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A man reported missing in Illinois has been found dead in Lake County. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office got a call about a stolen car related to the missing man, Grant Whitaker by a Dollar General store in Clearlake Oaks.  They took possession of the car but didn’t find the man. Whitaker’s family had also reported to police that he may have been in a fight with a traveling companion, Mavrick Fisher of Nevada, while the two camped in Humboldt County.  Whitaker’s family says they didn’t hear from him after that. Then the Sheriff’s Office got info that Fisher admitted he killed Whitaker. They received detailed directions where Whitaker’s body was in Upper Lake and found human remains in remote area. The same day, cops in Rosarito Mexico, found Fisher. The Lake County Sheriff’s office is now awaiting his extradition.

Those running the MendoLake Complex Fire Relief Center looking for help still a year after the devastating fire burned hundreds of thousands of acres. The center has been helping survivors with day to day living items, guidance, support, referrals, and grant application services. The center looking for help supporting the center. The Center Director reports they still have people coming in to get help weekly. Director Danilla Sands announcing a fundraiser at the North Bay Artisan Showcase and Faire September 14th. It’s at the same time as the End of Summer Show & Shine Classic Car and Motorcycle Show in downtown Ukiah. A booth for the MendoLake Complex Fire Relief Center will be in Alex Thomas Plaza. Volunteers are needed for 30-minute shifts from 10am to 4pm.

Volunteers can send an email to or call (707)489-3970 or send a message to Danilla Sands on facebook to sign up.

A major event in Ukiah each year draws big crowds once again. The yearly Dunk Tank, a winner with crowds again. The fundraiser for the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Sheriff Tom Allman one of the regulars at the fundraiser. He says for the last five years he’s attended and for the last couple years, whoever dunks him first has to fork over $100 for the nonprofit. The dunk tank donated by some local realtors. The money raised each year goes to the National Alliance. Last year they raised about $1,300. So far no tally for this year has been released.

Those interested in finding out how to contribute to or volunteer for the National Alliance on Mental Illness can visit their website at, call 485-2008, or visit their office at 564 S. Dora St., in Ukiah.

A truck with a boat trailer attached goes into Lake Mendocino and has to be pulled back out again. The truck went into the water by the South Boat ramp Saturday afternoon. A team of divers had to go under to find where the truck was, then Sunday it was lifted back out.  The Mendocino Park Manager says nobody was injured in the accident.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office, Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office dive team, and the Solano County Sheriff’s office were all on the scene. No word how the truck ended up in the lake, but the Park Manager says they think the truck was in park and somehow disengaged and they also think the emergency brake was not engaged.

Still no decisions in Mendocino County for ambulance service. The Mendocino County Local Emergency Medical Services Agency, a required agency by the State’s Health & Safety Code, wanted to use a single provider for a wide swath of land in the county. The Board of Supervisors wanting to contract with one for the area including Piercy, Leggett, Covelo, Willits, Ukiah, Hopland, Anderson Valley from Navarro to Yorkville and the southern patch of land in inland Mendocino County. The coast is not included.  There are reportedly several groups that have applied to be the service provider.

Schools in California could soon allow mom and dad to give their kids medical marijuana and CBD on K-12 campuses. The California Assembly gave the green light to a bill yesterday for school boards to be able to decide if parents should be able to give their kids medical marijuana on school campuses in non-smoking form. Right now that is illegal. So kids who use the medicine for seizures have to leave campus to get their meds. Those behind the bill say that’s dangerous, those against don’t want the drug on campus and are also looking for stronger medical marijuana regulations for children. Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a similar proposal last year.

There are hundreds of homes following the new hazardous vegetation abatement ordinance in Lake County even though the window between when the ordinance was enacted and its due date was tight. The Record Bee reports letters went out to property owners directly after the ordinance was approved for brush clearance. The idea also had unanimous support from the board of supervisors, who passed them in March. There were ongoing discussions on the wording of the ordinance, before final approval. The code enforcement officer for Lake County says about 1,500 properties were inspected for compliance and only about 400 were found to be out of compliance, . Those owners got letters saying they had 21 days or face a potential administrative citation, about half of those are now in compliance.


A resounding yes vote on new smoking rules in public places in Clearlake. Last week the City Council gave unanimous approval to the ordinance updating where smoking is no longer  allowed. It includes inhaling or exhaling tobacco or cannabis. It bans puffing within 25 feet of any outdoor eating areas, entrances and exiting places of employment, bus stops and shelters, ATMs, grocery stores, retail stores, bars and restaurants. Lake Co News reports there would also have to be signs posted in no smoking areas and violations would be enforced under the administrative penalties section of the municipal code. There was no public or council comment on the ordinance. There’s still a second reading happening, then final adoption at the Sept. 12th council meeting.

Microplastic pollution has been detected by scientists for the first time in Lake Tahoe. Preliminary tests of water samples by the researchers at the Desert Research Institute in Reno showed there was red and blue pieces of plastic, but they were not any larger than the head of a pin. They say they will now dive deeper into the source of the materials. But studies have recently shown these sorts of particles come from trashed plastic like flip-flops, toys, toothbrushes, water bottles, synthetic clothing, Styrofoam and more. And that it can travel far in the atmosphere, carried by wind, rain and falling snow. Scientists say so far, they haven’t a clue where the plastics came from, but say they’ll try to figure it out.

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