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New air quality guidelines for Mendocino County after the State released new rules at schools that have to deal with wildfire smoke. The Mendocino County Office of Education partnering with the County Public Health Office and County Air Pollution Control for the update in the County, so school kids are safe. It’s based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and were developed in collaboration with local school district superintendents. It includes a possible cancellation of classes, school closures would have to be reported to families through pre-established channels and the Office of Education would also have to alert the public, and schools have to use protocols based on visibility. And there could be air filtration systems in schools from the Public Health Dept.

The July 4th holiday weekend arrests and accident numbers are coming in. As we reported 46 year old Aaron Kules was killed on Highway 1, hit by a pickup truck in Fort Bragg. Police report snarled traffic and a lot of people crowding the Mendocino Coast. There were three four car crashes in the same area of the highway, with one other injury. The Advocate newspaper reports there weren’t any fireworks or event-related arrests, and police calls were down. But the fire dept. reports they had a lot of calls, from the highway, none fireworks-related though.

After a request for an Autozone to be built in Fort Bragg, the City Council’s looking at possibly banning certain chain businesses. The Advocate newspaper reports at a recent council meeting there were complaints about the new auto parts store to be built on the west side of Highway 1 just south of the Noyo Bridge because the store was accused of illegal dumping in the past. Many council members agreed with one community member asking for rules to be in place for the council to say no to chain businesses in the future. The city manager telling council members to first talk with the city attorney.

There may be a location for a Mental Health Treatment Center in Mendocino County. The Mental Health Treatment Act Citizen’s Oversight Committee is recommending a property in Redwood Valley for a new Regional Behavioral Health Training Facility and Mendocino County sheriff sub-station. The committee visited the 2,350-square-foot property which is for sale for $369,000. The idea for trainings and to prepare first responders and more. The Sheriff says there could be weekly mental health trainings there. The purchase would come from Measure B funds and the Sheriff’s Office. Apparently there are many others looking to purchase the property and the Board of Supervisors already took up the matter in a closed door session Tuesday.

The Gov. now officially designating the town of Paradise and other areas of Butte County as “rural” so more money could come in to the area from the Federal Government. The certification could mean millions in grants, loans and other aid from the US Department of Agriculture. including a new sewer system in Paradise. This comes after a massive loss of population after the Camp Fire. A recent survey showed there were just over 2,000 residents, but before the deadly fire, there were 27,000.

A woman from Paradise who gave birth on the day of the Camp Fire then had to be evacuated immediately after will be the subject of a new feature film. Heather Roebuck’s dramatic story posted on Facebook about her time in the Feather River Hospital and evacuation moments after a planned C-Section. The movie, tentatively called, “Paradise” to be produced by an Academy Award-nominated and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker. The story will be based on Roebuck and her fiance’s story and the emergency workers who assisted Roebuck during her harrowing story.

Lawmakers sending a bill to the governor that should stabilize utility companies after the fires of 2017 and 18. The Assembly overwhelmingly passed the bill which could also help resolve some damage claims against the biggest utility company in the country, PG&E, in its bankruptcy proceedings. The Gov. Gavin Newsom said he would sign the bill this morning. The bill includes language so PG&E is held accountable for the 2017 and 2018 fire victims after the utility filed for bankruptcy in January. The fires killed more than 130 people over one year and most have been blamed on PG&E equipment.

A young woman from Ukiah, a college student at Dartmouth in New Hampshire is suing that state regarding new state voting rules. The Press Democrat reports Maggie Flaherty was too young to vote in the 2016 presidential election, but wanted to vote as soon as she got to New Hampshire, but she found there was a new law after state Republicans required college students to have in-state driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations. So she and another student with the American Civil Liberties Union are suing that state. The Gov. of New Hampshire says it levels the playing field, but the new Democratic majority repealed the law. The Gov. says he’ll veto that and the ACLU is calling it the equivalent of a poll tax.

A team at U.C. Berkeley looking at wildfire evacuations in Lake County with a report recommending more sharing between government agencies during disaster evacuations. The report, titled “Current State of the Sharing Economy and Evacuations: Lessons from California” takes a look at how the public sees ridesharing and homesharing and their possible impacts during wildfire events. They looked at events such as the Mendocino Complex Fire of 2018. The findings say there’s not always enough resources for evacuations and shelter for all citizens. The report added a proposal for a sharing economy, with private companies and/or private citizens who could help with transportation and sheltering resources.

A new law in place so offices of auditor-controller and treasurer-tax collector become one. The Gov. signed the bill yesterday from Assemblywoman Cecilia Aguiar-Curry and Sen. Mike McGuire. The bill passed last month. Aguiar-Curry’s office says the bill provides more efficiency and collaboration and cuts county costs. There are apparently five other counties who do this already, Mendocino, Santa Cruz, Sonoma, Trinity and Tulare. The Lake County Board of Supervisors’ also approved sending a letter to the governor to ask him for his support to cut down on county costs.

More deaths on the highway in the state over the Independence Day long holiday weekend. The update from the CHP regarding the July 4th holiday says there were 20 fatal crashes this year compared to 11 last year from Wednesday, July 3rd to Sunday, July 7th. 21 people died in the 20 accidents and more than 1,200 people were arrested for DUI’s, compared to 389 in 2018. Lake County did not report any fatal crashes during the maximum enforcement period, but the CHP’s Clearlake office reported 14 crashes and five DUI arrests.

Thousands of healthcare workers are rejecting a new contract offer from Kaiser Permanente. The National Union of Healthcare Workers says their 4,000 members have rejected the hospital giant’s offer because it doesn’t deal with long wait times for patients seeking mental health treatment in Calif. The union says their bargaining teams recommended voting against the offer while the hospital says it’s not going to wait on the union as it advances mental health care. Apparently they’ve agreed to hire 300 therapists, invest $700 million in mental health facilities, more than $50 million to retain employees and another $30 million in tuition assistance for current employees. The union says part of the offer came after the hospital realized the union would reject its latest offer.

Some of the victims of the wildfires of the last couple of years getting some relief after Governor Newsom signs a bill to create a multibillion dollar fund for victims. The fund will have as much as $21 billion which customers will pay half of and the utility companies in the state will pay the other half. The utility companies will not be able to dip into the fund to pay any claims until they’ve put at least $5 billion into safety improvements. The Governor responding to critics who say the bill was passed too quickly, saying lawmakers will return in August and deal with other wildfire related prevention measures.

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