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10 people in a plane crash at the Oroville Airport. The small plane crashed at the end of the runway as it tried taking off then burst into flames and ignited nearby grass. The crash yesterday morning with eight passengers and two pilots. Firefighters hustled everyone out of the plane and attacked the flames. The grass fire put out fast, and no injuries of those aboard have been reported. The plane was saturated with water. The CHP on scene, closed part of Highway 162 close by in case there was a fuel spill.  The FAA, as standard procedure, will investigate.

The Lake County Chamber of Commerce getting ahead of next year, paying for the annual fireworks show in Library Park in Lakeport. The CEO of the Chamber presented a check of just over $5,600 to the Lakeport Mayor Tim Barnes for the yearly fireworks show. The Chamber’s cash also made possible with the help of Bruno’s Shop Smart. The Mayor commenting that the fireworks this year were amazing. The City Manager also added that the Lakeport Main Street Association also kicked in $1,000 for the fireworks show.

Lake County looks to be joining a consortium interested in buying the Potter Valley Project from PG&E. The Record Bee reports the Board of Supervisors approved a revised resolution this week to join the group after PG&E decided to abandon the water diversion and electric power project. The project includes the Scott Dam which forms Lake Pillsbury. Lake County leaders want the Scott Dam to stay in place which could dry up Lake Pillsbury. The consortium sending a notice of intent to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for a feasibility study to see if the group can relicense the project. Some members in Lake County also want to focus more on habitat restoration.

Teachers in Calif. working for charter schools don’t necessarily need a background check and other requirements like public schools do, but that could change under a bill currently in the state Senate. The state Dept. of Education says there are more than 1,100 teachers at charter schools without any sort of credential or permit, including a Certificate of Clearance which teachers get after being fingerprinted and go thru a background check. Assembly Bill 1505 would mean stricter guidelines at charter schools, but it also defines core classes. If the bill passes, it wouldn’t go into effect until next year for new teachers at charter schools.

A man looking to take a picture with his brother’s duplicate dog tags, loses the tags, but a good Samaritan jumps in. The Record Bee reports Michael Essex had his photo arrangement laid out to memorialize his brother killed in action 7 years ago to that day August 16th. The picture was to include Clear Lake and Mt. Konocti in the background, but a fishing pole apparently jostled the tags into the lake. Then someone saw his post on Facebook and the owners of Bullfrog Underwater Services offered their help, jumped into the lake and plucked the tags back out.

Anyone who wants a fire extinguisher can get one for free. The Lake County Wine Alliance giving away 500 extinguishers to residents of Lake County. Lake Co News reports Ukiah Oxygen has donated 350 ABC chemical and 150 2.5 gallon stainless steel water-filled extinguishers at a discount, then the Wine Alliance paid for that. There was an event Saturday where several community members got a fire extinguisher. The Kelseyville Fire Protection District is distributing the rest thru today. They will also show those who take them, how to handle the extinguishers.

Unemployment stays the same in Calif, tying a record low in July. Lake Co News reports the jobless rate in Lake County was slightly up though. The California Employment Development Department’s data shows the state tied a record low at 4.1 percent last month, the same as first set in July until December of 2018. In Lake County the rate went up to 5.1 percent from 4.9 percent in June, still below last year’s 5.2 percent. Nearly 3.3 million jobs have been added in the state since February 2010. Lake County was 35th in the state for July, Mendocino at a very low 4 percent, Napa even lower at 3 percent, tied with Sonoma County.

A bit of a scare in Willits as a gas main break leads to an evacuation of residents. It happened mid-morning yesterday when a construction crew near Pine and Spruce streets hit a gas main. Police sent an alert right away saying there was a one block radius evacuation, but then they quickly sent another alert, extending it to two blocks. They warned the public to steer clear of the area as PG&E made their way to the scene to shut off the gas. Around an hour later, there was an official statement put out by police on their Facebook page to alert community members. A local elementary school was not evacuated, but they were told to “shelter in place”. Soon after the original leak, about 2 hours later, PG&E turned off the gas and the situation ended, those evacuated allowed to return home.

Several spot fires break out in Windsor and the 101 has to be closed down during rush hour traffic. The CHP says there were seven small vegetation fires all breaking out around 5:30 p.m. on the southbound side of the highway and a car crash nearby really snarled traffic. It was also on a day the National Weather Service said there would be critical fire conditions because of hot, dry, windy weather. The car crash was a big rig that crashed into a car, something firefighters say may have been caused by the fires. Two minor injuries were reported, but nobody had to go to the hospital.  One large fire threatened a local business which had to close down. The fires were out soon after they started.

Another employee agreement is reached by the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors. This time with the Mendocino County Public Attorneys’ Association. Just a few days ago we noted another group of county employees signed a three year deal. The board voted unanimously to approve the agreement with attorneys covering July 1st through June 30th of 2022. This agreement for a 3 percent Cost of Living Adjustment and a wage market adjustment of almost 11 percent. It means in the second and third year of the contract, the lawyers will get 3 percent Cost Of Living Adjustment and a market adjustment of about 8 percent.  Same arguments made by the Public Attorneys’ Association as the County Employees, being under valued compared to nearby communities.

Info released by the Drug Enforcement Agency and Centers for Disease Control shows almost 40 million doses of opioids prescribed to folks in Mendocino County over a 6 year period. The Washington Post published the release of the information last month, and that was published by other publications too, including the Advocate-News and Mendocino Beacon. Mendocino had a rate of 63 pills per person a year, but Lake County was at 97. Humboldt County at 76 pills per person a year and Sonoma County was 39. In Mendocino County, 38 people reportedly died from opioid overdoses between 2006-2012

Those who survived the Redwood Complex Fire part of the massive October 2017 firestorm, may be able to receive more aid. The long-term fire recovery team in Mendocino County, Mendocino-ROC, for Rebuilding our Community looking for survivors of the fire as we get closer to the two year anniversary, to get some of their remaining grants and more. They’ve already distributed more than $3.5 million dollars to residents in Mendocino County including immediate relief after the fires and long term needs, like new homes for victims of the Redwood Complex and Mendocino Complex fires from last year. The deadline to apply is October 31st 

To find out what grants you may be eligible for, please call or text 621-8817 to make an appointment or visit the Redwood Resource Room at the Ukiah Valley Conference Center during drop-in hours Monday-Thursday 10am-2pm. You can also email

Some Camp Fire survivors using repurposed wood burned in the fire for new homes. Burned pine trees being used by residents with the help of a local, portable community sawmill run by a nonprofit, From the Ground Up Farms, Inc. The community of Concow hit hard by the fire last year. Several families reportedly lining up to use the sawmill to rebuild before winter. They also say they want to utilize felled trees which were killed by the fire or are dying now.  About 1,000 people lived in Concow before the deadly fire. And eight out of the 86 who died were in Concow.

A couple of new members appointed to the Ukiah Unified School District Board of Trustees after those who were in the seats moved out of the area. Zoey Fernandez appointed for Trustee Area Central, and José Díaz for Trustee Area North. José’s also on the UUSD District Advisory Committee. He says he wanted to be involved to support teachers and school staff who he says are the strength of the district. Fernandez is a Program Specialist for Mendocino County helping after the 2017 Redwood Complex Fire and she volunteers at one of her kids schools in Ukiah Unified. The two openings were announced in June and those who were interested in the spots were invited to interview.


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