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Plans presented at a town hall in Fort Bragg on the mill site, overlooking the coast. The 400 or so acres will be the site of a massive development effort. One of the owners and a consultant at the Town Hall talking about part of the site being developed. Seven acres get their immediate attention. The south side of the property to get commercial and residential buildings with a parklike atmosphere and a “Gateway to the City” vibe. They say there will be almost 50 units, for workforce housing and a grocery store. The project seems pretty far off right now, with groundbreaking not planned for at least two years. Also on the site, Skunk Train plans for development including a stained-glass lighthouse/depot, a resort hotel, commercial development and blocks of nearly car-free medium-to high-density neighborhoods.

A free town hall planned by the Mendocino Cannabis Alliance along with the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors Cannabis Economic Development Ad Hoc Committee to discuss the economy. The town hall set for next Monday so local stakeholders and others with interest in the Cannabis industry can give input and ask questions. They’ll also discuss the Alliance’s new membership program for cannabis businesses and community members. It’s all happening at the Ukiah Valley Conference Center at 3:30 pm and it’s open to the public.

For more information about this topic, go to info@

Candidates starting to pop up ahead of next year’s elections. The Record Bee reports there are three county supervisor seats open and one superior court judgeship. Signatures were being accepted on petitions, but the deadline for that is November 6th, in just about 5 weeks, due to the earlier primary in March. Starting Nov. 12th those interested can officially declare their candidacy with the county, the deadline for that on December 6th. All of the info for candidates is available online at the government website, Voter information guides to be mailed out by late January or early February for the primary and also in early February, vote-by-mail ballots will be sent.

Coffee with a Cop planned in Lakeport. The Police Dept. inviting community members and business owners alike to join them for coffee and chit chat next Wednesday, National Coffee with a Cop Day. The event to be held at Renee’s Café from 7 to 10 a.m. The event across the country looks to break down barriers between police officers and citizens without an agenda, just flowing conversations with Q&A. For more info, call the police chief at 707-263-5491 or visit the event’s Facebook page.

Lower numbers recorded for Southern sea otters off the coast of California after peaking numbers just a few years ago. A new report by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and U.S. Geological Survey showing from 2016 the three-year average population index dropped this year to just under 3,000, about 166 less than the 2018 survey. They are a protected species under the federal Endangered Species Act and Marine Mammal Protection Act and are a fully protected species under California law.
They give a good indication of ocean health and help kelp forests and seagrass beds stay in balance.

A man believed to have been connected to the shooting death of another man in Rio Dell is being called a person of interest. Kym Kemp reporting Demetrius Coleman is named by the Rio Dell Police Dept. as possibly connected in the August 29th shooting death of Johnny Renfro. The news site says police have gathered cell phones, computers, recordings and other items which has all been sent to a lab for analysis. After that they can potentially arrest the man, according to the news site. Police still seeking a motive.

A woman reported missing has been found safe. On the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Facebook page a couple days ago, a post about 33 year old Heather Hatton missing. It had her picture and her description. She had vanished after midnight Tuesday in the Brooktrails area, last seen walking by Robinson Rd. and Daphne Way. The next day the Sheriff’s Facebook page noted the woman as found.

PG&E being criticized for the way it handled the first set of public power safety shutoffs in Sonoma County. The utility first warned there could be thousands in the dark due to dry, windy weather, then turned off power Wednesday morning to more than 700 customers northeast of Santa Rosa. Thousands were told to be ready, then at the last minute, it was never mind. There have been multiple advisories and warnings going out to customers about the intended shutoffs after a warning from the National Weather Service on increased fire danger for the North Bay. It did get pretty hot in the area, but didn’t get very windy. Some Sonoma County Supervisors not very happy about the way the alerts were handled.

The end of an era, the old J’s Amusement Park along the Russian River is cleared out finally. The last bits of the long closed amusement park taken out this week to make way for a new development featuring a deluxe “glamping” resort with a grand opening set for the summer of 2021. A company that produces upscale events and provides luxury tents and accessories own the property now. They’re calling it River Electric. There will be a pool, lawn, lounging deck, cabanas, lawn games and a pool house with showers. rest rooms and changing rooms. They will offer overnight lodging in high end canvas tents, some will even be fully furnished.

Application deadline upcoming for cannabis cultivation permits in Mendocino County. The application window for “Phase One” is next Friday, October 4th. But it’s only for those who can prove they have grown previously in Mendocino County. The application has to be turned in to the Planning and Building Services department by October 4th at 5 p.m. Those who do apply will also have to go thru a preliminary review, then they will be notified in writing if they qualify. If you do qualify, you’ll be told how to finish up your submission and make payment. For more information, please contact or visit the Mendocino County webpages for Cannabis CultivationCannabis Permits & Licenses, and Cannabis FAQ.

North Coast Congressman Jared Huffman weighing in the calls for the President to be impeached. A statement released by Huffman yesterday saying the president obstructed justice, has conflicts of interest and contempt for the rule of law, all of that, amounting to high crimes and misdemeanors described in the Constitution. He went on to say the president’s efforts to get the Ukranian government to help his reelection bid and them subsequently trying to cover up a whistleblower’s report undermines the nation’s system of checks and balances and is a historic tipping point.  He says he strongly supports the work to hold President Trump accountable.

Cal Fire announces more than $80 million available for Forest Health and Fire Prevention projects. Cal Fire trying to get folks to apply for the projects to work proactively to prevent catastrophic wildfires and restore forests to healthy, functioning ecosystems. The agency’s Forest Health Grant Program to boost reforestation, fuels management, fire reintroduction, and to treat degraded areas. There’s also $7 million more available in their Forest Legacy Program for conservation efforts on important forest lands threatened with conversion to non-forest uses, and finally up to $2 million is available for applied research examining forest management and health. Find more information and sign up for announcements at

The number of dead in the Camp Fire has been dialed back down to 85 again after a bone fragment previously classified as unidentified was found to be from a victim identified in January. The Butte County Sheriff’s office says there’s only one unidentified victim now. The November 2018 fire took down 14,000 homes, mostly in Paradise, devastating the tiny town in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Officials say a small bone fragment was found with the remains of Robert Quinn, apparently too small to be his so officials thought it was someone else’s. Anthropologists found it had shrunk in the fire.

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