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Evacuations in place as a fire burns on the side of Mount Konocti. There’s about 40 homes in the potential path of the fire and an evacuation warning is also in effect for more. The Golf fire broke out yesterday afternoon around Soda Bay Road and Golf Drive, quickly swelling to 5 acres, then 19, now 33. The fire’s 30 percent contained. The area of Riviera West was evacuated and Kelseyville High was being used as an evacuation center. Riviera Heights got the evacuation warning. Several road closures were also announced:

– Soda Bay Road at Riviera West Drive;
– Crystal Drive at Soda Bay Road;
– Soda Bay Road at Little Borax Lake Road;
– Greenway Drive at Little Borax Lake Road;
– Golf Drive at Greenway Drive;
– Madrone Drive at Soda Bay Road.

Could be good news for firefighters on the Golf Fire, rain may be on the way, with cooler temperatures. The National Weather Service reporting on a low pressure system along the Northern Calif. coast today into tomorrow with temperatures expected to be 5 to 20 degrees below normal before heating up again Sunday.

The lease or outright buy of Mendocino Coast District Hospital on hold as the Affiliation Board meets then the Board of Directors says no to a ballot measure on the idea this November. Residents who showed up at the Affiliation Board meeting against the ballot measure to affiliate with Adventist Health. Some said it was because they missed the ballot language deadline, which is today, one speaker concerned Adventist wouldn’t provide abortions, another about labor and delivery services being taken away too. The Board telling the public the negotiations with Adventist are continuing.

The meals-on-wheels program in Lake County called out in the latest Grand Jury report for various non-compliance issues. The report done each year brings up food temperature, food purchasing, pay for delivery-personnel and misstatement of food delivery statistics. The jury doesn’t normally investigate the program, senior centers or the Area Agency on Aging, but apparently they chose to because, as noted, there is an agreement with the County for the programs. Some of the issues the jury found, meals taking a couple hours or more and their temperatures not checked, health dept. inspections not done frequently enough and that their claim of over 220,000 meals delivered each year is bogus, off by a 60 percent margin.

A man from Clearlake arrested for sex assault says he’s not guilty. 69 year old Bert Tino Besio appeared in court, pleading not guilty to all counts and special allegations. Besio’s accused of aggravated sexual assault of a minor, forcible lewd act upon a child and aggravated sexual assault of a child for two victims under 13. Police say it happened on multiple occasions. The attorneys waiting on discovery, with Besio’s saying it might take some time to go over, but his client is due back in court in about 2 ½ weeks.

A bunch of work by PG&E in Lake County in coming days. The utility company planning over 160 miles of vegetation work around its lines and another 13 miles or so of repairs and upgrades on infrastructure. The work planned since May. You may see crews out and about trimming vegetation around power lines. The company says it’s assessing trees thought to be in poor health and certain species which have a history of falling or dropping limbs during fire season. A PG&E spokesperson tells the Record Bee a bunch of their work is part of their “Wildfire Safety Inspections Program”. They found 118 problems in Lake County alone with distribution equipment and more than 100 issues with their transmission equipment, and 30 substation issues.

The City of Ukiah moves another step forward again with a new camping ordinance. After a court case that set a precedent for decriminalizing those who sleep in public places, the Ukiah City Council was back at the drawing board with an updated camping ordinance so as to not criminalize sleeping in public. The Daily Journal reports the new ordinance prohibits setting up permanent, large campsites, camping in public during the day, but states it won’t be enforced in areas if there’s no shelter space available. It does prohibit camping on sidewalks, streets and floodways. The council approved the new measure which should go into effect in a month.

A week has passed with the jury continuing to deliberate in the Ghost Ship criminal trial. 36 people died in a fire at the warehouse, turned artist colony in Oakland. Master tenant Derick Almena and his right hand man, Max Harris have been charged with 36 counts each of involuntary manslaughter for the deaths of the partygoers in December of 2016. No cause was ever found for the fire which is said to have been the deadliest in the city’s history. The men each face 39 years in prison after the judge tossed a plea agreement. The jury in their criminal case started deliberating late July 31st and begin again Monday morning.

Add another name to the list of those who died due to the Camp Fire. A survivor just died due to injuries sustained during an attempted escape from the fire. The Advocate Newspaper reports Paul Ernest and his wife survived the fire, hiding behind a boulder last November. The former Paradise resident died Monday from complications from burns he got in the fire. He was being cared for at a home in West Sacramento. Nurses there say his lungs would no longer oxygenate and doctors had come to find out recently that he’d never be able to breathe again without help. He was 72 years old and is now considered the 86th death related to the Camp Fire.

A man in McKinleyville has been arrested after people reported seeing him shooting at passing vehicles. Kym Kemp dot com reports the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office arrested the man yesterday morning for shooting at passing cars. Deputies saw the guy, Tyler Godwin, and found a gun in his pocket. The gun was later shown to be a CO2 powered pellet gun, but they say it looked like an actual firearm. Victims on the scene say the guy fired at them but they were not hurt. Godwin has been arrested for brandishing a firearm.


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