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A couple of mosquito samples in Lake County have tested positive for West Nile virus. The samples collected near Lower Lake last week was the first detection this year in Lake County. The Vector Control District reminds folks to cover up with clothes and insect repellent during the times when the bugs are active. They also remind to dump any standing water, so you don’t attract the pests. There’s been West Nile virus activity  in 22 California counties this year mostly from mosquitoes. And there have been ten human cases of people getting sick from the virus this year. Many people don’t even know they have it, only one in five develop symptoms. And most people do recover completely. About 1 in 150 get sicker, with severe illness.

The Golf fire in Lake County is 100-percent contained. It started last Thursday off Soda Bay Road at Golf Drive in the Black Forest where several homes were evacuated and others were put on notice they might have to leave. About twenty acres burned in the fire and there was no damage to any homes and one minor injury was reported. There were also street closures for about a day. Both the evacuations and road closures were lifted Friday. The fire was found to have been caused by an improperly discarded cigarette.

The communities near where the Golf Fire started had previously been noted as being in high fire danger with the potential to threaten human life and property if there was a fire. Plus Soda Bay Road is the only main way out. Supervisor Rob Brown had been proposing a vegetation abatement program for a while, which was adopted recently in the Rivieras. The Sheriff and Cal Fire say mild weather and high humidity with a bit of rain was in their favor. The Sheriff reported response to the fire was swift and the evacuations went well using text and phone notifications. They also went door-to-door telling people to leave. The area was supposed to have brush clearing this coming weekend as part of Supervisor Brown’s 1,000 Hands to Protect Lake County Homes program.

Some evacuation planning and education meetings are set by Cal Fire. Sherwood Firewise having the “Ready, Set, Go” CAL FIRE programs. The three meetings will feature exercises attendees can learn for home evacuation. There will also be a guided convoy out Sherwood Road north to Highway 101. And Third District Supervisor John Haschak will be in attendance, talking about emergency access routes and public safety improvements. Each of the three meetings will be at the Brooktrails Community Center and may feature different info. The first was last Thursday with a focus on being ‘READY’. The next meeting is a week from Thursday, Aug. 22 featuring, being ‘SET’ and the final meeting next Saturday, Aug. 24th with the theme, ‘GO’.

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A new groundwater management agency is being considered in Lake County. The Board of Supervisors, sitting as the directors of the watershed protection district considering the move for the Big Valley basin for local and sustainable management of the groundwater basin. There had been a plan drafted before for the area, but the California Department of Water Resources rejected it. Lake County one of six in the state with its alternative groundwater plan rejected last month. The county has 90 days to correct the plan.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors looking at a new committee to support the work by the Army Corps of Engineers for the Middle Creek Flood Damage Reduction and Ecosystem Restoration Project. The Record Bee reports the project in Upper Lake worked on since the 1990’s to restore wetlands near Scotts and Middle Creek so there’s a better filter for sediment and nutrients in Clear Lake. A couple of district supervisors working with Congressman John Garamendi and others to get approval from the committee that oversees the Corps of Engineers’ budgets.

The Clearlake City Council has approved building a new animal shelter. This comes after the police chief went to the council last week with a proposal to get the current animal shelter in an old hangar at the Public Works Corp. yard moved. The Animal Coalition of Lake County apparently working to find other options for the shelter has also put up $10,000 for the new space. The police chief says there’s not enough space in the current location, which was not meant to be an animal shelter in the first place. There was also an ad hoc committee created last year to help find a new location. But the best option they say now is to add on to where they are, because it would be the least costly.

A man in Redwood Valley’s been arrested after he was in a car that didn’t stop when an officer tried pulling him over. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept. reports they were trying to help a Ukiah Police officer and someone hopped out the passenger side while the car was in motion. The person who jumped out was identified as Russell Taylor who the deputy found had two felony warrants for his arrest for robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence, burglary, resisting arrest, and multiple other charges. The deputy along with his K-9 partner went after the guy, warning him to stop, but he would not. Taylor arrested with the help of the police dog for resisting arrest and the warrants and held on $295,000.00 bail.

A man in McKinleyville has been arrested in connection to the stabbing death of another man. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office reports getting a call about a disturbance early last Saturday morning. They say a stabbing victim was on the ground and unresponsive. Deputies had apparently been to the house in the past due to repeated calls for service and were familiar with people involved in this incident. They say they found the stabbing victim unresponsive and started CPR and the man was taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead. Cops say Brian Leiteritz has been charged with murder and booked into the Humboldt County Jail.

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