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A scam on the coast. Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies get a call to a resident in Fort Bragg who tells them about a Craigslist ad for an apartment rental in the Village of Mendocino which seemed too good to be true, but they responded. The victim tells deputies an unidentified person sent them a rental/lease agreement asking for personal information which they gave them, but started getting suspicious and asked for their identity, later finding out someone else owned the property and it wasn’t for rent. The victim called credit agencies to place an alert on his credit. Then deputies found the suspect was using an internet phone and their email was fraudulent. The same thing apparently happened recently to someone in Fort Bragg. A reminder to be careful when responding to online ads.

For further information on Cyber Crimes and scams, please review the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at

A new video gaming lounge coming to Ukiah. The arcade looking to open where a Karate studio used to be on East Church Street. Paul Jackson looking to open “Next Level Gaming” which is described as a video game lounge and arcade with retail space. The Karate studio closed in that location nearly a year ago. The arcade would have 15 to 20 arcade machines inside and a retail space with some minor improvements to be done before they open. They say they’d like to also have birthday parties and tournaments in the space which will be open Thursday through Sunday from 4 to 9 p.m.

The Gov. looking to reform the way charter schools are run in the state. Gov. Newsom coming to an agreement which is now in the Assembly after several months of hearings on the proposed changes about how the schools are managed and operate in California. The Gov. and legislative leaders call the bill one that will significantly reform the Charter Schools Act, focusing on student needs. The Assembly Bill to be voted on in the coming weeks before the end of the current legislative session. It would give local school boards more discretion over approving new charter schools, teachers would have to have a state credential and background check. The bill’s author says there will probably need to be more compromise before it gets to the Governor’s desk.

A box full of four week old puppies left near the Humane Society for Inland Mendocino. The six puppies left in the sun without food or water last Sunday. Five started showing signs of improvement after they were treated by a vet, but one died of heat stroke. The other five reportedly recovered and were put into foster care. The pups being called the “cookie litter” with names of Snicker, Chip, Graham, Oreo and Teddy. They are four boys and one girl and in about four more weeks should be ready for adoption.

The first step to get the recycled water flowing thru the Purple Pipe System in Ukiah. The city reportedly received a conditional acceptance letter so the recycled water can be used after the State Water Resources Control Board got the “revised Title 22 Engineering Report” from the city last month. The water will be used only for irrigation and industrial uses like dust control, and not as drinking water. The Daily Journal reports Ukiah’s director of water and sewer says they’ve not used the water yet because they’re still inspecting and testing equipment.

Following many other locations across the country, the Kmart in Lakeport is closing. The store will start their massive liquidation sale next month and close for good by the middle of December. The store on South Main Street just one in a long line of other Kmart and Sears stores that have been closing since the parent company, Sears Holdings filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last year. There are about 425 stores left as compared to 2016, when there were more than 1,600.

Another victim of the shooting massacre in Gilroy. Police say one more person came forward after the mass shooting at the garlic festival last month. The 58-year-old man was grazed by a bullet to his head and had stitches. He came forward to police this week, so that brings the July 28th shooting total to 17. Three others, including two children, were killed. The shooter killed himself. Police are still processing evidence and looking at video footage, including from police body cameras, and witness statements to make sure there are no other victims. They say they’re pretty sure they’ve accounted for all of them, but there may be one more woman who was injured, but not shot.

A man from Northern Calif. has died while competing in a triathlon at Lake Tahoe. 64 year old Mark Combs apparently in the swimming section of the Lake Tahoe Tri last Saturday at Sugar Pine Point on the west shore of the Lake when he called for help. Rescue swimmers came out to get him, pulling him out of the water and emergency responders tried helping him but he was pronounced dead. The Eldorado County Sheriff’s Office reported a preliminary autopsy showed he had some sort of heart disease. They don’t suspect any sort of foul play.

The Lake County Public Health Officer has resigned and an interim officer is in her place. The Board of Supervisors has accepted Dr. Erin Gustafson’s resignation five months after she was first appointed permanently. She had been the interim officer nearly two years. She apparently wrote a resignation letter earlier this month to the county’s Health Services Director that she got a job closer to family in San Bernardino County and her last day is today. So for now Dr. Gary Pace, who was interim Lake County Public Health officer in the past after Dr. Karen Tait retired, is taking over.

A man police in Lakeport say committed multiple crimes against women has been sent to the state hospital for treatment. A judge ruled last week 52 yr. old Billy Dale Spear was a sexually violent predator. He was accused in 2010 in Santa Rosa of approaching a young woman and violently sexually assaulting her. Then while in jail, exposing himself to female correctional officers. He got three years for that. Then he was arrested for not registering as a sex offender, got out again, and was arrested again for false imprisonment by means of force in Lake County. That time police say he approached a young woman on a bus and tried to kiss her. So he got more time in prison. Then several psychologists examined him, and he was found to have schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. One psychologist testified he would most likely reoffend. He’s now committed to the State Hospital at Coalinga for an indeterminate term.

Nuisance properties are being cleared out of Clearlake. Police say four unsafe and nuisance properties have been demolished and removed because the property owners were not in compliance. CalRecycle grant money paid for the work along with city abatement funds. This year 14 properties have been removed. The police department put out a statement saying they have zero tolerance for property owners who fail to abate hazard or nuisance properties and anyone who continues to do so will be fined and risk losing their property and be liable for the abatement costs.

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