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A judge in Mendocino County Superior Court on Friday ruled that there was no justification or provocation in the shooting of two neighbors by 70-year-old Harry William Miller. One neighbor was shot at point-blank range and four more rounds were fired at another neighbor. Desiree Palestrini died from her wounds, but medical teams were able to save the life of Paul Palestrini in what has been described as a heroic effort. Miller was sentenced to 11 years and 10 months in State Prison, and because the crimes were both felonies and violent in nature, will not be eligible for parole until he has served at least 10 years. Millers’s wife is currently serving a 10-month sentence at the Mendocino County Jail following her conviction by a separate jury for being a felony accessory to her husband’s violent crimes.

Some first-time college students have Assembly Bill 19 to thank for one-year free tuition at Mendocino College and other community colleges beginning this fall. The bill made money available for colleges so that fees can be waived for first-time students. The Mendocino College Promise can save students up to $1380 during the upcoming school year and is open to any first-time college student that finishes 15 unites in the fall semester and commits to taking 15 units again in the spring semester. The program is not need-based, but students must have earned their high school diploma or equivalent in the service area of Mendocino College. More information on the program can be found at

Upgrades could be coming to Vinewood and Oak Manor Parks. New irrigation systems, restrooms, walking paths, better play areas for younger children, picnic tables, better lighting, and other improvements are being planned. According to the Daily Journal, Ukiah City Council has given staff the go-ahead to apply for grants to help pay for the improvements, which were based on input from community meetings and knocking on doors.

There is now only one person still on the list of those unaccounted for following the Camp Fire, but authorities are not even sure if 51-year-old Sara Martinez-Fabila was in the Paradise area during the time of the fire. Police were able to cross the name of 47-year-old Wendy Carrol of Oroville off the missing list when they spotted her late Thursday of last week. An officer patrolling Lincoln BLVD recognized her and stopped to confirm her identity. Authorities say Carroll knew she was on the list but had failed to contact officials.

Since there is no way to reliably test for marijuana intoxication, the city of Ukiah has been reluctant to allow any cannabis events. That could be slowly changing, but any special events won’t be in city facilities or city parks over liability concerns. The Daily Journal reports that some council members acknowledge that while beer and wine events are allowed, those that drink too much are visibly intoxicated, which is not always the case with cannabis. Some council members worry that not allowing the events is a missed opportunity. When asking for public feedback, some in the cannabis industry said that hosting the events would be beneficial for the city and business, and that those attending indoor events could be checked in and tracked to ensure public safety.

During tomorrow’s meeting, the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors is expecting an update from the Mental health Treatment Act Citizen’s Oversight Committee, and a presentation on the California Cannabis Authority. The board will also discuss plans to maintain services at the County Administration Center in Ukiah during a PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff event, including funds to pay for the installation of electrical intersects at the administration center, establishment of a capital improvement plan for a longer-term planning effort to provide additional backup power,and the rental of 5 standby generators for three months. A permit for the Elk Volunteer Fire Department’s "Great Day In Elk" parade planned for August 24th, among other items are also on the agenda, which can be viewed at

Librarians, counselors, faculty, part-time lecturers and coaches for all 23 California State University campuses are no longer affiliated with the California Teacher’s Association following a decision by the California Faculty Association to disaffiliate, resulting in the loss of about 19,000 members for the California Teacher’s Association. EdSource reports that issues over dues and representation on governing bodies within the Association were behind some of the friction, but the election of Toby Boyd last March as the association’s new president over CSU professor Theresa Montano was apparently the final straw. The CTA says they have been working hard to recruit new members over the last year and thinks that about 22,000 new members will keep their membership at around 325,000. A letter written by CSU faculty Association president Charles Toombs says the decision was made to optimize the association’s resources, members and operations.

The Lakeport City Council meets tomorrow at 6 pm, but before the meeting begins, a closed session is planned at 5:45 to discuss a resolution to pursue delinquent utility bills. According to a report by finance director Nick Walker, there are eight properties that owe bills over $3000. Final notices were sent out on July 17th to property owners who now have until 4:30 pm on August 8th to square away the debts. Lake County News reports that a list will be provided at the meeting of any accounts that have been brought current since the notices were sent out.

The County of Lake Board of Supervisors will meet tomorrow morning at 9 am, and the resignation of treasurer-tax collector Barbara Ringer, who has announced plans to retire this January will be discussed. Changes to the deputy registrar of voters job are also under consideration. The consolidation of the treasurer-tax collector’s office with the auditor-collector-county clerk’s office, the disaster only 2-11- line, and a resolution to accept the county noncompetitive allocation award through The No Place Like Home Program are all on the agenda. The meeting will be broadcast on Channel 8 and streamed online. You can read the agenda and get a link to the stream at

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