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A cleanup mandate for the owner of a gas station on East Gobbi who went to the City of Ukiah for a new canopy. The Daily Journal reports the Community Development Director told the owner of Express Mart he needed to upgrade the landscaping and change the color of paint so it matches other development in the area, telling the owner, it needed to be more aesthetically pleasing because it’s in one of the city’s gateway corridors. Apparently there had been multiple complaints over the years about the business. There’s also graffiti there and a deteriorating roof.

Family has been still waiting to find a man missing on Lake Mendocino for a month. Carlos and Vincent Soto went fishing June 11th. Carlos’ body was found after the men’s boat overturned. The son, Vincent has not been found. A family member says the boat was working fine when the men took off, but apparently Carlos had a heart attack or stroke with no water found in his lungs, indicating he drowned. There’s also no sign of foul play on the lake. The family has had one member at the south boat ramp since that day in case Vince’s body surfaces. In the meantime, they’re waiting for underground camera equipment to be approved to see if his body is trapped under something.

The body of an Army sergeant killed in action in Korea more than 60 years ago has been returned to Arcata. Army Sgt. Elden Justus died when he was 23 years old. He first entered the service out of high school, enlisting in 1945 and went to Fort Sill, Oklahoma, for basic training. Five years later he was listed as missing in action, then in 1953, the status was changed to “killed in action, body not recovered”. His remains were positively identified in April of this year. His son and daughter are going to a ceremony in Sacramento and will return his remains to the family with services at the Elks Lodge this Thursday.

After a military style helicopter was seen around Humboldt County, the Sheriff’s Office confirmed the National Guard is helping them abate a bunch of marijuana plants. A spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office has confirmed the chopper is doing fly overs thru the summer. This comes after several law enforcement agencies were working with the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office trying to find illegal marijuana gardens in Hayfork. They pulled more than 12,500 plants, found 801 pounds of processed marijuana, 15 firearms and almost $436,000 cash. Now PG&E is flying over the area too, checking power lines in Humboldt and Lake Counties, today and tomorrow in the Garberville and Fortuna areas and on Thursday in Kelseyville, Lower Lake, Hidden Valley

Clearlake City Council members are considering paying for a Taser for the police dept. The police chief is asking for a five year agreement for the Taser and a certification plan for 24 full time officers which will cost about $18,000/year. The chief also wants to ability to add more users and waive the competitive bidding process. The agreement will include virtual reality, scenario-based training for officers to learn how to better deal with mentally ill subjects. The council is also considering chip sealing roads at Thursday’s meeting, at a cost of more than $1.1 Million Dollars.

A deadly poultry disease in Southern Calif that led to the cancelation of the poultry show at the Lake County Fair is reportedly slowing. State officials report the more than one year long outbreak of Newcastle disease had no new detections. The disease first found in May of 2018 so 1.2 million birds were euthanized. 1.1 million of them were in commercial operations, almost 450 of those operations were infected. One case where a backyard chicken in Redwood City had it, the closest to us. But there was concern it could reach Lake County, so the Junior Livestock Committee canceled the Fair’s poultry show.

Lake County Transit Authority working with Lake Links is starting a Medi Links service to Santa Rosa. Some folks don’t have cars, but need to see a doc in Santa Rosa, so the service will start on Tuesdays with two trips, one early in the day, then the return in the early afternoon, the second trip, later in the morning, returning later in the afternoon. They say there will also be a later ride for anyone who has a longer appointment. They will also stop at several medical facilities in Santa Rosa as requested. They will start in Lakeport, then to Lucerne, along the Northshore, thru Lower Lake and Middletown then to Santa Rosa, and there’s a quick stop in Calistoga.

An elderly man from Glen Ellen found safe after he was reported missing over the holiday weekend. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office reports 75-year-old Bill Hoeffer was spending the weekend at a rented home in Monte Rio with friends, when they decided to float the Russian River in tubes starting at Johnson’s Beach in Guerneville until dark. But apparently he was separated from the group who hiked in the dark to the Northwood Golf Course. They called the Sheriff’s office after 10 p.m. for help. Search and rescue teams could not find the man. He was seen clinging to a tree the next morning on the opposite side of the river from where his friends got out. They say he was uninjured, and in good spirits but cold and disoriented. He was taken to a local hospital with hypothermic symptoms.

A man from Calpella uninjured after his semitruck overturned on Highway 20. The truck loaded with lumber dumped into the Clear Lake along with diesel fuel. The California Highway Patrol responded to Highway 20, east of Hillside Lane, near Clearlake Oaks and found the driver had been going eastbound around 35 miles an hour, then veered onto the shoulder and rolled, landing on his roof, but the load of timber and about 50 gallons of diesel spilled on the side of the Lake and into it. The CHP says it doesn’t suspect there were drugs or alcohol involved in the crash.

Nearly 2 dozen governors joining with Calif. saying climate-damaging tailpipe emissions mean they need to keep their emission standards in place. It comes after the Trump Administration wants to relax the regulations saying more and more people want big trucks and SUV’s and the regulations are making cars more expensive. But the Governors, almost all Democrats, are pledging to stick to the Obama Administration’s goals to tighten mileage standards which can help to reduce climate-changing carbon emissions. If the Trump Administration moves forward anyway, it could mean years of legal challenges.

Lawmakers have approved a proposal to stabilize electric utilities and put safety at the forefront after years of devastating wildfires in Calif. State Senator Bill Dodd one of the co-authors of the bill saying it’s not a utility bailout, it’s a ratepayer bailout. The proposal creates a wildfire fund which utilities can use to help with wildfire damages if they follow certain safety rules. Utilities and ratepayers would put money into the fund and utilities would have to invest in wildfire mitigation efforts. The bill heads to the Assembly next.

The founder of the Ghostship has taken the stand in the murder trial against him and his co-defendant. Max Harris already testified, now Derick Almena, the master tenant of the Oakland warehouse that burned in a fire, killing 36 people, has taken the stand. Almena’s accused of converting the space illegally into an artist colony, the warehouse filled with so much stuff, that prosecutors say that’s why it burned so hot and fast. But no cause was ever found for why the fire started to begin with. Harris and Almena have pleaded not guilty. There had been a plea deal for the two with victim’s families, but the judge thought it was too lenient on the men and that Almena failed to show remorse.


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