equity contribution bonds” according to an anonymous source. This source goes on to say PG&E still has not figured out exactly how much money it needs to raise for the payments, but when filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January, the company estimated its wildfire liabilities at $30 billion.

A state sponsored retirement plan has started for companies who don’t have plans for employees. State law requires companies who have at least five people working for them in Calif. to offer retirement plans. And there’s reported to be about 300,000 businesses that have to meet that demand in the next three years. CalSavers just started this week for employers so they can take out 5% of their employees paychecks and put it into a retirement account, but workers can also say no to the plan and pick their own savings rate.

Frontier Days is on for the fourth in Willits. Like every other year the parade marching thru the city. Willits Police are asking the public for help if you’re on the parade route, detour route or staging areas to help keep the streets clear tomorrow. Volunteers from the Frontier Days Committee have been distributing “NO PARKING NOTICES” to the homes to remind residents about special parking requirements July 4th. The parade will affect E. Commercial St., S. Main St., E. Valley St. and S. Lenore. And the detour will affect W. Commercial St., School St., Pine St., Coast St. and W. Valley St.

A shooting reported near Covelo lands one man in jail and another in the hospital. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports several 911 calls about a shooting north of town with a Hispanic man shot and seen trying to flag down cars for help. He got a ride, then an ambulance took him to a hospital with multiple gunshot wounds to his chest and arm. Deputies patrolled the area and found another Hispanic man, 21 year old Salvador Torres-Rubio of Santa Rosa carrying two big bags of marijuana. He was arrested but first told police there may be another gunshot victim and others armed in the area. A SWAT team responded to a marijuana garden. Nobody else was found. Torres-Rubio is charged with assault with a deadly weapon, cultivation of marijuana and possession of marijuana for sale. He’s also charged with violation of probation for a warrant for Sexual Battery from Sonoma County. He’s held without bail.

A reminder for Independence Day that cops will be looking for illegal fireworks, prohibited in the state. Some city’s allow fireworks though. In Lakeport they allow fireworks, but the unincorporated areas of Lake County and the City of Clearlake prohibits them. The Police Chief in Lakeport says it’s the department’s biggest day of the year and they’ll be beefing up patrols with the whole department on the job for the holiday. Clearlake Police, the CHP, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Lake County Probation Department will be helping and on “high alert” for drunk drivers and those using illegal fireworks.

You may have to seek out a parking lot on Airport Road if the City Council votes yes. The council considering no parking on both sides of the road from Commerce Drive to the railroad tracks plus no parking on the west side of Airport Road from the south end of the City Corporation Yard to the railroad tracks. The staff report to the council describes Airport Road as being too narrow, with zero improved pedestrian facilities and further says there’s nothing nearby requiring street parking, plus the report says sometimes big delivery trucks snarl the area. They also note it will keep pollution out of nearby water bodies. The meeting tonight at 6 p.m. in council’s chambers at 300 Seminary Ave.

A wildfire stopped quickly in Clearlake in the Sulphur fire burn scar. Thousands were without power as the fire burned yesterday afternoon. It was dubbed the Banks fire and started in the 12800 block of Sulphur Bank Mine Road in Clearlake Oaks. A chopper reportedly on the scene within 10 minutes, working the 3 acre fire that burned under power lines. Firefighters say there were no structures threatened, but it was close to the Elem Indian Colony. Power lines in the area were de-energized, leaving thousands in the dark. The fire burned about five acres total. No word how the fire started. Earlier in the day the same firefighters were out at a mobile home fire in Clearlake. One man ended up in the hospital with smoke inhalation and three people were left without a home.

Cal Fire out with a reminder for the 4th, to help prevent wildfires. They say two of every five fires that start July 4th are caused by fireworks with most being related to illegal fireworks and state-approved fireworks handled and or lit incorrectly. Especially now after the massive rain we had this winter, and dry summer conditions, they warn wildfire activity is quickly starting. California has zero tolerance for the use and sale of illegal fireworks and anyone caught can be held liable for firefighting costs and any related property damage. Also possessing the illegal fireworks can lead to possible fines of up to $50,000 and prison or jail for up to one year.

Residents are urged to visit for tips on how to prepare their homes and family for wildfire.

The State’s Environmental Protection Agency headquarters infested with rats. And management says they can’t solve the problem in an organic manner. Childcare at the headquarters in downtown Sacramento is all indoors thanks to the five weeklong vermin takeover. They’ve apparently been trying environmentally friendly, chemical-free pest control methods, but have resorted to using poison to kill the rats. The agency’s deputy director for external and legislative affairs says the problem is originating on the outside of the building’s courtyard and childcare center play yard. The agency that regulates rat poison, now utilizing it with strict oversight.

After Calif. passed a law to raise the age of who can buy certain firearms, gun owners’ rights groups going to court to get the law tossed. The Calguns Foundation, Firearms Policy Coalition, Firearms Policy Foundation, and Second Amendment Foundation all suing saying those over 18 are legal adults and should not be deprived of their Second Amendment right to bear arms. The law went into effect this year after legislation passed with supporters saying some of the worst mass shootings in the country were by young adults with rifles, including the Valentine’s Day 2018 massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. The lawmaker who drafted the bill says those under 21 can also not drink or rent a car.

A new report says violence in California has gone down. The state attorney general’s office released several reports actually, that show the state’s seen fewer hate crimes, murders and violent and property crimes. Nearly 150 people died in police confrontations though last year, but it was down from 172 in 2017 and 157 in 2016. There were three police officer deaths, one more than a year before but way down from 2016, when there were 8. The reports say about 630 confrontations happened last year, down from 707 in 2017 and 782 in 2016. The violent crime rate was down 1.5% and property crime was down 5%. Murders, robberies, burglaries and thefts were all down, but rapes were up 5%.

A lot more guns sold in California the last month because of background checks for ammunition. The new law kicked in Monday, but not before nearly 77,000 guns were sold last month. That was up 26 percent from about 61,000 sold in June 2018. The data from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a trade association for the firearms industry. A spokesperson for the foundation says the surge was because of the new ammunition sales background check requirement. The Brady Campaign to prevent gun violence says it’s not unusual for a rise in sales of guns, which happens a lot as new regulations take effect.

Several people held by cops in McKinleyville after a report of a fight and shots fired. Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies called to a home after the altercation and a pickup and SUV were seen leaving the area, but a deputy on the 101 at Clam Beach saw one of the vehicles chasing the other and stopped them both. Deputies found the whole altercation had begun after a marijuana transaction. One person had minor injuries, but not from a gun. Two people wanted by cops said to still be on the run. They’re described as a black man in his 30’s, about 6 feet tall, medium build with broad shoulders and long, waist length dreadlocks. It’s thought he fired the weapon and is considered armed and dangerous. The other a white woman in her 50’s, with blonde/grey hair, possibly known as “Heather”.

Another open house to tell you about on the PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoffs. This one in Willits. The utility reports it’s expanding its own Wildfire Safety Program (CWSP) and with that there’s an open house July 18th at the Willits Community Center, that’s two weeks from tomorrow at 6 p.m. Topics will be an expansion of the utility company’s Public Safety Power Shutoff program, more safety inspections of electric infrastructure, hardening the electric system so there are more resilient poles and covered power lines. If you cannot attend there will be webinars held at



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