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A bunch of trashed tires have been cleared out of an area near Hopland by the Green Bridge. The Pac Out Green Team says they pulled more than 50 tires out, but there are still some near the train tracks. They say they’re going to go grab the rest and other trash too. The manager of Pac Out Green says they think all of the tires came from the same business and that the owner responsibly paid someone to take them out, but then that person dumped them. He also says they called CalTrans to see if they were planning a hazmat cleanup of the tires abut nobody responded. Then he found out later they were planning it after all. And added that it will cost his team about $600 to dump them responsibly.

E-vaping making national headlines and in Calif. there was talk of regulating them more. But a bill to put new regulations in place is being placed on hold for the time being. Assemblyman Adam Gray of Merced announcing instead, he’ll bring it back next year and make the legislation stronger as it was getting to close to the end of the legislative session for the year. At the same time the federal Health and Human Services Secretary announced work to totally ban non-tobacco flavored e-cigarette products. Also the FDA is blaming manufacturer Juul of marketed their products to teens as a “much safer” or “totally safe” alternative to traditional cigarettes.

The budget for the Lakeport Unified School District gets the green light. The school board voted on the budget at their meeting Wednesday which reportedly included carryover funds from the last budget. The Chief Business Officer presented the new budget which had already been approved by the Lake County Office of Education last week. The District will be financially solvent just with the leftover finds from the 2018/19 budget. Enrollment is however down this year which will be covered at their next board meeting.

A man from Clearlake accused of sex assault against a child has pleaded not guilty. 69 year old Bert Tino Besio accused of molesting two victims under 13 years old. He had a plea hearing in July and denied two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a minor, forcible lewd acts on a child and aggravated sexual assault of a child. Besio was arrested last month for suspicion of the sexual crimes against the two children. He’s due back in court next month. No word when the preliminary hearing will take place.

The Calif. Senate looking at ways to curb the use of social media by kids under 13. The Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor for social media companies to get the consent of a parent or guardian until a kid can get the account. Right now, federal law requires social media companies to get parents’ permission before a company can collect data on kids under 13. And some companies, including Facebook, don’t allow children under 13 to create accounts. The bill has to go to the state Assembly next before the Gov. gets it to sign or veto.

A fire in someone’s driveway chars a truck. The pickup caught fire on Orr St. yesterday afternoon. Firefighters say when they got to the scene nobody was home. They report it was an older model, full-size pickup that looked like someone had been living in. They also say they don’t think they’ll be able to pinpoint how the fire started. Apparently the homeowner was trying to get the vehicle removed and it was going to be towed, then caught fire. Fire officials say the fire seemed suspicious and that it most likely did not start accidentally.

Mendocino County hopping on the bandwagon like Lake County investigating possible guidelines on the Industrial Hemp Cultivation Registration Process. The Daily Journal reports the Board of Supervisors asking county staff to work with the Cannabis Economic Development Ad Hoc Committee and others for new hemp regulations then come back next month with ideas on regulations. Right now there’s a temporary moratorium in place for not only industrial hemp, but cultivating genetically modified organisms in unincorporated areas of the County.

A man from Philo recovering after crashing into a propane truck on Highway 128 near Boonville. The California Highway Patrol reports the man driving a 2014 Volvo west on Hwy. 128 near Highway 253 Wednesday morning and he crashed into the truck which was going in the opposite direction. The propane truck driver reportedly telling the Patrol he was about to turn left on Hwy. 253 when the Volvo “crossed over the double yellow lines” and into his lane saying he tried avoiding a crash, but the Volvo hit him, then rolled and came to a stop. The Volvo driver had minor injuries and the propane truck driver declined medical aid.

A home invasion robbery for marijuana reported in Humboldt County. Kym Kemp reporting the sheriff’s office got a call to a report of an armed robbery, involving marijuana in the Salmon Creek area. When they arrived, a victim says he was sleeping and woke to a shotgun being held to his face with someone telling him he would die if he moved. He and two others were tied up and say there were as many as four suspects, but their faces were covered, who took nearly 100 pounds of hanging untrimmed weed. It happened at a permitted marijuana cultivation site. Cops later found one of the suspects was wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet and that there were a totally of 6 suspects. Two men, Parker Henderson and Matthew Williams were arrested for the robbery and the others on warrants or other charges.

A stolen handgun found by cops in Clearlake doing a probation search. They then arrest 35 year old Tiffany Anne Correia. Police say they went to her house Tuesday morning and an officer noticed Correia’s front door was open and announced his presence. He saw her coming out of the bathroom as another officer then entered and one of them searched the woman’s room and found 74 rounds of .22-caliber ammo and a couple of glass smoking pipes. Then a .22-caliber Ruger long rifle semi-automatic pistol was found in the bathroom. The serial number showed it had been stolen. She was arrested on probable cause for multiple firearm violations and violation of probation.

The fire burning in the Mendocino National Forest near Covelo is nearing total containment. The fire burning 15 miles northeast of Covelo in Trinity County has burned 244 acres and has not had forward movement in several days. It’s 85% contained as of last night. No word how the fire started. One of two fires in Butte County, outside Oroville is contained, the Forbestown fire burned 58 acres; and the Swedes Fire burned almost 500 acres, it’s 95% contained. In Tehama County, the lightning caused Red Bank fire has burned 8,838 acres and is 95-percent contained with two structures destroyed.  Another pretty large fire, the Walker fire in Plumas County has burned over 49,270 acres and is 28-percent contained.

Improvements on the way to Rotary Park after the Mendocino Historical Review Board approves of them. It happened earlier this week so now the Rotary Foundation can send the project over to the County Planning Commission to get a use permit. The improvements include two signs, a storage shed, an underground water tank, children’s swing area and other proposed improvements. There were architect drawings to pore over at the meeting Monday replete with landscaping, walkway changes, an underground water tank and even where to put a pet waste bag dispenser and trash can.

Purple urchin may still run wild after a clearing drive by the Watermen’s Alliance President brings in less fundraising. The clear up planned last weekend in the works since early last year so kelp and abalone have a better chance. The purple urchins are blamed for the die-off of bull kelp after the so-called Blob hit in 2014. Now there’s a reported new blob in the Pacific. Abalone on the Mendocino Coast reaching such low levels there will be no Abalone season until 2021, if then.



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