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Firefighters on the scene of an incident in Lucerne where a pedestrian had been hit and seriously injured. The firefighters called early this morning to the accident, but apparently were not sure if the accident was purposefully done. It happened at Highway 20 and Seventh Avenue. That’s where medics found someone lying on the road after being hit by a box van that reportedly had two people inside, throwing boxes out of it and trying to hit a woman.  The CHP and Sheriff’s office along with Clearlake Police came to the scene and the van was stopped nearby with damage on it. An ambulance was called to the area and took the victim out. No word how the victim is doing, anyone who may have seen the incident or had a camera on nearby is asked to call the sheriff’s office at 707-262-4200.

A man who’s charged with killing another man from Illinois and dumping his body in Lake County pleads not guilty to murder and other crimes. 21 year old Mavrick Fisher of Elko, Nevada accused in the death of Grant Whitaker after some sort of fight at a campground last month in Humboldt County. He’s charged with murder; assault with a deadly weapon and a special allegation of inflicting great bodily injury; willfully and maliciously removing and keeping possession of the other’s man’s car and taking it after the murder. Apparently the two, both deaf were planning to create a deaf farming community and had an argument, ending in Whitaker’s death. Whitaker’s body found off Scotts Valley Rd. Fisher found in Mexico and extradited back to Lake County. He’s held in Lake County Jail on $1 million bail.

A couple of small wildfires surrounded by firefighters in Lake County. The fires broke out near Upper Lake and Clearlake. The one near Upper Lake by Bachelor Valley Road and Witter Springs Road in oak and grass burning under power lines. But four hours later the fire was contained after charring about 15 acres. The Clearlake area vegetation fire a couple hours after the other fire closed one road for a short while and was reportedly surrounded in less than a half hour after only burning about a tenth of an acre. Elsewhere, the Henthorne fire in the Yolla Bolly Wilderness in the Mendocino National Forest outside Covelo in Trinity County has burned 244 acres and is 20-percent contained. And a couple fires in Butte County, east of Oroville, getting closer to containment, the Red Bank fire burning over 8,800 acres was 55-percent contained with two structures destroyed and the Swedes fire burned 400 acres, also 55-percent contained with two structures destroyed.

Hopeful to spur more housing in Calif, the Gov. poised to sign into law the “Housing Crisis Act of 2019”. The bill looks to boost home building in “urbanized” zones, passed just last Friday to ban housing caps in so-called “urban clusters”, stop all housing construction moratoriums, ban density reductions and allow demolition of affordable and rent-controlled housing only when there’s a plan to replace the demolished units. The landlord would also have to relocate tenants who have to move out or allow them to stay put up to six months before construction begins. There are some provisions though that the bill would end in 2024 and be limited to other laws in place.

A man from Kelseyville’s been arrested after a fire breaks out in town and burns more than 50 acres. There were evacuations ordered over the weekend after the Oak fire started and roads closed too. Jody Hickey was arrested yesterday for “unlawfully causing a fire of a structure or forest land” with bail set at $15,000. The Lake County DA’s office reports that it seemed likely the fire was not intentional or malicious, just reckless, saying it’s a “less serious” offense. Cal Fire reported the cause as unknown, the fire put out quickly, but firefighters added, it had the potential for more destruction.

Gov. Newsom wants changes to the vaccine bill that passed but protesters delayed action on the bill in the Senate, reportedly shouting and pounding on walls and a door. The Gov. wanted a change before he signs the bill into law. It passed the Assembly, but stalled in the Senate with protesters bringing in an American Flag and chanting “My kids, my choice” and “We will not comply.” Assemblyman Jim Wood says the bill that would crackdown on fraudulent exemptions for vaccines is needed to keep kids safe from ”preventable diseases”. The gov. asking for a phase out period and doctors who’ve had disciplinary action might get their exemptions revoked.

Kids who are disruptive in public and charter schools from kindergarten through eighth grade may not be suspended anymore. The Governor signed a new law permanently prohibiting willful defiance suspensions, but it doesn’t start until July of next year. The bill drafted by Sen. Nancy Skinner of Berkeley says kids belong in school where teachers and counselors can help them thrive. She also says kids of color are mostly affected. The bill has supporters who say it’ll end the discriminatory discipline and those opposed, including the Charter School Development Center say it’s a fix in search of a problem.

One of the biggest unions in the state reportedly pouring money into a campaign for one of its former leaders for the CalPERS Board of Administration. The Sacramento Bee reports the union is sending a mailer around outlining a sexual harassment complaint from nearly a decade ago against former union leader JJ Jelincic, who was accused of harassing three women. He’s running against incumbent CalPERS President Henry Jones. The mailer looks like it’s coming directly from the California Treasurer’s office. It calls on Jelincic to quit the election but lets you know the Treasurer didn’t send it. Retired public employees are receiving the letter, they have until Sept. 30th to vote.

PG&E’S reorganization plan has been filed in court but it includes a cap on wildfire related claims.  The utility company filed its proposed plan in federal court yesterday including plans to pay off creditors, including multiple victims of 2017 and 18 fires that have been linked to the company’s equipment. It puts a cap on wildfire-related claims at under $17 billion, but some estimates say they owe more in the vicinity of $30 billion. The claims directed at PG&E of $8.4 billion and to insurance companies who paid their customers about the same. They’ve also agreed to pay about a billion to public entities. The CEO with a statement with the filing say it meets their “commitment to fairly compensate wildfire victims so they can emerge from Chapter 11 financially sound and able to continue meeting California’s clean energy goals”. The proposal still needs to be approved by the state Public Utilities Commission.

A crash in Lucerne where the CHP and Deputies went to the scene to find a man down. Cops say there was an accident with a box van in the area of Hwy. 20 and 7th Avenue. They found the driver, 62 year old Thomas Magee of Clearlake purposefully hit the victim, Joseph Symond Jackson, and left the scene. Witnesses also told deputies there was some sort of property dispute between the suspect and victim. The victim died at a hospital and a Be On the Lookout was put out for a white van which was seen soon after at Hwy. 53 near Hwy. 20 in Clearlake Oaks. Magee was booked into the Lake County Jail on murder charges and held on one million dollars.  The victims name has not been released.

A man from Kelseyville arrested after a fire started and burned more than 50 acres. Now police say the fire, that resulted in evacuations and road closures was caused by Jody Hickey who had been using welding equipment in the area, grinding in dry grass. The Oak fire ignited soon after and the fire contained the next day. The DA’s office had said it was not intentionally set, but that it was reckless behavior without elaborating. This afternoon we get the details about the welding. The fire destroyed one building and no homes, there were also no injuries. Hickey was arrested for a felony, which investigators say he could have entirely avoided by working earlier in the day and taking more precautions.

Final offer for some mental health care workers at Kaiser Permanente. The hospital comes up with what it says is a final, three-year agreement proposal. Union officials apparently not thrilled with the plan for Southern California employees which was presented last week. It went along with another proposal for Northern California employees last month. The hospital system in negotiations with union representatives over a year’s time. The union represents about 4,000 mental healthcare workers, dietitians, audiologists and nurse educators across the state. Their contract expired Sept. 25, 2018.

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