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An agreement reached for another three years between the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors and county union workers. Mendocino County SEIU Local 1021 agreeing to the new deal which the Daily Journal reports includes higher pay and health benefits. The two sides had been negotiating after the union held informational pickets last month on their lunch breaks. They were trying to get notice about their pay compared to those in comparable counties across the state. The Board of Supervisors had a negotiating team work with the union. The pay for union workers is now reportedly closer to other counties of comparable size. The board though says they’ve set aside money for the contract the first year but have to figure out how to pay for the second and third years.

A couple of cars and a cow collide in Mendocino County. The Ukiah Valley Fire Authority on the scene Monday night after the accident about five miles south of Talmage on Old River Road. A Honda Pilot hit the cow, then plowed into a Toyota pickup truck. There were no injuries reported.

Hundreds of thousands of state money reportedly misspent by a state agricultural association. The state auditor’s office reports staff members from one of the state’s 54 district agricultural associations were guilty of “gross mismanagement” of the district. The actual association has not been named, they generally oversee local fairs and exhibitions to show off California’s agricultural resources and products. Another state department charged with overseeing the ag. association didn’t find the violations for years. The CEO of the association and the maintenance supervisor reportedly let workers drink booze on the job and drive state-owned vehicles for personal use and use credit cards without receipts.

State regulators taking a look after residents in California are complaining they’re losing their homeowner’s insurance in fire prone areas. More than 340,000 rural homeowners have lost their insurance over four years. The Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara’s staff released the numbers this week showing non-renewals were up 6 percent over last year. Especially the areas affected by the 2015 and 2017 fires, those homeowners lost their insurance, 10 percent more than last year. One of the worst areas was in Nevada County, where they had a 38 percent jump from the year before. The numbers don’t include last year’s Camp Fire because some of the policies have not expired yet.

A new law in Calif. so folks have backup batteries for their garage door openers. It comes after some of the October 2017 fires and the Camp Fire last year.  Back in the 1990s, there was a rule where garage door openers had to have sensors. Now we take it further with a Senate Bill requiring all newly installed openers have battery backups for power.

The California’s teacher pension fund getting into politics, looking to join a lawsuit to change Facebook’s corporate governance practices. The California State Teachers’ Retirement System looking to join the lawsuit against Facebook’s leadership along with the Fireman’s Retirement System of St. Louis and retail investor Karen Sbriglio after it was revealed the political consulting company Cambridge Analytica got ahold of folks personal information without their knowledge, then used it for political purposes. The pension fund says they think weak corporate governance practices were partly to blame for the scandal that hurt Facebook’s stock price.

The governor recently calling on all citizens to be prepared in the case of an emergency. And so the state Assembly takes it a step further after 30 federally declared disasters in 2017 and 17 more in 2018. This year we’ve had a mild fire season so far, but still 51,000 acres have burned. There’s also been several earthquakes this year, including a couple of doozies leading to a state of emergency in Kern and San Bernardino counties. Assembly Bill 651 calling for air ambulances to be at the ready and for patients not to be charged for medical transport in the case of a state of emergency.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office on the lookout for a woman they say failed to appear in court for vandalism. In their weekly Warrant Wednesday post, the agency says they’re looking for 30 year old Amber Deanne King on a $10,000 warrant. She’s described as being 5′ 06″, 160 lbs. with brown hair and hazel eyes. She was last seen they say in Fort Bragg. Sheriff’s office asking anyone who may know where King is to call the department.

The new Chairman of the Hoopa Tribe in Humboldt County is sworn in and fires the police chief and a sergeant. Chairman Byron Nelson Jr. reportedly signing letters to fire the  Police Chief Dana Norton and Sergeant Michael Hass, a former Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputy hired in June. Norton had only been the police chief a short time, reportedly fired last week on the final day of his 18 month probationary period. Norton reportedly in trouble last month for insubordination. Norton telling a local newspaper he thinks he was fired because of corrupt political promises. An interim police chief was hired in the meantime.

Less students getting vaccinated in Butte County. The State Dept. of Public Health reporting on the numbers at both public and charter schools which show they are below recommended rates. The agency looks for a rate of 95% or higher in immunized students. And state law looks for public school kids to be vaccinated against 10 major communicable diseases unless they have an exemption. The rate went down as Butte County had the highest rate of measles in the state last year.  The schools apparently can’t stop students who don’t get their shots to enroll, but the Dept. of Public Health makes the numbers public at their website

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