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A vote on the City of Ukiah’s camping ordinance has been tabled after changes were suggested. The Assistant City Attorney explained to the city council last week about a precedent in an Idaho court invalidating a similar anti-camping ordinance. She went on to say that homelessness cannot be considered a crime, but a ban on camping in certain areas or even sitting somewhere the city doesn’t like, could be considered constitutional. The city’s currently considering a camping ordinance to ban all camping in creek beds or other waterways or on sidewalks, and during certain hours. The council will take up the matter again at their next meeting August 7th.

A young man on a skateboard in Mendocino County has been hit by a car and died. The CHP reports it happened near the village of Mendocino last Thursday night. They say they got a report of a pedestrian hit at the intersection of Highway 1 and Little Lake Road and that the car left the scene. Officers say the front end of the car hit the 21 year old then took off as the skateboarder died at the scene. Cops are looking for anyone who may have witnessed the crash. So far there’s no description of a car or the driver.

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. is coming for a discussion with the Clearlake City Council on the utility’s plans for public power shut offs in high fire danger weather conditions. The shutoffs could go as long as five days at a time and could happen more than once in a fire season. The city manager says it’s a manmade emergency and that the city will lose money because of the shutoffs. The Record Bee reports the council will also consider a new policy requiring tobacco retailers to be vetted before selling certain products to try to reduce sales to minors. Last August the city adopted an urgency ordinance so no new tobacco-related businesses could open in city limits. The meeting this Thursday 6 pm at City Hall.

The Lucerne Area Town Hall spending a major chunk of time saying anyone wanting to work on the Town Council should be able to, effectively removing residency requirements. This is due to people who rent homes in the area and aren’t property owners. Discussion then about revisions to bylaws to allow those who not only own property in Lucerne, but also those who own businesses and rent homes there to be on the advisory board. But apparently the Board of Supervisors would have to make any necessary changes. Another meeting is set for next Monday afternoon.

A couple of fires in Lake County over the weekend, someone killed in one of them. Cal Fire got a report yesterday afternoon of a fire in Cobb that was first thought to be an explosion. They arrived and found a structure completely on fire with one person inside. The fire spread to nearby brush, but it was out in a few hours. They’re investigating. Another fire in Lower Lake got close to the town, but no damage was reported. This one started yesterday afternoon as well. It burned in grass and brush and burned six acres. There were 2 structures damaged but nothing totally destroyed. This fire is also under investigation.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors considering bids for power backups due to PG&E’s intended power shutoffs in high fire weather. The meeting tomorrow morning with the board considering bids for emergency standby generators and transfer switches. The generators for Animal Care and Control, Behavior Health, Child Support Services, Social Services Administration, and Victim-Witness.

Lake Tahoe’s blue and full. A water master in Reno, NV says Tahoe has been about an inch away from its maximum surface elevation of about 6,229 feet above sea level. He told the Reno Gazette Journal newspaper, the lake’s level is rare. He says it’s unique that it’s staying full, probably because there was so much snow this past winter. He says there’s good water supply there for three years and that the lake will reach equilibrium soon, as the snowmelt slows and the rate of evaporation increases.

Nine people hurt after a crash in a pickup truck that hit a large mountain lion then slammed into an SUV in the opposite direction in Lake County. The CHP reports the crash happened Friday night on State Route 29 near Kelseyville. The Press Democrat reported the Ford F-150 had four people in it when it hit the animal, then it swerved to the left and into the path of the Lexus SUV. They say four out of nine people in the vehicles were seriously injured, and two were not wearing a seatbelt, the mountain lion was killed.

Insurance in fire prone areas is becoming more difficult in Calif. CBS 13 in the Bay Area with a report that insurance rates are going up thousands for some folks. The Placer County Board of Supervisors are working with residents after one homeowner reported their insurance rates tripled. One supervisor says they can’t control the rates, but they can speak up about it. CBS 13 reporters asking the Dept. of Insurance if they can do something, for which they say if an insurance company proves the rate increase is warranted, they’d probably approve the rate increase.

Two Pacific Gas & Electric customers are suing to get the judge in charge of the utility company’s bankruptcy to disregard a new California law that says customers along with utility companies contribute to a fund to help mitigate some of the costs to the utilities in a wildfire disaster. The lawsuit filed last week claims the new law is unfair, putting the company’s rights above utility customers and taxpayers so that the companies can more easily raise rates to pay for wildfire damage or claims caused by power company equipment. The new law demands electric utilities meet new safety standards at the same time they pass the costs of wildfires onto customers raising rates to pay for that unless the company proves to regulators it acted sensibly — a higher standard.

A couple of men in Humboldt County have been arrested after a traffic stop turns up drugs . The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Dept reports the stop in McKinleyville finding the driver, Anthony Workman was on parole, so he was taken in for DUI. His passenger, Travis Anderson, was also on probation with two outstanding felony warrants for his arrest. When cops searched the car, they found a loaded firearm, ammunition, suspected MDMA, and suspected cocaine which they connected to the passenger, Anderson. He’s charged for possession of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance while armed, felon in possession of a firearm and ammo, plus for the outstanding warrants.


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