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The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors continues to plan a local ordinance covering industrial hemp farming. Supervisors say county staff will now get to work with the Cannabis Development Ad Hoc Committee and others involved in hemp cultivation and report back at a meeting next month. Officials say they need an ordinance that will help local growers protect their crops and serve the county’s interests too. There’s been a temporary moratorium on industrial hemp cultivation in unincorporated parts of the county since April so supervisors can look at the issues involved come up a proposal everyone can live with.

Investigators are looking for the cause of a fire that destroyed a home in Lower Lake Saturday evening. One person inside that home on Bell Avenue was able to get out and get to the hospital, but Cal Fire says the house and about half an acre around it that caught fire were lost.

An anonymous donor is giving a health center in Fort Bragg $60,000. Mendocino Coast Clinic says they’ll use the donation to fill gaps in important programs provided regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. Executive Director Lucresha Renteria says the gift was part of the donor’s estate planning and that he wanted to see it go to good use in his community. She says the money will go twice as far as well, because it will be matched by the clinic’s “Fund For The Future” campaign. That campaign includes the clinic’s annual Crab, Wine and Beer Days fundraiser, scheduled for January 31st and February 1st next year.

Officials in Mendocino county continue to press for continued state funding for emergency air services. They’ve signed a letter asking lawmakers find new way to pay for those services, once a fee on traffic tickets used to support them expires at the end of the year. County Chief Executive Officer Carmel Angelo says those medical flights save lives and that without state support, they could be could be in jeopardy

California insurance companies may soon have to cover hearing aids for children, as a bill making that a requirement sits on Governor Newsom’s desk. Supporters say the Let Kids Hear Act would help parents afford those expensive devices, but opponents argue the proposal would drive up premiums for everyone. The Governor hasn’t said if he will sign it

Stores that sell vaping devices in California will have to put up health warnings and state tax collectors will crack down on the e-cigarette industry under an executive order signed by Governor Newsom today. The governor calls teenage vaping a public health crisis and says the state has to do everything it can to combat it. Dozens of people have gotten sick and some have died in the past few weeks from illnesses apparently related to vaping. Public health officials in California and around the country say that’s reason enough to take a hard look at the trend of more young people using e-smokes.

California already has some of the country’s highest gas prices and those prices could head even higher with increasing tension in the Middle East. That weekend drone attack on a Saudi refinery puts California at high risk of more expensive gas because much of the oil imported into the state comes from Saudi Arabia. In fact, 37 percent of the crude refined here comes from the Persian Gulf, which is the highest percentage of imports from there than any other state. Although oil prices haven’t risen as much as some experts thought they might today, major developments half a world away could jack up the price at your corner station in a hurry.


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