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Another town hall with PG&E sheds more light on their public safety power shutoffs, this one in Upper Lake. A utility company representative says if there’s an active fire, there’s no public safety power shutoff, it’s only to prevent fires in certain weather conditions. The PG& E Representative for Sonoma and Lake Counties in town Tuesday talked about their intended 48 hour notice ahead of any shutoffs. The utility company says the shutoffs would help reduce the risk of their equipment starting fires after their infrastructure was blamed as the ignition point for multiple destructive fires in California the last couple years. The rep says they’ll work with Cal Fire who will instruct them which direction an active fire is moving and they will shut down power in that direction.

The Gov. Gavin Newsom signs a bill to have a new Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund that would put money into local water systems so they have safe drinking water. The Gov. says more than a million Californians don’t have access to clean drinking water at home, work or school impacting their lives every day. The latest state budget puts $130 million to pay for safe drinking water projects and instructs the State Water Resources Control Board to come up with a spending plan to find which water systems are failing and have solutions to bring safe and affordable drinking water to those areas.

A man in Ukiah’s arrested for the attempted murder of his stepdad. Ukiah police say 24 year old Rafael Maldonado-Mata was arrested after his stepfather ended up in the hospital with stab wounds. The victim tells police he was preparing to go to work when Maldonado-Mata started stabbing him without provocation. He was hit three times, then took himself to the hospital. Police arrested the 24 year old on suspicion of attempted murder and for violating his probation.

The body of a man from Talmage has been found floating in Mill Creek Dam. Police say 43 year old Victor Delgado was found yesterday east of the city of Talmage near the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. Deputies say he was found by someone fishing nearby fully clothed. Police say it didn’t seem like he was there swimming, but there were no apparent signs of foul play. An autopsy is planned to determine the cause of death which will include a Toxicology analysis.

Is a strike imminent by a Mendocino County labor union. The Mendocino County SEIU Local 1021 chapter had an informational picket in front of the Mendocino Administrative Building in Ukiah. They’re trying to get higher wages for county workers. They have 800 members in the chapter. The informal picket amid a delay in negotiations. The union says some members have to have second jobs, or they quit for better paying jobs, or some suffer in low staffing jobs so they’re overworked and work overtime. The union says they told the county what they needed in May but have not received a counteroffer. Their contract expired June 30th.

Mendocino Coast District Hospital is down to one suitor. The struggling institution reportedly had a board meeting Monday on the matter where it was announced  American Advanced Management Group was no longer a candidate for taking over the hospital. This after an investigation into the company by the state Attorney General. The decision to reject was unanimous. One board member said he thought the whole thing was tainted somehow. Now Adventist Health is the only contender to purchase or lease the troubled facility.

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors is reportedly considering divesting from major banks that have been in business with those involved in migrant detention centers along the U.S.-Mexico border. The Press Democrat reports protestors placed cages outside the county’s main administrative building with stuffed animals wrapped in thermal inside them, to replicate conditions of detained migrant children on the border. Several people from the public spoke at the meeting urging the board to divest from Bank of America and Wells Fargo. Each own shares in some private contractors managing detention facilities at the border.

It’s a challenge to keep waterways in Calif from getting infested with invasive mussels. In Lake Tahoe two boats were recently stopped from going into the water because they were infested. The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency says the two boats were being quarantined until they could be decontaminated. Inspectors reportedly found up to 100 invasive mussels, some they say may have been alive, in the hull of a powerboat from Lake Pleasant, Arizona, that one still quarantined. Another smaller boat launched after about 20 dead mussels were plucked off that vessel.

Police are looking into reports of a dog biting people in Lakeport. Police working with Lake County Animal Care and Control after complaints of a vicious dog in Library Park and downtown Lakeport the last couple of months. The male red and white Australian Shepherd seen Monday night near the Lakeport Yacht Club. Two reports of a similar dog or the same one biting a woman last week and a man July 7th, both incidents at Library Park. The dog being held by Lake County Animal Care and Control during their investigation. Reports say the same dog bit another person May 27th.

Nearly 900 acres of land in the Eel River watershed near Potter Valley is now permanently protected a decade and a half after PG&E’s 1st bankruptcy. The Mendocino Land Trust and the Potter Valley Tribe with Pacific Gas & Electric and the Pacific Forest and Watershed Lands Stewardship Council announcing the agreement. It comes as part of PG&E’s 2003 bankruptcy settlement. The lands were donated to the tribe and the conservation easement was agreed to forever. This means the Potter Valley Tribe and Mendocino Land Trust will protect the area and its attributes including fish and wildlife habitat, open space, public view-shed, forest ecosystems, historic and cultural values and public access.

The next National Night Out is around the corner. Folks across the country are asked to turn their lights on Tuesday, August 6th and spend the night outside with neighbors, friends and public safety workers. In Fort Bragg, Police and Neighborhood Watch are hosting the National Night Out at Bainbridge Park at 5. There will be treats and prizes for the kids as you get to know your community and Public Safety personnel. It’s sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch and locally co-sponsored by the Fort Bragg Police Department and Fort Bragg Neighborhood Watch.

A federal judge is allowing the state of California to take a couple weeks to decide on proposals to take over control of Pacific Gas & Electric to get the utility out of its latest bankruptcy. This one because of massive wildfire claims. The judge in this year’s bankruptcy allowing the two week wait after lawyers for the Gov. and state regulators asked for time to consider the best plan, looking to come out of its bankruptcy by next June. PG&E can submit their exclusive plan to pay off debts and reorganize finances, but then a group of insurance companies and another group, of PG&E bondholders, also get to present proposals. The insurers are claiming PG&E owes them $20 billion in reimbursements for wildfire claims and the bondholders say they’re owed at least $16 billion to pay wildfire claims.

It’s almost back to school time and schools in Paradise are getting ready after the Camp Fire. In 3 weeks schools are set to reopen. Water was turned back on last week at the high school and the elementary school is ordering play structures. All hazardous trees near the schools have been removed, but there are still ominous signs from the deadly fire left behind. Almost two thirds of the student population in the Paradise Unified School District are enrolling out of the district, many to Chico and Oroville. Buses will be available for children displaced by the fire. The lowest teacher to student ratio ever is expected with 136 teachers for around 1,200 to 1,400 students, compared to 3,300 before the fire.


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